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Quick and Simple Car or Boat Oil Change

Servicing your car by changing the engine oil can be one of the simplest things you can do yourself. Using a Dipstick Oil Change Pump will make it even simpler.

Many mechanics use these for hard-to-reach oil changes like smaller cars, lawn movers, generators, boats, and Jet skies.

dipstick oil change pump

With the Mityvac 7400 7.3 Litre Fluid Evacuate, dirty oil changes are a thing of the past. It’s the best oil extraction machine for home.

Can I change oil without removing the drain plug?


Yes, most car, trucks, boats, generators, and jet skis have a dipstick to check the oil level. This is the tube that oil extractors can use to vacuum the oil out of the engine. AS these dip stick tubes have different diameters oil extractors come with different size plastic hoses.

I have yet to come accross a engine that you cannot change the oil through the dip stick tube.

How does the dipstick oil change pump work?

The Mityvac by SKF pump works by first inserting the small hose into the dipstick hole. A vacuum is created by using the hand pump which draws fluid up the hose and into the storage container.


  • It is fast, clean, and easy to use. Make sure your oil is warm so it flows better. It should only take a few minutes to empty a standard size engine.
  • All of the oil is pulled in to a container. All you need to do is drain it into a dumping container.
  • It keeps you standing up and not bunt over working under your car. No need to raise the car to get to the drain plug.


  • You have to manually pump the oil unless you get a 12v automatic oil pump.
  • A small amount of oil may be left in the oil pan.

Engine oil needs regular replacement, with the recommended oil for your vehicle and environment. Have a look at your user manual for your car for the recommended oil.

How do you power an oil extractor?

Oil extractors can be powered either manually with a vacuum pump or electrically via 12v battery. Your car can provide the 12v as the electric oil pumps have alligator clips to connect to a battery.

Synthetic or Mineral Oil?

Well, it all comes down to performance and cost. Synthetic is the better oil but is also more expensive. Although if you wait till it comes on sale you can pick up some good bargains.

You will need a few things to start your job.

  • Drip tray if you don’t have a vacuum pump
  • Dipstick oil change pumps either manual or auto.
  • Around 4 liters of oil depending on vehicle type
  • Oil filter wrench and New oil filter
  • Some rags
  • Funnel
  • oil extraction tube
  • Plenty of elbow grease

The most Quick and Easy way of changing your oil is using a Pela dipstick oil change pump which is what we will talk about today. 

Best Oil Extractor for Sea-Doo Jetski:

This is now a 15-minute oil change procedure for me.

There are many types of oil pumps on the market. The 12v auto fluid pump from Amazon is fine with features like:

  • 12 Volt / 60 watt DC Motor
  • Oil Transfer Flow Rate: 3 Litres Per Minute
  • Diesel Transfer Flow Rate: 4 Litres Per Minute

as well as various Manual types. The one I recommend to people is the manual oil extractor. My dipstick oil pump is made by Pela and sold in most boating supply stores. Its supplied with various size pipes to pump oil through the dipstick. 

I first got my pump when getting my Sea-doo serviced at the dealer and saw one in their shop. Because jet skies don’t have access to an oil drain plug, the oil Is changed out via the dipstick tube.

Fluid extractor oil change procedure for cars

The concept for the engine oil extractor vacuum pump is the same for cars. First warm up the engine for a few minutes to get the oil warm, as it flows better when hot. Then remove the dipstick probe and set aside.

  • Open the engine oil fill cap and insert the hose from the dipstick oil change pump into the hole until you feel the bottom. 
  • Start pumping on the pump to remove oil. Once all oil is removed you can remove the oil filter using the oil filter wrench and replace it with a new one. I have wrapped my oil filter wrench with some rubber around the band to get a better grip on the filter.
  • Start filling new oil back into the engine as much as you have taken out. The Oil extractor has markings on the side to tell you how much you extracted.
  • Use the dipstick to check the oil level and top up or take out some if overfull. You should be within the 2 marks on the dipstick.
  • Replace cap and dipstick. You are now good to go.
  • You just saved yourself a few Hundred Dollars. The oil suction pump is a must for any home DIY mechanic.

Check out our procedure for changing the oil in a Sea-doo 4-tec PWC and filter replacement.

Oil extractor pump Australia

Where can I buy a dipstick oil change pump in Australia?

Well, these Fluid extractor pumps are sold under many brands and names like Brand: Orcon, Pela, Marlin, and Firstinfo.  The Fluid extractor pumps are all quality 6.5L oil extractors that create a suction vacuum to extract or change engine oils and lubricants through the dipstick tube.

These oil Vacuum pumps are sold in most boat places like Whitworths, Cassell Marine, Haigh, Harbor Freight and eBay

They all come complete with all necessary hoses, small enough to fit through the dipstick tube to gain access to the oil pan. These units come with a pressure relief valve. Ideal for motor vehicles, motorbikes, boat engines, as well as non-lubricants such as water from fish tanks, toilets, and ponds. For both D.I.Y. & Pros

Capacity: 6.5 liters to 7 liters.

Review of the Mityvac 7400 7.3 Liter Fluid Evacuator

This is the exact model I use for my cars, boats, and Seadoo jetski. My neighbor even borrows it from time to time. Some of its great features are listed below.

  • The Mityvac Evacuates most kinds of fluids such as engine oil, transmission fluids, gear oil, water, coolant, and brake fluid.
  • Large 1.9-gallon reservoir (7.3 liters) manual hand-operated pump for the large jobs.
  • Includes 5 feet of extension flex hose and a few dipstick hoses of different sizes.
  • Features polyethylene construction and will not rust or corrode and drop proof for durability
  • Quick-drain pours spout into a waste container.
  • It only takes a few pumps to get a vacuum to start pumping out.
  • No mess, If you hate getting oily and dirty the no-spill vacuum pump is for you
  • Best engine oil extractor vacuum pump I have ever owned hands down. Get it now, you won’t be disappointed.

Where to dump your engine oil

Each town or city should have a place that will enable you to dump your oil for free, or for a small price. These places are called household hazardous waste (HHW) facilities. You could even try taking it to a service garage. They may take it off your hands for free or a few dollars.

Keep your used oil containers as storage for next time you do an oil change.

This oil can be recycled or sent to a place to be burnt for fuel. Many cement plants use oil to burn in their kiln and calciners to substitute for coal or gas fuel.

Whatever you do don’t poor engine oil down your household or stormwater drains. It can kill wildlife and or cause issues for water treatment plants.

Check all the great reviews on Amazon of the Mityvac 7400 hand pump.

Does oil extractor remove all oil?

As long as the vehicle is level the oil extractor should remove over 95% of the oil. This is becasue there will always be left over oil in the engine block and in low parts of the drain pan.

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  1. Dont forget you can also use these for auto transmission oil changes, I use the Mityvac with the smaller hose to fit in the dip stick hole, for those that are interested cheers.


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