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The Linxdot helium miners are one of the new kids on the block but they are taking the world by storm. Like all helium miners, there is a waiting list due to silicone chip shortages but I had found Linxdot has faster shipping times than some other companies.

If you want to order a new helium miner head over to the Linxdot store and use discount code notsealed3 for an extra 3% off your total order. Just for our NotSealed readers, it is a working promo code for 2023.

Are Linxdot any good?

Yes, They are a very fast Helium Miner that has a Quad-Core CPU running @ 1.5Ghz with 2GB RAM and fast eMMC. Some older helium miners such as the older Bobcat 300 have only 1GB of ram and are starting to have issues on the network. So you know the Linxdot is future-proofed with the extra ram.

I still prefer my Sensecap helium miners as they have more ram and get updates quicker than the Linxdot.

I like that it has a fast Embedded MultiMediaCard (eMMC) which makes it have faster read and writes than a stock micro sd card that many other miners come with. This all adds up to being a great helium miner.

The Linxdot has a fast sync option so you can be connected to the blockchain within 30 minutes. Not like some other hotspots that take 3 days to sync up.

Is Linxdot legit?

Is Linxdot legit

Yes, FXTec Linxdot is on the approved list for Helium Miners. This is important because if a Helium miner is not approved then it can’t be connected to the helium network and it won’t earn any rewards.

For all Australian and New Zealand customers – Linxdot now has RCM certifications

Also, Linxdot has now received both CE and FCC certifications. These certifications are required for radio frequency devices in the United States. So Linxdot is legit and a very popular Helium miner.

Linxdot helium miner review

Linxdot Discount Code for 3% off review
Image from Linxdot

The Linxdot is a nice little helium miner. It is built with external the home user in mind to make upgrading the antenna easy and has indicator lights on the top of the unit.

This makes any issues easy to spot rather than having to look at flashing lights at the back of the unit like some other manufacturers. The following items are included in the box.

  • Linxdot Helium Hotspot
  • Comes with a 3dBi LoRa antenna
  • Helium hotspot onboarding fee included ($40 worth free)
  • First location assert fee included ($10 worth free)
  • Power adapter (UK, EU, US) depending on the model you choose.
  • Easy to set up and manage with a simple-to-use smartphone app via Bluetooth.
  • Low power – uses as little electricity as a light bulb around 12W.
  • Web-based diagnostics and management interface.


DesignABS plastic enclosure
Dimensions: 185 x 185 x 43 mm
Weight: 293 grams.
SetupComplete setup in minutes using
iOS and Android mobile apps.
Firmware auto upgrades.
Helium hotspot onboarding fee included ($40)
First location assert fee included ($10)
SoC PlatformRaspberry Pi Compute Module 4
Quad-Core CPU @ 1.5Ghz
2GB RAM and fast eMMC storage.
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.0, BLE
802.11 b/g/n/ac WiFi
1Gbps Ethernet
Semtech SX1302 LoRa concentrator
GPS enabled.
Antenna3dBi LoRa antenna
27dBm Tx power
RP-SMA female connector, allowing future upgrades
of external antennas.
Radio Frequencies868 MHz (EU868, RU864)
915 MHz (US915, AU915, AS923-1/2/3)
PowerUniversal power supply (EU, UK, US, AU)
Low power use – 12W at peak

Linxdot antenna upgrade

Linxdot antenna upgrade rp-sma

I like that it has an RP-SMA antenna port on the back. This means you can remove the stock low-gain antenna and install an external helium antenna. This will increase your range and earnings. Don’t forget to use a quality LMR400 antenna cable for low cable loss.

Check out this post if you would like to learn more about which external Helium antennas for maximum range you need.

Linxdot vs Sensecap

Linxdot vs Sensecap

Now I own both of these helium miners. The Sensecap m1 is at my house and the newer Linxdot is at my parent’s place. Both are fast and sync to the blockchain well over ethernet. I prefer to use ethernet due to the occasional dropouts on WiFi and a weak signal. This is more due to the placement of the Helium miner closer to the external antenna far away from the router.

The Sensecap m1 has an internal fan so it is slightly noisy when it heats up. This is more of an issue in hot places. If it is inside your house like a lounge room it is hard to hear. Whereas the Linxdot is silent running which is great for bedroom setups.

The Linxdot has faster emmc storage which makes for faster block sync times. But it will mostly be determined by your internet connection.

As for which is better Linxdot vs Sensecap I really like the Sensecap M1 and I have orders for 3 more. These are being set up at my friend’s houses with a shared revenue stream of 50% each.


The days of low stock and high Helium miner prices are behind us. You should now be able to pick up a helium miner fairly cheap and have some payback within a year or 2. Who knows what the price of IOT/HNT will do in the future? Here is my prediction for HNT in 2023-2324

Enjoy the journey and if you need any help setting up your Linxdot helium miner drop me a message. If you would like to read more about the ultimate DIY Helium miner setup we have made it easy for you to get going.

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