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As most of you know I love to try out new lighting products. My house is full of some amazing new tech from companies such as Philips Hue, Lifx, Wemo, Belkin, Samsung, and others. We try them out so that you can be well-informed, of the best lighting products out there.

One of my newest DIY back-lighting projects was how to have some ambient lighting for the back of my TV. I figured light strips were the ultimate way to go, since they were so user-friendly, and gave out such a nice spread of light. But who makes the Best LED lights for behind a TV?

The short version is for the price NexLux makes the best behind TV LED light system for the money. I settled on checking out 4 different TV light strip Kits. Nxxlux vs LedGlow vs Loominoodle vs Govee due to ease of installation and many favorable user reviews.

LED lights for behind TV, NexLux Review

If you just want a simple plug and play back-lighting for your TV, then NexLux has that covered well. They do a USB powered with Strip Light kit. It’s not controllable via Wifi, but it will turn on automatically when the TV comes on. A predetermined color is set with the supplied 44 key RF remote control. There is also an optional Wifi module which we will go into later.

Click for price over at Amazon

Just set your favorite color, and that will turn on each time the TV is watched. Having a back-lit TV really helps set the ambiance in the room while watching your favorite show.

With 3 different sizes available (1m, 2m, and 3m lengths) to suit most high-definition TVs, NexLux have you covered. The 3m backing tape is a nice touch as it’s very sticky, so your light strips won’t fall off over time like cheaper Chinese ones.

This is the TV LED back-lit kit I went with in the end. Mainly due to its great value and slimline hidden features. My Samsung 65 inch TV is wall-mounted, with power coming in from behind the TV. I wanted a totally streamlined, hidden install.

NetLux also has the option to include a WiFi module to be able to work with smart mobile phones using the Smart Home app.

This Light strip can also be powered by any device with USB output of 5V, such as your computer, desktop, laptop, tablet, or compact USB car jump starter. You can also take it outside with your portable phone charger such as inside a tent.

LED lights for behind TV

You are also able to change the brightness with the remote so that it can be super bright like shown above or turn it down to enjoy a more special ambiance TV scene.

Govee T2 Automatic color changing

If you are after a more fancy responsive color-changing system then have a look at the Govee T2. It is more expensive than the other options mentioned here but the colors will change to the live TV picture color.

In short, it used a camera to look at the TV image and send the color signal to the light strips. It’s real time and makes a fantastic effect.

govee t2 responsive back light tv

You can read more about our experience with the Govee T2 setup. The camera can be mounted either on top or below the screen.

LEDGlow Home Theater LED Accent Lighting Kit Review

The LEDGlow accent lighting kit is another well-made TV back-light system that first looks complicated with all the parts. But it’s actually rather simple to set up as it’s simply plug-and-play.

  • 30 Ultra-Bright, Wide Angle SMD LEDs, Two 15 Inch & Two 9 Inch SMD LED Light Tubes
  • Wireless Remote w/ Receiver
  • Control Box Features: Color Adjustment Scan, Fade, Brightness & Sound Activation Modes
  • Eight Primary Colors Include: Blue, Green, Red, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Aqua & White
  • Other Customisation Functions: Play/Pause, Speed Adjustments, Memory & Sleep Functions

Every home theater kit includes two 15-inch and two 9-inch light tubes. These tubes house and protect the powerful light strips. Each light strip tube feature four 5 inch long mini USB connections, an easy-to-hide small control box, and a wireless remote. The remote controls all of the kit’s lighting effects.

A nice feature is the solid color scan mode that can be used to create any hue, a fade mode, a sound activation mode, as well as full customization brightness levels. The normal color cycle selection will fade through eight preset rainbow options that include blue, green, red, pink, purple, yellow, aqua, and white.

Check out the below video to help install your LED lights for behind TV kit, from LEDGlow.

The advanced million-color fade mode slowly cycles through the whole pigment color wheel spectrum, giving you the option to pause and save up to four of your favorite custom colors.

The feature of the clear tubes is to give out an even spread of light, much like a fluorescent tube spreads out the light.

