Truck Pac heavy duty jump starter for diesel trucks

For those of you in the transport business driving big rig trucks, it’s important to make sure your truck battery is in tip-top condition. Most 24v starting systems on prime movers will have 2x 12v batteries wired up in series to provide enough starting power to crank over those large diesel truck engines.

If you end up getting a flat battery due to its old age, incorrect charging system, or just something like leaving the truck lights on over time. You will definitely need to jump-start your diesel engine.

Now your semi-trailer truck is too large to push start like a car, so the only option is to either jump-start from another 24v truck battery. A better option is to use a semi-truck battery jump starter specifically made for starting those large diesel engines. This is where the highly-rated Truck PAC ES1224 3000/1500 Peak Amps 12/24V Jump Starter comes in.

This heavy-duty truck jump starter is the same one used by many roadside assistance insurance companies such as AAA, RAA, MCA, All American Roadside Assistance, American family assistance, and others. This is due to its internal 2 batteries that can provide between 12v to 24v of high power cranking amps.

Portable Jump
Starter for
Diesel Trucks
Jump Starter; Booster Pac; Truck pac; Jump Pack; Battery BoosterJump Starter; Booster Pac; Truck pac; Jump Pack; Battery BoosterJump Starter; Booster Pac; Truck pac; Jump Pack; Battery Booster
(My Pick)
12 Volt Jump StartingYesNoYes
24 Volt Jump StartingNoYesYes
Peak Amps3000 12v only1500 (24V only)3000 (12v and 24V)
Weight39 lbs39 lbs40 lbs
12 Volt Power PortYesYesYes
Hot Jaw
Cable Length54″54″60″
Cable Gauge #4 AWG#4 AWG#2 AWG
Warranty1 Year1 Year1 Year
Where to Buy

Truck Pac ES1224  Semi Truck Battery Jump Starter

  • 12/24 Volt Switchable Operation
  • 3000 Peak Amps using 12 Volts, 1500 Peak Amps using 24 Volts.
  • Long 60″ #2 Gauge Cables – 152cm long jump cables
  • Industrial Grade, Heavy Duty Hot Jaw Clamps –  This means they are live on both sides. This ensures maximum power transfer to the vehicle.
  • Automatic Recharging (ESA218 Charger Included 120v)
  • Warning buzzer for incorrect polarity and incorrect voltage selection. (Safety feature)
  • Dual heavy-duty ES Series batteries are designed specifically for big-block vehicle jump starting.
  • Integrated voltage selection switch.
  • LED battery status indicator.
  • Operating Temp. -20˚-115˚F

Truck Pac ES1224 Review

Truck Pac semi truck battery jump starter ES1224

This high-performance Truck PAC jump starter from Clore Automotive,  is able to switch from 12 to 24 Volts with the turn of a knob. This makes it the logical jump-starting system for owners of both 12v and 24v cars and trucks.

With 3000 Peak 12 Volt Amps and 1500 Peak 24 Volt-Amps, this Semi-trailer Truck Pac has enough starting power and amps to start even the largest of prime movers and heavy machinery. Clore Automotive designs and manufactures some of the best truck jump starters and accessories for mining, military, freight, and home user.

It features two high-power ES Series max performance batteries, which have been specifically developed for heavy-duty vehicle starting applications. ES Series batteries will deliver high output current, extended cranking power, many jumps per charge, and long service life.

Many other compact 1000A car jump starters will have only one small internal battery. These are ok for an average car. But when you need to attach them to a larger truck or front-end loader they just don’t have the larger starting battery capacity to get the job done. Not to mention they won’t work on 24v truck electrical systems.

The only lithium jump starter that comes close is the Topdon 3000A. This is one of the most powerful lithium jump packs around. Check out our Topdon 3000A jump starter review if you are open to other options.

Truck battery booster pack features

The Truck Pac ES1224 features extra-long 60-inch jump cables, this is for ideal positioning during jump starting on large trucks. With industrial-grade Hot Jaw clamps for maximum power transfer to the battery.

You will be assured that all the starting power is transferred to the battery. Some other clamps that have power only supplied to one side of the jaws can create a hot joint and or power loss due to resistance.

What I really like is the safety features designed into this unit. They call it ADW – Advanced Warning System, this will alert the user to unsafe jump-starting conditions. Such as incorrect polarity or incorrect voltage selection to protect both the user and the truck.

Like all Truck PAC units, the ES1224 features rugged heavy-duty construction with robust components. These are able to stand up to everyday use and abuse in even the most demanding jump-starting environments, such as mine sites, factories, military, and workshops.

Its impact-resistant case provides lasting protection against bumps and knocks. With features such as automatic charging and battery status LEDs, you will always know the battery level in your portable jump starter for diesel trucks.

