Cheap paddock stand rear Yamaha MT-07

In this post, we review a cheap paddock stand for your motorcycle specifically the Yamaha MT-07. Now not all rear stands are made equal. Some are cheap and are just totally wrong for your motorbike. While others can be super expensive and not designed right for your rear swingarm.

I have a Yamaha MT-07 2018 model and I wanted to share my thoughts on this generic Donext paddock stand I got from Amazon.

The rear swingarm on the Yamaha MT 07 is not perfectly rectangular in shape. It has some curves and odd angles. This rear motorcycle stand has an adjustable pivot point to account for these differences.

Once you have adjusted the width of the rear paddock stand you can then place it a few centimeters in from the rear wheel bolt and use it to lift the rear wheel off the ground.

Why use a rear paddock stand?

Cheap motorcycle stand for Yamaha MT07

The main reason to use a rear paddock stand on a motorcycle is to remove the rear wheel or to lubricate the chain.

I have found that the motorcycle is more stable and I have more room underneath my MT-07 if I use a real wheel stand. In fact every time I do a modification project on the MT-07 I use the rear paddock stand.

Rear swing arm paddock stand vs bobbin paddock stand? Well, it comes down to personal preference and if you have axle sliders. I like the swing arm models as it gives you so many maintenance options. Such as MT 07 oil change, chain lubrication, rear tire removal, modifications, and general cleaning.

Cleaning and lubrication of Yamaha MT07 chain using a cheap paddock stand
Using chain lube is easy with a rear paddock stand.

Many people like to install rear slider bobbins on the axle nut and so in this case this paddock stand is perfect.

The rear stand bobbins have an issue if you want to remove the rear wheel. You first have to loosen the bobbins and take them off. This is why in my opinion swing arm paddock stans are better than bobbin paddock stands.

Is the motorcycle stable on a rear stand?

Yes, find that the motorcycle is very stable on a rear paddock stand. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to rock it side to side on purpose. But the odd bump or two won’t knock the motorcycle over.

I still wouldn’t like to leave it on the rear paddock stand without supervision in case someone jumps on the bike and pulls it over. Safety first.

How it fits together

Like many flat-pack items, this motorcycle rear paddock stand comes with a few bolts and nuts. It is easy to assemble and I like that the nuts are Nylock to resist coming loose over time.

I have successfully used this rear cheap paddock stand on my Yamaha MT07 review, MT09, and a Kawasaki Z900.

The black paint is powder coated and can take a few knocks and bashes. Like any tool, I’m not that fussed if it gets scratched up. A few stickers of my favorite company logo will soon cover them up.

This cheap paddock stand is made from 33cm (1 5/16 inch) metallic tubing. It is braced with 16mm tubing in the corners for added strength.

black rear paddock stand size

The wheels are nylon and will take hard knocks and scratches well. I do find that the washers are cheap and rust over time if left in the weather. Some WD40 or chain lube will keep them from rusting.


cheap motorcycle stand rear

These motorcycle rear stands are an odd shape. Sure you could unscrew it and then flat-pack it away but I use mine every few weeks to lube the chain.

I store it in the garage on top of the lawnmower. Yep, it fits perfectly and saves space.

You can leave your motorcycle mounted on the paddock stand but only if it is in a safe place away from children who may want to jump on the bike.

Ease of use

I find it very easy to use. In fact, my 15-year-old daughter can lift up the rear of the motorcycle using this paddock stand. it is all about leverage. The long arm gives you an easy lift of the rear motorcycle wheel.

How do you use a paddock stand by yourself?

Lifting and letting the motorcycle down can be awkward with only one person but it can be done.

  • Place the motorcycle on its side stand and slide the rear paddock stand in behind the rear wheel.
  • Slowly lift the paddock stand up until it touches the rear swing arm on the lowest side.
  • Place one hand on the rear of the motorcycle for guidance and your other hand and the rear paddock stand.
  • Push down slowly on the paddock stand until the motorcycle starts to straighten up.
  • Guide the motorcycle all the way up.
  • Push the paddock stand all the way down to the floor and place the motorcycle side kickstand back in the upright position.

To remove the motorcycle from the rear paddock stand place the kickstand down and turn the handlebars to the left. This way the motorcycle will naturally lean over to the left.

Slowly lift the rear paddock stand up and guide the bike down.

It is best to have two people so the bike is steady. One to hold the front handlebars and the other to use the rear wheel swingarm stand.

Do paddock stands fit all bikes?

Most universal paddock stands fit most motorcycles. Some may have odd swing arm shapes or dimensions. So it is best to check the width of the motorcycle swing arm to the width of the paddock stand.

Also, be aware that there are two different designs of paddock stands the swing arm design and the rear bobbin slider design.

What are swingarm spools used for?

Swingarm spools are used to protect the motorcycle’s rear end from damage in the event of a crash. They are sacrificial devices that will take the impact of a fall and grind down. There are paddock stands that can lift from these swingarm spools or bobbins.

There is not much difference from a paddock stand that fits on a swing arm or spool. It is the user’s preference which they prefer. Both will lift a motorcycle with ease. But the swing arm paddock stand is more user-friendly as you can remove the rear wheel. Some designs have interchangeable arms where you can swap between spools or swingarm support.

How do you use a motorcycle front stand?

Motorcycle front stands are not designed to work alone. Never lift a bike from the front without the motorcycle on the rear stand first.

Front stands are narrower and need support from the rear stand otherwise the motorcycle could tip over.

Once the rear of the motorcycle is supported with the paddock stand you can place the front stand under the front forks. Straighten the handlebars and lift the front end up slowly by pushing down the motorcycle front stand.


Clean chain on Yamaha 
Chain cleaning is made easy with a paddock stand

If you are after a rear cheap motorcycle stand then this one is made well. I didn’t notice any bending of the paddock stand frame, and the rubber inserts protect my swing arm from scratches.

If you plan on doing your own maintenance like chain adjustment, wheel removal, and oil changes on the MT07 or just about any other motorcycle then this paddock stand will work well.

I use these motorcycle chain cleaning brushes to scrub the dirt off the chain before lubrication. They work great and you can clean your chain fast. Keeps your hands clean as well.

Just a word of warning don’t start your motorcycle on the paddock stand and put it into gear if you have ABS installed. It will bring up a Yamaha ABS engine fault code because the ECU can only see one wheel turning. You will need to get the code reset.

I use a Yamaha 4-pin to bluetooth OBD2 cable and scanner to reset my fault codes on the Yamaha MT-07. A handy device to have.

A cheap paddock stand is a must-have if you are planning to do any rear-end maintenance on your motorcycle. Ride safe.

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