The day you have to work or play in the sub-freezing weather, without adequate warm clothing is soon becoming a thing of the past. It’s not fun when you begin to get really cold and freeze, or start to overheat due to the environment you are in. It’s really hard to regulate your body temperature when you start to physically push yourself. But thankfully the range of Women’s battery-heated jackets are starting to come to market, in a full range of styles and colors.

I recently purchased this Bosch women’s heated jacket called the PSJ120M-102W for my wife. After a lot of research both online and offline, I decided to get it for her birthday. It utilizes the same 12-volt Max Lithium-Ion batteries that the Bosch range of small power tools uses. I have a few Bosch other products which have been very reliable such as Bosch electric screw drivers and even their digital laser tape measure. So I thought, let us stay in this ecosystem and try out this battery-heated coat.

During the past year, she loved it so much I thought its time to do a full review. This Bosch women’s heated jacket kit is the newer upgraded model. It comes with a large capacity 2.0Ah battery and charger for longer heating times.

Bosch Women’s Heated Jacket Features


  • 100% Polyester softshell outer cover – So its wind and water-resistant
  • Three Quick Warming Heat Zones – Two chest zones and one back zone start warming in a matter of seconds
  • Three-Level touch Heat Controller – High (Red), medium (Green) and Low (Blue) for Maximum fine Control and Comfort
  • Up to 6 Hours Heated Run-time – with the included Bosch 12-Volt Max batteries on the low setting.
  • USB Charging Option for Most Personal Electronics like phones and small tablets – The charging rate is 5V/1A Max Output.
  • High-quality heated jacket with adjustable Velcro sleeves and waist.Bosch women's heated jacket review


I wish so much that they included heating elements in the pockets. This would have been such a great feature. But this would have reduced the heating run time.

It also has a slightly bulky battery, but this is the price you pay to be fully interchangeable with your 12-volt power tools. Still, the max batteries are a lot smaller than some other electric heated jackets on the market.

But apart from those two negative points, it is a very well-made battery heated jacket.

Bosch Women’s Heated Jacket Review

The Bosch electric jacket once turned on, will start to warm up in seconds. It is the perfect job-site solution for the cold weather, as well as stylish enough to put on to go out with your friends. It’s designed in Denmark so these guys know cold weather, it’s very well made. Utilizing only quality components and fabric.

There are five pockets, which are large enough to store a cell phone, large documents, battery holster/controller, and two hand pockets. This makes storage on the go quick and easy. With the included BHB120 (holster) and Bosch 12-Volt Max battery, you not only can power the jacket (PSJ120) but can also power most USB port-compatible personal electronics, such as cell phones, at the same time.

Be aware that if charging electronic devices you will get less run time out of your jacket.

So if you do need extra charging capabilities, it’s better to get spare batteries for your jacket or use a small portable pocket phone boost charger. You could even start your car with it.

The touch-sensitive power button, which is located on the top left can regulate your body temperature with ease. With color LED indicator lights, you will always know which mode you are in. With 3 heating modes, you can tailor the heat levels depending on the severity of the outside battery jacket heat levels color

My wife has used this jacket during the winter months while traveling too and from work. The main benefit she says is putting on the jacket and feeling the instant warmth. Not having to wait for the jacket to heat up through your body temperature is a huge plus. She likes to turn on the jacket 5 minutes before putting it on to feel that instant warmth.

12v Battery Placement

This Bosch electric heated jacket has its low voltage 12v battery, located in the front left side pocket. It is accessed from the inside via a zipper. With only a push in the cable to supply power, it is super easy to remove and women's heated jacket psj120 p

My wife really likes the battery placement. It doesn’t restrict her movement or cause any pressure points when driving a car. Some other heated jackets have the battery placed in the backside liner, which can cause it to be uncomfortable when sitting down. This is because it will dig into your back when resting against something.

The Bosch heated coat has the included BHB120 12-Volt Max battery, you not only can power the heated jacket but can also power most USB port compatible personal electronics, such as cell phones, at the same time. This is the same battery used in most of the Bosch 12v power tools like the drill driver.

bosch heated jacket battery
Bosch battery inserted into the BHB120 holster

For longer run times, try the extra capacity Bosch Bat415 12v 2.5Ah Battery. This battery is an updated version to the model 413 and 414 battery and it will fit all Bosch tools that utilize these older model batteries.

  • 25-percent more run-time than 2.0Ah batteries
  • More power in a smaller package
  • Lower weight with comparable power to bigger cells
  • Compatibility with all Bosch 12-Volt power tools and chargers
  • Electronic Cell Protection
  • Bat414 is the 2.0Ah battery Power = 24 Watts
  • Bat415 is the higher capacity 2.5Ah battery. Power = 30 Watts
  • Bat420 is the highest capacity Bosch battery. It will work and give you longer run times but will make your jacket bulge with its square base. Its power is rated at 48 Watts.

Recharging Bosch 12v Battery

A fully discharged Bosch 12v battery will typically take between 20-30 min to recharge fully. If the battery is hot the smart charger will slow down the charge rate so it may take up to 40 minutes when it is placed on the charger.

