How to do an easy Oil Change on a Sea-doo PWC 4-Tec

seadoo oil filter o-rings
Seadoo Simple oil Change Instructions

Here are the simple steps to a 4-Tec Sea-doo Oil change. Or any other Jetski, PWC for that matter. The procedure is the same. There seems a lot but it’s really straightforward. As there is no oil drain plug on the engine we must drain the oil through the dipstick.

Jetski Oil Change Parts and tools needed:

Sea-doo Oil change Procedure 4-Tec

Sea-doo GTI oil change procedure

I know it’s long but this procedure is simple to read through it once and watch the video below if you want before starting the job. Print it out if you really want the step-by-step instructions. We don’t want you to miss an important step for changing the oil in a Sea-doo jet ski.

  • Go to your favorite dealer and get a new Filter and O-Rings. (Bring some extra cash, or get them off eBay/Amazon at a much-reduced price).
  • Get 4 quarts (or liters) of either Sea-Doo’s 4-stroke Conventional Synthetic blend oil (Bring some extra cash) or any standard Mineral or Synthetic 10W40 JASO MA from an auto store. (put the spare cash back in your wallet)
  • Warm up the ski, either in the water or on the hose. (Not more than 5 minutes on the hose, just enough to warm it up)
  • Rev your Sea-doo up to 4000 rpm and press stop with it at 4000. This gets the oil to the pan, wait a few minutes and then start draining the oil.
  • Remove the dipstick, and remove the oil fill cap. (Both are usually yellow)
  • Insert the Oil suction pump (oil extractor) tube into the oil dipstick tube at about 18.7 inches (mark it for future reference)
  • Start pumping as much oil as you can (about 3 quarts/ liters will come out you won’t get it all)
  • REMOVE the suction pump tube. (Very Important)
  • Hold the throttle at Wide Open Throttle (WOT)  and press the start button, crank the engine for 5 seconds. (this turns off the fuel start function and pumps more oil back to the reservoir for pick up). The Jet ski will not start up.
  • Reinstall the suction pump hose and suck out more oil.
  • Repeat steps 8 to 10, 3 times then remove the suction pump.

Sea-Doo 4-Tec Filter Replacement

seadoo oil filter o-rings
  • Place a rag around the oil filter housing to catch any spill (it won’t be very much)
  • Remove the Torx bolt from the top of the oil filter. You can use an E10 star socket, or if no star socket an 8mm regular socket may work but be careful not to strip the bolt.
Seadoo oil change 4-tec
Always Use a torque wrench
  • Gently pry the cap off the oil filter can. It is best to use a non-metal tool so you don’t scratch the lid or can. It should lift up as you unscrew the hold-down bolt. (If it won’t come off as you unscrew the bolt on the top of the filter cap just 3 rotations. Then just start the Jet ski. You only have to run it for a second. The oil pressure will push the cap up ever so slightly then you can get a tool under it to pry it off). Mechanics trick.
  • Lift oil filter out of the can, and make sure to have a rag handy. Be sure what comes out looks like what you’re putting back in (in case the filter has fallen apart, rare)
seadoo oil filter cap o-rings
  • Install the new filter in the can like the old one was. (same way up)
  • Check the O-ring on the cap. If it’s not damaged by the cap removal, lube O-Rings with new engine oil. Reinstall the cap, be sure not to catch an o-ring. Tighten the bolt to only 80 inch/lbs. (I recommend replacing O-Rings) Large o ring on the bottom and small one on top. The cap may not seat all the way down this is normal.

Take a Break and get a Drink – Top Up time

  • Measure how much oil you have pumped out so you know how much to put back in (some pumps show you how much you pumped out)
  • Put a funnel into the oil filler hole and add new oil of your choice.
  • Replace dipstick and oil fill cap.
  • Start the engine with a water hose connected and check for oil leaks. (run for 2 minutes at idle)
  • Wait a few minutes and check your oil level.
  • If too much, remove the dipstick and suck out a little and repeat steps 21 and 22.
  • Check all hoses, clamps, and connectors at this time.
  • Congrats You are done. Put the money saved on some new toys

Never crank the engine with the siphon pump tube in the dip stick!