You should be able to get between 1 to 30 jump starts using this diesel truck jump starter. Factors impacting this are temperature, the general condition of the vehicle being jump-started, engine type, 12v or 24v electrical system, and engine size.

Truck Pac Wiring Diagram 12/24 volts 

As you can see the wiring system for the Truck Pac ES-1224 is very simple. To swap from 12v to 24v it’s the switch that does all the connections. When in 12-volt mode both batteries are used but in parallel.

truck pac wiring diagram 12v 24v

When in 24-volt mode both batteries are still being used but in series. This is why the peak amps of 1500 is less in 24-volt mode due to the series connection.

When your Truck PAC is used with a DC to AC power inverter, it can operate appliances normally powered by 120 Vac or 220 Vac. The recommended inverter for the portable power source is 300 watts maximum. This is so you do not overload the 12v outlet and trip the circuit breaker.

We use the ES1224 Truck Pac at work for emergency starting of our heavy mining equipment that may sit idle for a few weeks and cause battery drain. These include:

  • MAC Semi Trailer Trucks
  • Komatsu Front end Loaders
  • Graders
  • Cat Dump Trucks

Truck Pac Clore Automotive ESA-26 Battery Charger

The Truck Pac comes with a wall charger manufacturer Part Number: ESA-26. The charging circuit is inbuilt into the semi truck jump starter, so if you do lose the boost pack charger, then replacements are easy to find. Here is a new charger for the Truck Pac ES1224. Charging must be done in the 12v selector switch position.

  • Replacement wall charger for ES1224 (all models)
  • Provides fully automatic charging
  • Prevents overcharging
  • Charger with a pin jack
  • Plugs into the rear of ES1224
  • Dual ES Series batteries designed specifically for vehicle jump starting
  • An integrated voltage selection switch
  • LED battery status indicator

ES1240 Replacement Battery Procedure for Boost Pac and Truck Pac

es1240 truck pac replacement batterys

ES Series – Replacement Battery for ES6000, ES8000 & ES1224 (2 Batteries)

The Truck Pac Es1224 requires two batteries to provide the 24v jumping power, they will be wired in series inside the jump pack. You should get at least 5 years of use out of these sealed lead acid batteries if stored and charged correctly. ES Series batteries are designed specifically for vehicle jump starting. They will deliver high-performance time after time, multiple jumps per charge, and long service life. Always use genuine Booster PAC/Truck PAC batteries for a replacement to maintain peak performance.

Truck Pac ES1224 Battery Replacement Instructions

Begin by making sure that both clamps are securely stored in their holsters on each side of the Truck PAC.

1. Put Truck PAC down on its face. Locate the 13 screws that hold the case together. (four on each side, four along the bottom, and one under the front label).

2. Remove all of the 13 screws, don’t lose them, and then lift off the back half of the case.

3. On the top of each battery are two terminals, each with wires connected to them. Remember the wire locations. Disconnect these wires from the top battery first, by removing the bolts that hold them to the battery terminals. Disconnect these wires from the bottom battery by removing the bolts that hold them to the battery terminals. To prevent accidental arcing, be careful not to touch across both battery terminals with the tools being used to remove the bolts. Insulated tools are the best to use.

4. Lift the batteries out of the front half of the case.

es1224 battery replacement procedure

5.Reinstall the new ES1240 series batteries and make sure of the correct polarity. Attach the cables and box up

Truck Pac Trouble Shooting FAQ

Always On red Light

If you have 1 or 2 red lights come on, while the charger is plugged in for 24 hours and there is no change in the status of lights.

Answer: Check the charger to see if it is charging. The charger should be warm.

If the charger works and is warm, but there is still no change in the status of lights when the wall charger is connected to the Truck PAC (the yellow light is on).

Answer: You may have a defective battery or faulty circuit breaker. Try using a device (light, TV, etc.) with a 12V plug on it to see if it works. If it operates, the Truck PAC breaker is OK and the battery is the problem.

Truck Pac shows 100% fully charged but won’t jump start

If all of the lights come on when the charger is plugged into the Truck PAC, but when the charger is unplugged and the test button pressed, no lights come on.

Answer: Your Truck PAC has a defective battery which must be replaced.

The Truck PAC is fully charged but has no power.

Answer: Check where the wire meets the jaw on the Truck PAC clamp. Make sure they are well-crimped.

No power or clicking noise from the 12v outlet port

When trying to use an accessory through the 12 Volt outlet on the Truck PAC, I heard a clicking sound coming from inside the Truck PAC.

Answer: The portable accessory is drawing too many amps, this will cause the internal circuit breaker to cycle ON and OFF. There may be a problem with the accessory (such as a short circuit) that is causing the overload condition.

