Crucial MX300 SSD Freezing after Cloning Fix Windows 10


Is your Crucial MX300 SSD Freezing after a successful Clone using windows 10 or 11? You are not alone. There are many cases, which go all the way back to the crucial mx100 range, which is Freezing or crashing.

It seems to affect Windows 10 more than the other operating systems, but maybe that’s because most have upgraded their Windows 7 and Windows 8 machines.

Crucial MX300 SSD Freezing Crashing Fix

So what is the Crucial SSD Freeze fix for the crucial solid-state drives? There seem to be a few things to try. What worked for me is:

  • Uninstall Acronis true image software.
  • Update motherboard bios and achi sata drivers. (Advanced Host Controller Interface)
  • Update Crucial mx300 firmware.
  • Update SSD windows drivers and updates.
  • Disabled Write Caching.
  • Disable or enable Hot Swapping – Hot Plugging in the Bios

The main Crucial SSD clone Freezing fix for Windows 10 seems to be uninstalling the Acronis software. You may need to only uninstall Acronis or you may need to do all the above.

If you want to try other cloning software try Macrium Reflect free.  This is one of the best Windows 10 SSD cloning software out there.

It’s a very fast clone software, as I could clone A 256gb full SSD drive to the Crucial mx300 750GB in around 25 minutes. This was using a USB 3 external drive case.

I have used the Samsung clone software (Data Migration) which was just as fast as the Macrium Reflect. But the Samsung Data Migration software only works with Samsung drives.

Cloned SSD Won’t Boot

If you are having issues with booting your new cloned SSD, try using another serial cable or swap to a new SATA port. Sometimes different SATA ports will work better. This is due to the speeds of the ports and channels used.

Usually, Sata Channel 0 and 1 are the fastest (6Gbs), and the following SATA 2,3,4,5 usually (3Gbs). But it will all depend on your motherboard. Make sure your operating system SSD is on channel 0 or 1.

Try different channels but be aware speed may be affected. But to get stability it may be what you need in the short-term why you diagnose the problem.

Crucial MX300 SSD Thoughts

As well as the Crucial SSD drive, you get a license key for Acronis TrueImage HD. With all the issues this software causes, I prefer to not use it at the moment.

It also comes with a 7 to 9.5 mm spacer adaptor bracket. Portable SSD cases are another way to clone your SSD.

Crucial’s Storage Executive software is available for the MX300. The updated software enables Momentum Cache, a DRAM buffer algorithm that increases disk performance.

The MX300 has a three-year warranty that is limited to 220 terabytes written. That endurance rating is around 120GB of writes per day for five years. More than enough for the average user.

Hopefully, if you have followed all the steps above you now have a fast SSD computer and have no more problems with your Crucial MX300 SSD freezing or crashing.

Crucial SSD drives are now my go-to main machine storage device.

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