wireless earbuds not charging fix

I had problems with my Soundpeats Bluetooth wireless earbuds not charging the other day. The last thing I wanted to do was throw them out. After some research, I was able to fix them within 10 minutes.

So I thought I would share my finding and how I repaired them. This post applies to both Apple Airpods and the cheaper clone earbuds.

Right or left Airpod not charging fix

Right or left Airpod not charging fix

If you have one Airpod not charging you could have an issue with the gold contacts. There could be lint or other dirt on the charging points. This applies to all brands of wireless earbuds.

A proven method to clean these contacts is to use a cotton tip dipped with a small amount of methylated spirits or isopropyl alcohol. Clean both the AirPod and the charging case contact pins.

Fake Airpods not charging

Body oils and dirt on the gold contacts will cause a high resistance joint, This will prevent both or one of the Airpods from charging.

One Airpod not charging usually points to a dirty or faulty charging pin. Be sure to inspect and clean them carefully. They are usually very robust but pocket dirt tends to get everywhere. Let’s face it teenagers are often dirty creatures.

The interesting thing is that often it’s the right earbud not charging. I have put it down to being right-handed and it’s the way I hold the earbud. As I insert it in my ears. My fingers tend to go over the charge contacts. Dirt and oil create an insulating barrier. Clean them regularly.

17 Tips on how to fix wireless earbuds not charging

  1. Try a different USB charging cable
  2. Clean the earbud with isopropyl alcohol or methylated spirits.
  3. Clean the charge box contacts with methylated spirits and a cotton tip.
  4. Check that there are no loose micro USB contacts on the charge box.
  5. Use a different brand USB wall charger
  6. Try the slower USB port from a computer. Try USB2 and USB 3 ports.
  7. Warm the Samsung earbuds up in winter to increase the battery voltage.
  8. Cool the earbuds if over 40’C
  9. If using a PC turn off sleep and hibernation as these can stop the power going to the USB port.
  10. Replace the battery in the earbuds
  11. Replace the battery in the charging case.
  12. Don’t use a USB hub or splitter.
  13. Clean the contacts of the charging cable on both USB and Micro USB ends.
  14. Use a USB cable shorter than 1m to reduce voltage drop.
  15. Make sure the wireless earbuds are turned off and not in a programming mode to be able to accept a charge.
  16. Hard reboot your wireless headphones to reset any faults.
  17. Update your wireless earbuds firmware to fix any compatibility issues.

Wireless Bluetooth headphones charging but not turning on

Often modern wireless Bluetooth headphones will not turn on while they are being charged in the cradle. This is to stop the battery drain while being charged up.

Some earbud manufacturers give you the option to manually turn on the earpiece while they are being charged. Just have a look at your manufacturer’s instructions.

Most will automatically turn on once you remove them from the charging pod.

You could always try a factory reset on the Bluetooth headphones. This usually fixes most power on issues.

Samsung earbuds not charging

If your Samsung earbuds are not charging then try cleaning the contacts first. This is the most common problem with Samsung earbuds. If that doesn’t fix the charging issues then follow the above tips on how to fix wireless earbuds not charging issues first before throwing them out.

Fake AirPods not charging

There is a whole range of fake AirPods on the market now. I actually like them as often they are 1/4 the price of the real Apple AirPods.

Occasionally the fake AirPods won’t charge and will need some preventative maintenance. Try these simple fixes.

  • Clean the AirPod and charging case contacts with a cotton tip and mentholated spirits
  • Check the wall outlet for power.
  • Check the USB cable is properly inserted.
  • Try another power source like a USB port from a computer or a phone charger
  • Do a hard reset on the fake Airpods.
  • Don’t charge in areas above 40’C and below 5’C
  • Use a quality shielded USB cable
  • Try a power bank with an output greater than 2A

My family has the SoundPEATS Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth V5.2 with noise cancellation and they have performed very well. They even fit our kids with small ears.

We only had one issue with one of the ear-pods not charging evenly because there was oil, dirt, and lint on the gold charge contacts. Once this was cleaned up they charged up perfectly.

Airpods not charging evenly fix

This could just be a simple issue of dirt or oil on the charging contacts. Clean them with methylated spirits.

Check if your music app has the equalizer set louder on one side of the AirPods. This will cause one earbud to discharge faster and then in turn not charge evenly.

As the internal battery is lithium-ion they should charge and discharge at the same rate.

Keep your AirPods cool and don’t overheat them by charging them in the hot car. Direct sunlight will also overheat them causing them to not charge evenly.

Airpod case not charging but AirPods are?

Airpod case not charging but AirPods are

If your Airpod case is not charging but AirPods are then this could mean that there is a problem with the internal battery of the AirPod case. Check if the charging jack on the case is solid and not loose.

Try and blow out any lint or dirt that could have been lodged into the charging port.

Sometimes if you use a high-power wall outlet you can force the internal battery to take a charge once the AirPods have been charged up to 100%.

Leave the AirPod case charging up overnight. Most probably the internal lithium battery has been fully depleted and is struggling to take a charge.

If the Airpod case is not charging but the AirPods are then the internal battery will need replacement.

How to replace the battery in the Airpod case.

The hardest part is to open up the case. Once the internal charge circuit has been removed you will have access to the battery. The video below shows how this is done.

Wireless Earbuds and Airpods battery lifespan

The lithium-ion batteries found in wireless earbuds and AirPods have a battery lifespan of around 2 years if used every day.

This is a condition of the internal battery itself and not the manufacturer. Lithium-ion batteries tend to lose is capacity after 500 charge cycles. You will find that the run time will get shorter.

Most people don’t use their Airpods every day. You should be able to get 3-5 years out of good quality wireless earbuds or Apple AirPods. Just be sure to charge the battery every few months.


Wireless earbuds not charging issues can be frustrating and expensive to replace. Using the steps mentioned in this article should fix 90% of the charging problems.

Many earbuds seem to have charging issues from time to time. Even my favorite Tozo NC2 won’t charge occasionally as the contacts are at the bottom and dust tends to get trapped down there. I just have to clean the contacts more often.

Take your time and work through all of the earbuds not charging fixes. The hardest part will be replacing the battery if required.

I have been converted over to the clone Airpods as they are cheaper and sound just as good. My whole family uses them now and it doesn’t cost me a fortune. We have had no issues with Soundcore P3 and Tagry 60h earbuds in the past.

The kids use them when riding their dirt bikes and they stay in place well. I prefer to use the permanently mounted BT-S3 motorcycle helmet sound system.

The world is changing fast and tech is moving at light speed. I like Apple products but sometimes their price is just a little high. If I lose or break my Apple Airpod clones big deal. I can buy like 4 of them for the same price as one original Airpods.

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  1. I am still having the problem of my left blue ant air wireless Bluetooth ear bud not charging. I’ve cleaned the pins with methylated spirits and hard reset them I even did a diagnostics test on them and I didn’t find any problems. But they still are not charging. The right ear bud is but not the left.


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