Yamaha MT07 ECU flash kits explained

The Yamaha MT-07 is a great motorcycle and it can be made even better with an ECU flash kit or a plug-in tuning module.

In this post, we will be going over the various plug-and-play ECU flask kits around, and if they are worth the price to increase performance, low-end torque, and speed.

Why install an ECU flash Kit?

All new motorcycles that come stock from the factory have to pass strict emission laws for each country. If you modify your motorcycle with a different exhaust, MT-07 air filter mod, or fuel flow, you could be running into a lean fuel mixture for your engine.

If you ever experience popping from your engine exhaust while decelerating this is a sure sign that you are running lean. An excessive lean mixture can cause damage to the engine and you will be missing out on extra power.

Installing an ECU flash kit will match a fuel map to your MT-07 engine. It also takes into account the different Yamaha MT-07 performance mods you may have already done. So let’s check out a few options for your motorcycle.

EJK Dobeck MT, FZ-07 Fuel Injection Programmer

EJK Dobeck MT, FZ-07 Fuel Injection Programmer

The EJK Fuel ECU programmer is my favorite here. It is the one I use on my MT-07 as a flash kit, and I simply love testing out the different settings to see how my motorcycle performs.

The EJK is an easy plug-and-play install. I was able to install it myself and press a few buttons to program it.

It has the exact setting I need for my Akrapovic Titanium exhaust, with the snorkel removed. Without the EJK I was getting random backfire pops on deceleration but the EJK fixed that right up.

There are a couple of cables that need to be plugged into your injectors. This means you will need to take apart a few side panels and lift up the fuel tank for access.

MT07 EJK exhaust settings
Image from http://www.electronicjetkit.com

I recommend placing the EJK fuel programmer in a place where you have easy access to make changes to the fuel map. This is easily done with a few presses of the front buttons. No computer is needed. Under the rider’s seat is a good location.

Check out more information and pricing of the EJK fuel controller here.

Below is a video from Russian Rider. He has a great tutorial on the installation of the EJK ECU fuel controller.

ECU Flashing/Tuning Yamaha MT-07/FZ-07 at Home

Flash Tune Data-Link ECU Flashing Kits are a way to keep your existing ECU and flash it yourself. The included cables, documentation, and software make it easy and convenient. It will save you time and money by not having to remove your ECU and send it to someone that can flash it for you.

FTECU flash cable and software for MT07
FT ECU flash cable and software mapping for the Yamaha MT07

What’s included in the box?

  • FT ECU License to allow unlimited flashes for a single motorcycle ECU
  • Bike-side programming harness to permanently install on your bike to connect to a laptop
  • Yamaha ActiveTune AFR closed-loop self-tuning ECU kit
  • Speed limiter disabled, O2 sensor disable function not necessary
  • FT DataLink ECU Interface USB Cable

The new FTECU has active tuning on the fly. This means that the software is constantly changing the tune to account for different engine input parameters.

MT-07 FZ-07 ECU flash kit worth it?

Flashing your ECU will not only void your warranty but can also be an expensive exercise if you get it wrong. Be sure to read all of the included documentation. The FTECU is well established and has an active forum of members ready to help if you have a problem.

The FTECU will require you to install some wires into the main ECU wiring harness. You need to remove a few plug blanks and push the new wires into these holes. Take your time and check and recheck.

Installing FTECU into the MT07 wiring harness
You will need to remove the waterproof plugs to install the FTECU flash cable

You can read more about the FTECU for the MT07 here

MT07 Power Commander 5

Yamaha MT-07 ECU Flash Kits DynoJet power commander 5

DinoJet is the maker of the famous Power Commander 5 for the FZ and MT07. It is a powerful tuning device designed to make on-the-fly changes to your fuel mapping.

If you are looking to race your motorcycle at the track, the Power Commander 5 is one of the best solutions out there at the moment. You will surely pay for it as it is one of the most expensive fuel injection programmers around.

What is really cool is that you can get different downloadable maps for your motorcycle. There are also extra ignition modules for adjusting timing, compatible quick shifters, and more. Power Commander V is the best step for a full bike fuel-tunning solution.

You can install it yourself as it is a plug-and-play module. You will need access to a laptop to be able to download the maps and install them.

The Power Commander 5 comes with a basic preloaded map for the MT-07 but if you have a high-performance exhaust pipe for the MT07 it will be best to download the correct one for your bike.

Booster Plug for Yamaha MT-07

Yamaha MT07 booster plug

The BoosterPlug is in my opinion the easiest, cheapest, and most efficient way to upgrade the fuel injection on your Yamaha MT-07.

Compared to the complicated Power Commander or similar ECU flash kits, BoosterPlug offers similar results at a much lower price. It is a pure plug-and-play installation procedure without having to worry about fuel maps etc.
– Eliminate the poor on/off like throttle jerky action
– Harder acceleration 
– Fix the annoying low-speed surging and stalling
– Better constant idle
– Less popping in your aftermarket exhaust and air filter on deceleration

It comes in a few different models depending on the year model of your motorcycle 2014-2016 and 2017-2020. Currently, there is no 2021 Booster plug due to strict emission rules.

2018 Yamaha XSR700-Booster Plugs into the ambient temperature sensor.
2018 Yamaha XSR700-Booster Plugs into the ambient temperature sensor.

I helped my friend install it on his 2018 Yamaha XSR700 and he is very happy with the results. The only issue is that the ambient temperature on the display dash will read around 20 deg less than the real outside temperature. This is normal as the Booster plug is tricking the ECU to provide more fuel at a given temperature.

booster plug installed on an XSR700 2018

As you can see the booster plug was quickly installed on an XSR700. It is best to keep the temperature sensor as far away from the engine heat as possible for correct operation.

For more information, you can check out the (2017-2020) MT07 Booster plug at their website.


Everyone’s circumstances are different so there is no one solution here at will do the job. I have talked about 4 of the most common Yamaha MT-07 ECU Flash Kits around for 2021.

If you are handy with a computer the Power Commander 5 is a great value. Although if you are on a budget the booster plug may be all you need to stop your motorcycle from running lean.

As mentioned I use the EJK fuel controller and I am very happy with it. Paired with my Akrapovic and the air filter mod my MT-07 has a whole range of extra power and smoothness. It has cut out the closed throttle hard engine breaking and popping backfires.

Remember to disconnect the battery while you are installing wires and cables. This will prevent short circuits and damage to your expensive ECU flash kits. Good luck with it all.

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