Quick and Easy Halogen LED Down Light Replacement


gu10 Down Light Replacement Quick and Easy Halogen LED Down Light Replacement

Old 240 or 12 Volt Halogen down lights are a money draining device. The consume so much electricity and I admit they look great but a side effect is wasted energy via heat. Changing out you old Halogen down lights can be a simple money saving tip for you home

Halogen down lights can get so hot they have been known to start fires if not adequately ventilated, in your roof space.

The two common types of down lights are shown on the left are the:

  • GU10 which is a mains 240 or 110 volt supplied down light.
  • MR16 which is a 12v transformer lamp.

Remove Lamp To convert them over to LED lamp you must first work out which type you have. Just remove your old halogen lamps by first

  •  Isolating our power supply at the main switch board.
  • Turning off the light switch.
  • Waiting for the lamp to cool down.
  • Twist off the halogen lamp cover ring and pull down lamp.
  • GU10 lamps must be twisted off anticlockwise where as MR16 just pull off.

You can take the lamp to you local hardware and purchase the relevant LED lamp, Bunnings or online at Banggood.com has a great range.

Thanks to The Ultimate Handyman for the in-depth DIY Down Light Replacement Video




Buy the highest wattage LED lamp you can find or afford. Usual wattage for LED should be 5w and above to get a nice bright light similar to halogens.

If you have dimmer make sure you buy a dim-able LED otherwise they wont work or will flicker.

Some MR16  LED lamps wont work with the old style iron core transformers that would be inside your roof space. If you find that your 12v transformers don’t power up your LED lamps you will have to get them replaced by an electrician

Different Shape Bulbs and Codes:

Bulb shapes sizes Down Light Replacement

Colour of LED Lamps:

Colour of the emitter lamp is also important to the lighting effect you are after Down light replacement colours 

  • Cool White is a very light blue type of light which is suitable for kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Warm White is a more orange/yellow type of light and is perfect for living room and bedrooms.

If you would like to know the procedure to install your own LED lighting kit which are far superior to the GU10 plug in types check out this DIY step by step Kitchen LED lighting Project

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