The Omnicharge 20 first crossed my mind when I heard it on IndieGoGo in late 2016. However, I only got to experience using it this year.  It’s a portable power bank with AC, DC and USB outlets.

This year became the year that I started to become more environmentally sustainable and enjoy the outdoors. I was pretty amused when a friend recommended the Omni 20. She let me borrow it for a weekend while I went backpacking and camping.

I’ve fallen in love with the Omni 20 power bank. It’s gone to the point that I’ve bought one for myself! There are a lot of things swoon-worthy about this item. The most interesting thing I’ve noticed about it is that it’s not limited to just traveling. It’s great for students, campers, people in business fields, and even frequent flyers!

I’ve written a comprehensive review of the Omni 20 AC power bank, and why it rocks my socks. I hope it helps, and let me know what you think in the comments below. 

Omni20 Pros & Cons

power bank with ac and usb outlets omnicharge 20


  • Has an OLED screen that displays a whole heap of parameters like, battery charge remaining, DC voltage out 1v to 24v, time to empty, power draw, temperature, and lots more.
  • Omni 20 can charge a range of devices; from cell phones to cameras, and even laptops.
  • Plenty of adjustable settings, in the menu as well as selectable outputs to get the perfect voltage for your device.
  • It can be charged and also charge multiple devices at the same time. Power pass-through
  • Able to be charged via a wall charger, another power bank, USB, Solar cells, and any other voltage between 4.5v and 36 volts.
  • Powered by a high-quality 20,400 mAh lithium-ion battery
  • A power bank with AC and USB outlets all rolled into a nice small package.


  • Quite expensive.
  • Would have liked a larger internal battery

Product Features & Specifications

Portable AC DC Power Bank Omni 20 Pro

Upon purchasing the Omnicharge 20 Pro Bundle, the following items were included in the kit. I was after the Lenovo charge tip as I have the Yoga 2 Pro and it works well.

These tips are used to charge your laptop as well as charge the Omni via your laptop charger if required. Amazing hey….

Omnicharge 20 portable ac dc charger adaptors

Power tips are included in the Pro kit only

  • The Omnicharge AC/DC Outlet Power Bank
  • MagSafe 2 cable for Macbooks
  • Surface Pro cable
  • Laptop DC Connector Set
  • Charger
  • Adapters for various gadgets and laptops eg: Dell, Lenovo, and HP—including wall outlets.

What I like about this AC DC power bank.

Portable power!
I’ve used laptop power banks in the past, but never one that contained this much power. The Omni 20 was basically a beefed-up version of the traditional power bank: it had an outlet for every device available in the market. Not only were there the standard USB ports, but an AC output was also available. To make matters even better, the latter came in a standard wall socket output.

The Omni 20 establishes what it wants to be pretty clearly: a universal portable power source. Previous models of this similar type of device could only charge smaller gadgets such as cell phones and cameras. However, the Omni 20 is now capable of charging devices as large as the MacBook Pro, laptops, and other netbooks.

This makes it a heaven-sent for people who are always on the go, or who want to make sure that they have some sort of power source readily available. I use it everywhere: from camping to long-haul flights, and when my laptop needs a power source when all the power outlets are used in my favorite café!

The Omnicharge 20 AC/DC Outlet Power Bank has the following specifications:

  • The Power Bank measures 5 x 1.1 x 4.8 inches.
  • It weighs 1.4 pounds. 
  • Can give out 100 W worth of power.
  • It has two fast USB ports, which contain Qualcomm 3.0 quick charge technology.
  • Has a 120V AC standard three-prong power point outlet
  • A 150V HVDC mode is also available. This mode is more efficient and has lower noise, with faster charging.
  • Can give out 70 W worth of adjustable 1-24V DC output with 0.1V accuracy.
  • Omni has a high conversion efficiency.
  • 11 layers of protection! Including, but not limited to, short circuits, overheating, and overpowering protection due to its onboard STM32 32-bit ARM Cortex MCU.
  • It can support wireless charging.
  • It contains buttons for power, DC and USB output, and an OLED screen.
  • Can charge a range multiple of devices, including DC to Surface Cable and Laptop DC Connector Set.
  • Meets the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)/ Transportation Security Agency (TSA) guidelines for air travel.

