Setting up a Home Theatre Projector System on the Cheap


home theatre projector screenBuilding a Home Theater Projector System set-up in your house can be a very daunting experience. But with some simple tips, anyone can do it with minimal cost of only a few thousand dollars nowadays. Do some research for the correct set-up for your room before purchasing equipment.

The main components of my Home Theatre Projector System are as follows

  • HD Projector (Epson) 1080p Powerlite Home Cinema 
  • LCD TV for daily viewing
  • Amplifier – Yamaha always my Favorited brand 6.1
  • DVD / Blu-ray Player
  • Gaming Consoles Nintendo Wii/ Microsoft Xbox 1
  • Wall mounted 6.1  satellite speakers
  • Sub-Woofer
  • Cables, These include HDMI, Speaker wires, Component, composite
  • Automatic Projector screen sized to fit your room
  • Media Players WD Live and Chrome-cast
  • All in One Remote. Optional

First, make sure that you can mount the projector at the correct distance from your screen. Your User manual will tell you the correct recommended distance from the screen. If you want to get into the optimum viewing distance and screen size check out this excellent online calculator

Mount the Projector screen in an area where it is best seen. It is often recommended that you place the screen at least a few meters away from the viewer for a better richer experience. Make sure the screen is screwed into some wood battens in the ceiling as there is a lot of weight in the screen and we don’t want it pulling out of the ceiling if just screwed into the Gyp-rock ceiling.

Run the power cables either down the wall to a power point or push them through the ceiling to terminate inside the roof for a more hidden installation. The screen I used is a 92-inch screen. The 110-inch screen was too big for the area. as I had to fit it into an alcove. But wow bigger the better.

Homegear 110” HD Motorized 16:9 Projector Screen W/ Remote Control

click image for more information

  • Size and Aspect Ratio, 16:9 Aspect ratio, 110 inch or 279cm Diagonal screen size (96 X 54in), Postage case size: 104 x Dia 3in, Product Weight: 20.3lb
  • High contrast 1.3 gain screen that is washable with gentle soap and water. Perfect for kids with messy fingers.
  • 1″ black masking borders to enhance dark picture contrast.
  • 160° viewing angle which is perfect for residential or commercial use.
  • 3 layers of black-backed screen. (a black PVC back, a terylene fabric middle layer and a matte white PVC top layer.) This eliminates light penetration and improves light reflection. With the 1.3 gain screen means it produces top quality color reproduction. Its fire retardant, and mildew resistant.
  • It has a durable steel cast casing with plastic end caps.
  • Wall or ceiling mountable.  Simple plug and play system with adjustable limits.
  • The motor is energy efficient, with a very quiet motor that enhances the cinema experience.
  • Control System – The included RF remote control has a max distance of 25m. There is also a wall mountable control panel for use without the remote. Up / down.
  • This screen is compatible with all projectors (DLP, CRT, LCD, HD, 3D, 720, 180, 4k),
  • Styrofoam packaging for added protection for postage with full CE Certification.

Homegear Projector Screen review

Homegear projector screens are well known for value and performance in the home cinema world. From fully extended to fully retracted will take about 38 seconds in each direction.

For the money, they are the best you can buy. Expect to pay more than 3 times the price in your local store and they may just be a pull-down screen. Mine came with a slight wave in the bottom of the screen but that came out just by extending the projector screen and using a hair dryer on low setting front and back while I pulled down. The screen wave came right out.

I mounted my projector screen on the roof using drywall plugs. It is very sturdy. If you can screw into wood battens that will be better.

I mounted the wired controller to the wall and placed the Infrared wireless controller on the coffee table both work well. The IR remote works from both the living room and the dining room. We even replicated the IR codes to a Logitech learning remote for full home cinema control. 

Mount Home Theatre Projectorprojector mount

A low-profile projector mount is perfect to keep your projector up high and out-of-the-way of children. This Vogel EPC 6545 is a little expensive but so worth it. It has a quick release so you can remove the projector to clean filters. The Vogel low profile so hugs the ceiling nicely.

Mount Home Theatre Speakers

Next, you need to mount the speakers on the walls or floor and run the speaker wires to them. Make sure when installing speaker wires you get the correct polarity Plus and Negative. You won’t blow up anything if you get it wrong but the sound will be slightly out of phase on that speaker, depending on your setup you may not even notice.

wall plate for home theatre
Click for more information from Amazon

The speaker wires also come through the wall back to the amp through a wall plate

Next is to wire up the Home Theatre Amplifier to the TV and all other peripherals like DVD, game consoles, and Media Players. This may require the owner’s manual but if you try to stick with HDMI it will be really simple.

The amp will give you the opportunity to switch between different devices and output the sound to the speakers. So much better sounding than TV sound.

Next is a test run and set up the projector zoom and focus any sound adjustments and also to set up the universal remote if you have one Logitech make some nice cheaper versions.

western digital tv
Click for more information

We use the WD live to watch all of our owned DVDs which have been transferred to a Hard Drive so it can be watched on demand. The WDTV Live Media Player (WDBYMN0000NBK-HESN) can play just about everything you can throw at it.

Plex is another software player that will work with a chrome cast and your mobile phone as the remote. The chrome cast can also view Streaming services like Netflix. Another option is a media player computer. You can make your own computer with our tutorial for less than $500

Buy an amp that has plenty of connections for what you need.

Next, Grab some popcorn and enjoy a hard days installation work of your new Home Theatre Projector System enjoy. 


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Sarah Anderson

I have never owned a projector before, so this is all new to me. Luckily, it seems very similar to setting up a TV. Though, it could be one of those things that sounds easier than it is to do.