Luminoodle Back-light Strip Lighting for HDTVs USB-Powered for Home Theater.

Next up is a budget pure white light strip that is USB powered. This kit from Luminoodle Lighting is just a simple barebones kit with nothing fancy to show apart from its very discrete.

Luminoodle actually started as a kick-starter campaign and has gained a strong following with their successful quality products. Funny name but not a wet noodle to be found in these TV LED back-light kits.

These specifically made LED lights for behind TV, comes in 3 different lengths 39, 78 and 118 inches depending on the size of your TV.  True-white LED light strip (6000 Kelvin) with 3M amazing adhesive backing. Some of the cheaper Chinese backing tapes would fail when the light strip got hot. This TV back-light kit has a USB plug that allows it to be powered by your TV’s USB port. Makes for a nice clean clutter-free installation.

Luminoodle LED TV back-light Kit

They also do a color version shown below for only a few dollars more. Click the image for more specs from Amazon.

Luminoodle behind Tv strip bias lighting color changing
Click for the price on Amazon

These high-quality RGB LED TV strip light kits to provide up to 250 lumens of light when connected to the 3 meter light strip. They are able to be powered from the USB port on the TV. The 3M adhesive backing is included as standard making installation a breeze.

I like how its all hidden so if you have a wall-mount TV then you won’t see the wires going up to the strip lights. Much the same as NexLux does.

A built-in on/off, dimmer, and color-changing switch, as well as wireless remote, make this easy to customize for any viewing situation. 15 color options, 10 brightness settings, 3 white modes, and 3 fade or strobe modes. 

The only thing I didn’t like was the light strip only goes around 3 sides of the TV. A quick fix is to order the 3-meter kit, as this should wrap around the bottom section as well.

How to install the TV LED Strip Light Kit

Quickly do a dry run and wrap your route, don’t forget to test your light strip before sticking it down. Simply wipe down the back of your TV to get rid of any dust. Remove the backing tape and stick down the TV LED tape light kit, and plug it in. Cut the strip at where it tells you too. Every 3 LEDs.

The TV light strip will power on and off with your TV’s USB port. Please keep in mind that some TV USB ports do not turn off with TV. So you will need to use the remote is this is the case.

  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY: Power Practical offers a 1-year limited warranty on all of their LED TV back-light kits.

NexLux Wifi Strip Lighting Review

A new player to the smart strip lighting scene is Nexlux which has just released a 32.8ft, 10m Wifi Wireless Smart Phone Controlled Strip Light Kit. This is some seriously good quality strip lighting with 30 LEDs per meter of 5050 waterproof lights. It’s fully compatible with Android and IOS Systems, including voice control with Alexa. 

Click for more information

It took a while to think about where I could use this WiFi strip lighting. Most of my projects have been using the world-famous Philips Hue light strip. We have used them in places such as the Stair lighting Hack project, pergola lighting, and under the children’s beds. Both were controlled by the Hue Motion Detector Sensor.

In the end, I decided to use it in 2 places, one behind a spare 55-inch TV screen as a backlit TV using around a 3-meter run. The rest of the NexLux was used as back-lighting behind our Home theater projector screen.

As the NexLux comes in a 10m run we had plenty of strip light to do the whole project. The only thing to do was purchase an extra Wifi controller. This was so we didn’t have to wire up a jumper cable to each strip light.

TV Lighting Kit LEDs:

The Super bright 5050 SMD waterproof flexible 32.8ft LED RGB strip lights can be cut in every three LEDs. These light strips come in either white or black colored backing. This makes them perfect for both home and business use. The black is perfect for being incognito in places like nightclubs and bars where a dark strip light will not be as obvious when turned off.

They advertise this as either a 150 or 300 Led 5050. This is some clever marketing but its really just 15 or 30 LED 5050 SMD light strip. These are cool and come in either waterproof or non-waterproof. I recommend getting the 30 LED waterproof version as its only a few dollars more but can be used in so many more areas.

