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I have been after a color-changing night light for my children’s room for a while now and I finally came across the Blizwolf battery-powered LED bed light that is simply amazing for its price.

Two of my kids share a room and when one of them gets up at night and turns on the main light it will wake up the other sleeping child. We experimented with some under-bed lighting with some success but it doesn’t help the child sleeping in the top bunk bed.

BlitzWolf Touch Color Night Lamp Review

I am a big fan of color-changing lights and lamps which have transformed our house into a home. We have a lot of Philips Hue lights and lamps around our home but these can be expensive and sometimes confusing to set up. It was refreshing to have a high-tech night light from Blitzwolf which I got from Banggood, which only required a light finger tap on the top to change the color.

BlitzWolf Touch Color Night Lamp Review

There are literally thousands of different colors that you can choose from that are easy to select. All you need to do is long-press the touch-sensitive top of the kid’s bed lamp and the internal LEDs will begin to auto-cycle between all the colors in the rainbow. As soon as you find a color you like just touch the top of the light again. My kids like the bright blue light.

Children's bedside lamps bedroom touch light blue color

Kids touch lamp

This decorative smart light is battery powered and is able to be recharged via any micro USB wall charger or your computer. There is a long USB charging cable included in the box just in case you need one. The runtime is around 4-6 hours depending on brightness and colors from the 600mAh internal lithium-ion battery.

I like that as the battery starts to deplete the lamp will slowly begin to fade and get dimmer. This is a smart feature to make the battery last longer. Another thing that I really like is impact-resistant plastic.

This way if it falls off the kid’s bed it won’t smash or break. Well, ours has lasted the distance with many drops onto the floor. The rubber feet on the bottom help it stay in place on top of a bedside cupboard or a bedframe ledge.

The BlitzWolf BW-LT9 children’s touch-sensitive night light has a small switch on the bottom to turn it on. This lamp will stay on until the battery runs out either in white-only mode, color cycle mode, or fixed color mode.

What is it made of?

The BW-LT9’s lamp is made of a high-strength outer ABS plastic which is heat resistant, flame retardant, impact-resistant, and anti-corrosive. The globe outer shell is pearl and can shine out in both directions front and back or 240° The light output is amazing for its size at 85LM.

Blitzwolf BW-LT9 Night Light Specifications pink color

I think next time we go camping it will be a perfect color changing tent light. I will just have to remember to bring a portable USB battery pack to recharge it every few days.

How long does the battery last?

Using the white light I am able to get around 4 hours of use on full brightness before the battery goes flat. With a single color white light, I can get around 6 hours of use. If you use the multicolor cycle your battery time usage will drop to around 4 hours.

I consider this quite good for such a little device, plus the recharge from fully flat is only about 2 hours so it is a very fast recharge if using a 2amp or faster charger.

You can use any USB charger from a phone wall charger, a portable battery bank, or even a solar panel USB charger for when you are out camping. I like that it uses lithium-ion battery technology as it charges faster and lasts longer compared to older NiMH batteries.

How to change the night light colors?

children's bedside night light bedroom blitzwolf

Changing the colors on the Blitzwolf kids night light is easy. First, make sure to turn on the switch on the bottom of the light. This will put the light into the bright white light mode.

If you are happy with just a white light then touch the top once to cycle between different light intensities. There are 4 different levels of brightness.

If you want to have a cool color night light then long-press the touch-sensitive top for a few seconds until you see color. This light will now cycle between a huge color range and everything in between. As soon as you see a color you like then just tap the top once and it will stay on that selected color. It will take around 10 seconds to cycle through all the colors smoothly.

Kids reading lamp

If you want to turn off the kid’s color-changing night light all you have to do is double-tap the top of the lamp or flick the switch on the bottom to off.

White is best for the kids reading light. There is enough light if they place it close to the book. But the crazy colors can be fun if reading a book at night like a Halloween story or something that needs some extra ambiance.

Blitzwolf BW-LT9 Night Light Specifications

Model:BW-LT9White Color Temperature:4000K
Max Output:2WLamp Size:5.02, 3.94, 2.36 inches
Max Brightness:85lmMaterials:ABS Shell + PC Transparent Cover
Battery Type:600mAh 3.7V lithium batteryWorking Temperature:-20℃—<45℃
Lifespan LED:30000hNet Weight:110g
Charging Time:2 hoursCharging Input:5V 0.5A
Standby time:2 months (Power switch off), 72h (Power on standby)Certification:CE, SAA, RoHS
Working Time:4h White Light, 6h single colored light, 4h Multi Changing Colored LightThe number of internal LEDs: White x 14pcs / RGB x 10pcs

Children’s bedside lamps bedroom

Model BW-LT9 how to change color and dim white light

I remember the old metal touch lamps that I had when I was a child and they were really cool. The problem was that they were heavy, large, and had a glass light glob that used to break whenever the lamp was knocked over.

This amazing color changing kids night light from BlitzWolf solves this problem by using LEDs and a plastic outer shell. This makes it less of a fire hazard and is safe for most children to use. The touch-sensitive top is like magic for your kids and they will love turning it on and off.

There is no issue with letting the light battery run down as there is a safe low voltage cut-off to prevent total battery drain which could damage the lithium-ion internal battery. Just use a phone or tablet charger to top it back up. Blitzwolf actually makes a really great 5 outlet USB phone charger that our whole family uses now to recharge their devices.


I really like this color-changing children’s bedside lamp. It is fun to use and safe for the whole family. All I need now is a few more for all the other kid’s bedrooms. As they are built tough, there is no worry about breakages if they fall off the bed.

I’m sure to take a few of these on my next camping trip when it warms up. Or even think outside the box and use them for Halloween with red or purple color for those scary effect lightings. The mind boggles with possibilities. What will you use it for?

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