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How to do an easy Oil Change on a Sea-doo PWC...

Here are the simple steps to a 4-Tec Sea-doo Oil change. Or any other Jetski, PWC for that matter. Procedure is the same. There...

DIY Home Projects

DIY Checks for Overheating Car or Truck – Radiator

Do you have a Overheating Car or Truck after a short drive? Here are some quick and easy DIY checks and fixes for you...

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Top 5 Beginner WordPress Tips, Hints and Tricks.

First Steps : Getting Started WordPress Tips and Tricks Designing a website can be a daunting experience but it really straight forward once you have...



Philips Hue light strip hack using 5050 RGB SMD for Stairs

I decided to strip apart the Philips Hue Light strip to do a stair light strip hack project. The origin Gen 1 Hue light...

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