Has the latest technology

The Omni 20 is arguably one of the most technologically up-to-date power banks in the market. It employs Qualcomm 3.0 technology for its fast USB ports which means around 3 amps of charge per port.

It also has an OLED screen that displays all the necessary metrics to make your charging experience as smooth as possible. Omni20 ac dc power bank display last settings
Wireless charging is also available for this device, making it absolutely perfect for all the latest cell phones to incorporate this feature.  Just place your phone on the top of the Omni20 and the magic happens. Wireless charging. Cut those cables.

In addition, the Omni 20 portable ac dc charger has eleven layers of patented protection. That’s a lot of security to ensure that their technology is safe to use no matter where you are. This brings me to the next reason why I like it so much…

The quality assurance is spot-on

As I’ve mentioned earlier, Omni-20’s impressive eleven layers of patented protection are one of its best features. These layers refer to all the safeguards Omni has put onto the product to ensure that it’s safe to use. After all, a product that contains this much energy may be dangerous if used inappropriately or is poorly maintained.

omni13 pcb inside

The eleven electronic safety layers are the following: short circuit, overheating, and overpowering protection, battery management system. As well as device protection circuits, input, and output overloads. 

Initially thought that this was a bit of a redundant feature (overload protection) for me, as I usually use my devices in a reasonable manner. Somehow managed to eat my words regarding that matter.

I once charged my laptop, cellphone, and my portable Wi-fi hotspot all at the same time with this device. Things went well for a while until I noticed the screen show up with a symbol meaning “Your device is overheating.” This allowed me to make the proper adjustments to my connected devices. Also, known as removing part of the load. Everything became fine again.

What I dislike about this portable ac dc charger

Quite expensive

Frankly, the only beef I have with this portable AC DC power bank is that it’s not a cheap buy. It is quite expensive and definitely isn’t something I didn’t buy on an impulse buy. Tons of research went into this little purchase.

However, comparing the Omni 20 with other power banks in this price range like the world-famous Maxoak laptop power bank. Prices may be a factor for you.

The Omni 20 has way more features than its competitors, making this device the more economical choice.  Sure, the Omnicharge 20 isn’t cheap but the number of features and protection circuits make this a very safe portable power bank that you can take on your travels with confidence.

It’s a worthy investment that helps provide you with a reliable and versatile power source. Which I’m sure will last a lifetime.

If you are after a cheaper portable ac dc charger, then check out our review on the Omnicharge vs Ravpower AC power banks. They are both very good and get great reviews. The Omni20 wins on features but the Ravpower wins on price.

How to Use a power bank with ac and USB outlets.

To charge a portable device like a mobile phone. 
1.) Plug in the cable for your device in its corresponding outlet. For example, plug a phone micro USB cable to one of the Omnicharge USB ports.
2.) Next, press the power button until the OLED screen lights up. For this example, the button for the USB port will automatically light up.
3.) When you are satisfied with the amount of power that is in your charging device, simply press the button for the USB port until the light goes out.
4.) If you are done using the Omnicharger, press the power button until the light goes out.

omnicharge 13 ac dc power bank

How to Charge the Omnicharge 20

1.) Plug the Omni 20’s wall charging cable to the wall power point. it should take between 2 to 3 hours to fully charge the internal battery.
2.) You can also use the USB port on another device to charge the Omni20, or you can use another device charger, most portable solar panels, the included wall charger, or another power bank. There are so many options.
3.) The Omni 20 can accept power inputs from a variety of power sources. As long as those voltages are between 4.5v and 36v.

