How to Build a Jerry Can Holder for your Boat Trailer

Build jerry can holder
How to Make a Jerry Can Holder for Trailer

Build jerry can holderDo you need a new Jerry Can Holder for your trailer? and don’t want to buy one of those flimsy ones at the shop? Well, now you can make and build a Jerry Can holder of your own with the plans below.

You will need access to an arc welder and some flat metal bar for this project. But if you take your time it is a fun build.

I thought I would quickly write-up how I made myself a single Jerry can holder for my trailer. The ones at my local boat shop just didn’t cut the mustard. The local shop-bought ones were flimsy, and not galvanized. Although this Jerry gas can holder looks not too bad it’s universal and lockable and built tough.

It can be used for all boat trailer sizes as well as Sea-doo, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Jetski Dunbier trailers. I looked around for plans on the net but didn’t get much so here is my plan.

  • 2x 350mm long angle
  • 4x 300mm long angle
  • 2x 180mm long flat bar and 2x 350mm flat bar. I used 1 inch wide-angle and 2-inch wide flat bar
  • 1x 340mm long flat bar for the bottom

I Made it out of metal flat bar and some angle iron:

You don’t have to have the exact size of metal bar/angle it’s just what I could get my hands on.

The flat bar is cut to size just short of 350mm and just short of 180mm.

I have 2 Jerry cans one metal and one plastic, and both were slightly different sizes. So picked the larger size to fit which was the metal size. Don’t forget that petrol fumes can pressurize a can and thus swell in size so you don’t want a perfect fit. I used a cheap welder from my local hardware shop less than $100. Get an auto-dark welding helmet if you can as it frees up one hand.

The metal I got from a metal fabrication shop, was offcuts for free, I just asked to go through their bin they were cool.

Build Jerry Can Holder Instructions:

Once the angle iron base was cut, I pushed it together and made sure the Jerry Can fits in. You can then tack weld, and add the uprights. Tack weld some more and make sure the Jerry fuel can fit. Then add top rails and make sure it can fit again. Measure 2x cut once.

Weld in the bottom support, and tack weld, make sure Fuel can fit. I used a G clamp to hold together while tacking.

Fully weld up all seams. Use an angle grinder to tidy up any splatter and sloppy welding that may happen. I had some old trailer clamps so welded them up as well, hit them with cold galvanized paint, and all good to go.

Lockable Jerry Can:

Next job is to make the Jerry cans lockable. Not sure which way to go either chain and lock or just a simple fold-over metal bar lock. Similar to the Smittybilt lockable Jerry Gas Can Holder sold at Amazon. Which has very good reviews.

To secure the Jerry can I am currently just tying off with rope, as it was a rush project for a weekend trip. I also used a bit of rubber matting cut to size on the base for the can to sit on, so it doesn’t rub.

This can be very important for those plastic Jerry Cans nowadays. On a long trip if your cans are not secured down tight they can vibrate around a little and cause a rupture/hole in your Jerry Can.

Painting Fuel Can Holder:

make fuel can holderThe Next step is to paint your fuel can holder with cold galvanizing paint and mount it onto the trailer. I use a bolt to attach the pinch clams to the trailer with a spring washer.

You can also pain it with KillRust paint. If you use an electric paint sprayer you will get excellent results.

I also use a little dab of never seize on the threads of the bolts to stop corrosion. It will make it easy to take off in the future. The Fuel can Holder Its rock-solid on the trailer, not like some of these flimsy ones at the boat shop sells, and it sits nicely between the wheel and the rear lights. I am thrilled with how it turned out. I have tested this holder with the plastic, metal 20L Fuel Jerry Cans, and both fit well.

Now it’s time to Build Jerry Can Holder for the other side of the trailer.


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