The benefits of the newer BC330 fast charger are

  • 1 Hour-fast charger
  • For use with all Bosch 12-Volt Max Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • Flashing charging light
  • No memory effect; so you can charge or discharge without damaging your batteries.

bosch 12v battery charger skc120 BX330

These Bosch bat415 batteries are interchangeable with all Bosch 12 Volt Lithium-Ion tools. So if you have an investment with these tools it’s a wise investment. This is because you can take a few batteries out with you if you are out in the cold for a whole day.

Inside Liner

The inside lining of this jacket is made of a nice shiny slippery material, which helps your slide this jacket over an undershirt. This stops it from grabbing at other clothing when putting on and removing your heated jacket.

The sleeve cuffs are adjustable via Velcro straps, and the bottom jacket is adjustable via a drawstring.

The electrically-heated panels are located in two areas.

  • There is one is a carbon heating element on the back between the shoulder blades.
  • Two smaller carbon heating elements are located in the front over the chest, and breast area as shown below.

Bosch women's heated jacket pads

Safety Features

There is a whole lot of thought gone into making this 12v heated jacket. One great feature is the stylish reflective strips. The two white stripes reflect light very well, so you will always be seen at night. Perfect for when on the job, riding a bike, or just walking down the road.

I know people who also use this Bosch electric heated jacket as a motorcycle jacket. This is because it has great all-weather properties like being weather-resistant to wind and rain. Sure it may not have the crash protection that some proper motorcycle jackets have, but body armor can go over the top if required.

With 3 layers of insulation, an inner layer, a middle layer membrane consisting of TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane), and a tough outer layer. This makes the jacket water and tear-resistant but keeps it breathable.

Bosch Heated Coat Sizes

This jacket comes in a range of sizes from small to 3XL. So get out your tape measure, and measure your chest, height, and arm length for the correct sizes. As this is an A-Line cut for a women’s jacket, it is best to get a close-fitting jacket. Don’t over-size, as you need the heating elements close to your body as it’s definitely tailored for a woman’s shape.

Bosch actually sizes their jackets very well. With the measurements shown below in the chart, you can get it fitted perfectly.

bosch heated jacket size chart
Click for more size options at Amazon

What’s Included

The Bosch heated coat is sold in two versions. A kit form which is the PSJ120 it includes

  • PSJ120 12-Volt Max Heated Jacket,
  • 1x BHB120 Battery Holster/Controller, this is what the battery slides into.
  • 1x 12-Volt Battery,
  • 1x Lithium-ion Battery Charger. SKC-120

The heated coat is also sold in the basic form, which doesn’t include the charger. This makes the jacket slightly cheaper for those of you that may already have a charger. I ended up just getting the kit version so that I can have two chargers. One at home and one at work.

Frequently asked questions.

Can I wash it?

It’s not recommended to place this jacket in the washing machine or tumble dryer, due to the internal electronics. Just sponge wash with warm soapy water and towel, and line dry. It can be dry cleaned just tell your local dry cleaner the reason why and always remove the battery for storage.

Should I get a larger size fitting Bosch 12v heated jacket?

These Bosch jackets are meant to fit snugly. This traps the heat and makes it more efficient in heating. With the heating elements close to your body you will get the maximum effect. So use the size chart shown above for the perfect fit.

What charger is included with the Bosch heated coat?

At the time of writing this review, the BC330 charger is included with the jacket.

What is the run time of the Bosch Women’s Heated Jacket?

On the low setting using a 2.0Ah battery, you get around 6 hours of runtime. Using the medium setting you will only get a few hours. Even less on the high setting. I find that low is fine for myself and my wife during the winter months.

By using the larger capacity batteries like the 2.5 or 4.0 Ah you get greater run times, by up to 12 hours by using the 4 amp hour battery on the low setting.

What other types of battery-heated clothing are there?

There is a whole range of electrically heated clothing for winter now that the battery technology has improved. I especially like the battery heated socks and gloves. These are great for people who struggle with Arthritis or just have really cold hands and feet.

electric battery heated socks and gloves for arthritis sufferers


As we got older it is nice to be able to enjoy life. If we can be comfortable at the same time, why not make use of technology to help keep us toasty warm. This jacket has been one of my best purchases for my wife, and she reminds me often how warm and comfortable this jacket is. With Bosch having the reflective strips means you are seen at night, so is great when on the road or at a work site. It’s also very stylish, as to be worn out on the town.

Part of the discovery process was reviewing 3 top-rated women’s heated jackets, which was an interesting process.

As for myself, I ended up getting one of these for myself after seeing how well it was made and how much my wife liked it. I have just gotten this jacket but in the men’s version. So make sure you buy the correct one, as they are cut differently. I use mine to ride to work on my bike. If I start to get too warm I just turn off the heat.

Being water and wind-resistant means you can stay comfortable when at the game, work, or local park. With not much more cost than a quality winter jacket, this one is a keeper forever. In my opinion, this is the best battery heated jacket you can buy on the market, which is at a very reasonable price. Smart clothing is starting to become a reality.

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