I have successfully used my Sokoo Foldable Solar Charger to give the Omni20 a full tank of electricity over the course of a day. You will just have to keep moving the solar cell each hour to maximize the sunlight.

fold-able solar charger for omnicharge

Frequently Asked Questions

1.) How much power can the Omnicharge provide for my laptop?

This question depends on how the laptop is operating during the charge. Assuming that your laptop is in sleep mode or is powered off, it would allow the Omni 20 to charge your laptop up to 59% when using the DC outlet. Charging with the AC outlet as the power source gives your laptop a charge of 66%.

Using your laptop while it is charging will make the percentage of the final charge vary. It is advised to refrain from using the device while it is charging to maximize the charge provided by the Omni 20.

2.) How long before the Omni 20 loses its maximum battery capacity?

Like all Lithium-ion batteries, the Omni 20 loses its maximum capacity immediately—even after production. Whether you are continuously using the Omni 20 or only once in a while, the battery eventually loses its charging capacity.

No need to fret. This loss is often minimal. It will take approximately 500 cycles before the Omni 20’s battery capacity is down to 70% of its original.

3.) How many cycles can the Omni 20 have before it won’t hold a charge?

It will take thousands of cycles before the Omni 20 is deemed unusable. This means you can use this item for years to come before you worry about replacing it!

4.) I travel for work and this looks like a lifesaver! However, can I bring the Omni 20 with me on a plane?

The Omni 20 falls under the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) safety limit of 100 Wh. This means you can bring your Omni 20 in your carry-on luggage. Perfect for being productive in your seat when you’re aboard a long flight!

5.) Does Omnicharge have a warranty for this product?

The Omni 20 has a one-year limited warranty. This warranty covers accessory and hardware defects. The warranty does not cover cosmetic damage, damage caused by a third-party component, accidents, and natural disasters. In addition, stolen products are not acknowledged.

In addition to the warranty, Omnicharge has a great return policy. Omnicharge will refund all returned units within thirty days. This refund is applicable for returns of all natures—whether you realized it just wasn’t for you or your product is defective.

To use the warranty and return policy, you must have proof of purchase for the product.

What’s the difference between AC and HVDC?

 Nowadays most modern power adaptors that come with your laptops, cameras, and mobile phones are switched-mode power supplies. These transformer adapters are designed for AC, but can also be run from DC (HVDC) because the DC would pass through the bridge rectifier inside and remain unchanged. HVDC mode also has two advantages over AC:

  • No buzzing sound
  • Higher efficiency
  • How do I know if my laptop’s power adaptor is a switched-mode power supply?

We recommend you consult with your device manufacturer to check first. Chances are good though since almost ALL modern laptops and smartphones use switched-mode power supplies and can work with Omnicharge’s 150V HVDC

  • What will happen if I use HVDC with a Non-switched-mode power supply?

HVDC can damage a Non-switched-mode power supply. Please consult with your device manufacturer first if not sure.

What’s the difference between the Omni13 and the Omni20?

omnicharge 13 where to buy
Onnicharge13 is slightly smaller but with the same great features as its bigger brother the Omni20

Basically, the difference is the internal battery capacity. The omni13 has a high-quality 13,600 mAh lithium-ion battery pack. Whereas the Omni20 has a larger 20,400mAh battery.

The Omni 20 also adds extra features like the Qi wireless charging which is nice but a little gimmicky. You will get a faster charge by using the QC3 fast USB ports.


As we’ve mentioned earlier, the Omni 20 is a versatile AC DC power bank that not only charges cell phones and tablets but even provides a 110 V output for laptops, cameras, and other small electronic devices. This item is perfect for people who are always on-the-go or who need a power source in remote areas.

For people who enjoy camping, or who need power for air travel, the Omni 20 is safe, convenient, and reliable.

The Omni 20 isn’t the cheapest portable power source in the market. But with all the features it has, it’s a worthy investment. If you need a variable DC output (1v to 24v) then this is the product for you. Trust me you won’t be disappointed.

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