For more information check out and download the ES1224 truck pac user manual.

Can you jump a car with 24V?

No, if you connect a 24v jump starter to a 12v car electrical system you will fry the electronics and wiring in your vehicle. Some specifically made 24v jump starters have a selector switch that can change the voltage from 24v down to 12v.

Can you jump-start start 24v truck battery with 12v

No there is not enough voltage to jump-start a 24v truck battery using a 12v jump starter. You will need to have a specifically made 24v jump starter for this task.

How to Jump Start a Semi Truck, using the Truck Pac 

Jump Starting Instructions for your 8-cylinder diesel engine.

truck pac heavy duty jump starter for diesel engines

1. Use in a well-ventilated area. Never in an enclosed garage with the doors closed.

2. Always wear protective eyewear when working with and near batteries, just in case of emergencies.

3. Before jump starting, please review the user manual and the instruction/safety manual provided by the manufacturer of the vehicle being jump-started. There may be special instructions especially if it is a hybrid vehicle.

4. Turn the semi-truck ignition OFF before connecting the Truck Pac jump starter to the vehicle. This will limit any more battery drain and load.

5. Confirm that the semi Truck Pac jump starter unit is at least 3/4 charged.

6. Ensure that the Truck PAC’s Voltage Selector Switch is in the OFF position prior to connecting to the vehicle battery.

7. With the Truck PAC’s Selector Switch in the OFF position, clamp the positive (red +) clamp to the positive terminal on the vehicle battery (for a negative ground system). If you have 2 batteries wired in series, for 24 volts connect to the 1st battery positive. You may also have an alternate vehicle starting point as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. Some hybrid vehicles like the Toyota Prius will have an easy to access positive tab in the engine bay.

2x truck batteries wired in series for 24v

8. Clamp the negative (black -) clamp to an unpainted part of the semi-truck frame (ground).

9. Choose Truck PAC Voltage, by turning the Selector Switch to the desired mode, to match vehicle voltage. Read your semi truck user manual, if unsure of the electrical system voltage.


Failure to properly match Truck PAC voltage and vehicle voltage may result in an explosion, product damage, and bodily harm. If the AWS audible alarm sounds upon selecting Truck PAC Voltage, DISCONNECT FROM VEHICLE IMMEDIATELY (remove the negative clamp from vehicle ground). Investigate why the AWS alarm sounded.

10. Make sure the cables are not in the path of any moving engine parts (belts, fans, etc.)

11. Stand clear of all batteries while jump starting.

12. Start the vehicle by turning on the vehicle ignition.

Note: If the vehicle doesn’t start within 6 seconds, let the Truck PAC cool for 3 minutes before attempting to start the vehicle again or you may damage the Truck PAC.

13. When the vehicle is started, disconnect your Truck Pac from the vehicle. First, disconnect the negative (–) black battery clamp from the vehicle frame and return it to its holster, then disconnect the positive (+) red clamp and return it to its holster. Then, turn the Voltage Selector Switch to the OFF position.

How long should a truck battery last?

You should be able to get 3-5 years out of a heavy-duty deep cycle truck battery. As the two 12v batteries are wired up in series to provide 24v it is good practice to replace both batteries if one fails.

If you measure the voltage of each 12v battery you will be able to find the battery that has failed. The voltage will be lower than the other good battery. This of often due to the sulfation of the battery cells.

You can try to desulfate a car battery with a charger and bring it back to life to remove the sulfation using a multi-step charger.

Booster Pac Starting Instruction Video

Check out the video of using the well-known Booster Pac to jump-start a car. This is the little brother of the Truck Pac.

You can also use jumper leads to jump-start large semi trucks on the 24v electrical system. Just make sure that the positive cable goes to the positive terminal, and the negative goes to the negative or ground on each vehicle. If in doubt use a voltmeter to check the voltage and polarity.

Warning – Make sure if using jumper cables to bump start another vehicle that both trucks are on the same 24v system.


The main reason I have done this review of this Semi Truck battery jump starter was the fact that we use these at work for heavy machinery jump starting on 12v and 24v systems. It has been super reliable. Being able to swap to 12 volts makes this a great all-in-one semi-truck jump starter. Just make sure you eat your Wheaties before picking one of these bad boys up, as they are quite heavy at over 40 pounds. But that’s a good thing. it means it’s full of sealed quality lead-acid batteries.

The ES 1224 has an NSN (NATO Stock Number) for the military and has passed all the relevant Army testing requirements. So you know its quality internally and externally. For more positive user reviews and ratings of the Truck Pac, check out the link below.

If you are after something lighter and smaller you should check out our review of the top Lithium Ion jump starters currently on the market. These are the next best evolution in reliable car battery starters. Let us hope the 24v jump-starting systems come out soon.

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