NexLux Wifi Wireless Smart Controller Review:

They may be cheap but they sure do work well. You will have loads of fun by using the included WiFi smart controller. The included app for Ios and Android is called Magic Home and has a free and pro version. You can also purchase just the Wifi smart light strip controller from Amazon if you have to cut the strip into shorter lengths and place throughout your home.

NexLux Wifi Wireless Smart Controller for Android Review

The wireless Wifi strip light controller can be purchased by its self, if you already have you RGB 5050 light strips, or you just need an extra few. They can all be controlled at the same time by adding them to the smart application on your phone or tablet and connecting them to your home network router. Best of all they are cheap.

24 Key Remote Control:

If you don’t have a smartphone or tablet, included in the kit is a 24 key IR Remote. This can be used to quickly set the color and blinking pattern you require. Its range was fine from one side of the room to the other.

Where to use it: This Wifi RGB LED Strip light can be used for decorating your homes, such as the dining room, bedrooms, upstairs, kitchen, porch, decks, stairs, and living rooms. Wow, your guests during holidays and events like Christmas, and Halloween with themed color flashing mood lighting.

If you want to cut the strip light, as 10m or 32 feet is a very long length, you can do this by cutting on the cut marks which is every 3 LEDs. You then can reconnect by using 4-pin 10mm connectors. 10-meter length is the maximum length this 144-watt controller can supply power for. If you need a longer run then just buy a separate WiFi controller.

How to use this WIFI Controller in Single-mode

In single mode: 

One smartphone can control 1 Nexlux WiFi Controller or you can add in extra smartphones if required. In this mode, you won’t have Amazon Alexa voice control.

How to set up your Netlux controller?
Find the device and connect it directly eg:
1. Download Magic Home APP from Apple APP store and google play.
2. Switch on the WiFi led strip light
3. Go to phone Wifi setting, and click “LEDnetxxxxxxx” to connect
4. Run magic home APP.
If you can not find the device, please reset the wifi remote :
( Unplug and reconnect for 4 times until the light flash)

How to use this WiFi Controller in Network mode

In-network Mode : 

You can control the whole heap of Netlux smart wifi controllers with the Magic Home App.

How to use: 
In order to use Network Mode, make sure you are connected and using 2.4Ghz Network.
Then create an account, Enter your password and connect it to your WiFi network.
To work with Amazon Alexa, we must first create an account and use it under wireless WiFi mode.

Magic Home is a wifi controlled APP for smart led lighting.

What product does this APP support?
1.WiFi RGBW / CT led bulb: It has ON/OFF, colors, dimming, timer, fade, jump, music, and remote control function, etc.
2.WiFi CT / RGBW led down-light: It has ON/OFF, dimmer, timer and remote control function etc;
3.WiFi RGB / CT / Mono led controller, It has ON/OFF, colors, dimming, fade, jump, music control functions, etc.
4.WiFi RGBW led controller. It has ON/OFF, colors, dimming, timer, fade, jump, music, and remote control function.

Philips Hue Bloom

Philips Hue Bloom orange

One more option is the Philips Hue Bloom range of behind TV lighting. In fact, you can position these anywhere you fancy a nice warm million different color glow. The only other thing you will need to get is the Hue interface bridge.

Just imagine being able to control the backlighting color with your phone. Isn’t technology great.


At the end of the day, nothing beats sitting down in your favorite chair and watching a great movie. The added ambiance with TV back-lighting with light strips, make this whole process even more amazing. It’s been proven that a nice blue light will help your mood, so let’s add it to our TV.

It has been a real conversation piece when guests come over, and since it’s so easy to install anyone can do it. Simple plug, stick it on, and play. Backlighting is becoming the must-have accessory for any home theater system. It is also good for your eyes as Bias lighting.

If you just need your LED home theater accent lighting kit to come on when your Tv is turned on then the NexLux brand is perfect for you. It’s well-priced and with the ability to add in a WiFi module it’s also future-proof.

If all you need is a simple white LED light for behind TV then check out the Luminoodle. They may be a new company, but they have a great following due to their successful kick-starter campaign. Check out some more cheap TV back-lights below.

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