If you would like to know what other steps I do for my end of season maintenance then check out my post on How to winterize a Sea-Doo GTI 130.

Sea-doo Oil Change Video 4-Tec

Thanks to KK40384 for doing this video showing how you really can do the oil change yourself

Sea-doo Oil Change, What Type Of Oil for your PWC?

Amsoil Marine 10w-40 or AMSOIL Synthetic 10w-40 Marine Oil gets good reviews. You can run synthetic oil ONLY if it is JASO MA rated. Your supercharger clutch will like you for that decision. As far as what brand? That’s up to you, Most of us use Mobil 1 4T, Amsoil marine oil, or Valvoline motorcycle and always 10-40.

Sea-doo 4-tec oil capacity

You only need 3 quarts/liters. The Sea-doo 4-Tec engine holds 4.5 liters, but only 3 liters is changeable.

The oil should level should be precisely in the middle of the two bends in the dipstick. Too much oil will cause a loss of RPMs, and power, and potentially cause engine failure. It’s one of the many problems you can have on a Jetski.

Did I mention that the Ski must be exactly level to change the oil if the PWC is on a trailer? If you are unsure then put a level on the bump strip on the side of the ski, and tilt the trailer until it becomes level.

The best time to check the engine oil level is in the water. Pull off the seat when in shallow water and check the oil level.

Don’t be lazy. Not too full, not too empty (oil level). Use the oil extractor if you overfill it.

How to Warm Up Your Jet-ski out of the Water. Really?

Always run your ski when out of the water on a garden hose: Connect the garden hose, start the ski, then turn on the water and warm up the ski. Always in that order.

Turn off the hose then the ski. Never run without the hose for more than 30 seconds as the exhaust manifold has no cooling and could be warped.

Never turn the water hose on, without the engine running as the engine will fill up with water and blow up. (Then you will have to see the Sea-doo dealer for a new engine)

In this order – ALWAYS when flushing or running an engine out of water:

  • Hook up a water hose to the flush connector
  • Start engine
  • Turn on the water AFTER starting the engine most important
  • Let it run for 5 minutes and check for leaks on all hoses.
  • Turn off the water most Important
  • Then turn off the engine
  • Inspect everything your hands have touched.
  • It is good to replace the Sea-doo coolant every 2 years.

Always Use a Torque Wrench

Always use a torque wrench when doing bolts up on your Sea-doo PWC. Torque wrenches can be bought at your local hardware store or online for under $50. The torque setting for the bolt on the Oil filer is only 80 inch/lbs. If you don’t have a torque wrench, just snug it down. Don’t go overboard as something may break or you will never get it off again.

seadoo oil filter cap o-rings
Sea-doo Oil Filter Cap with O-Rings

The 3 O-Rings should always be replaced as shown here. 2 x red and 1 x black

oil filter removed seadoo pwc jetski 4-tec
Oil filter removed

Use a rag to clean out the oil filter sump. Just in case there are any foreign objects in there. Prepare the new oil filter by coating it with some fresh oil all over. Then replace the oil filter and cap and screw down.

Sea-Doo Service DIY at Home

Candoo pro Sea-Doo Service DIY at Home
May candoo pro Sea-doo fault code scanner

How about that, You just saved about $200 on maintaining your jet ski. You can use the same Oil Extractor on your car or truck as well and save even more money.

If you maintain your ski every season you should have a trouble-free ski. Here’s a little suggestion, do a visual inspection of all your hose clamps before every ride, it only takes a minute. All of them. If you see any rust on them, replace them. Those hoses are all that stand between floating and sinking.

Sea-doo fault code scanners

On a side note, If you want to reset your service warning lights and check for faults there are two options available such as CandooPro and BRP Buds MPI-3 for the home user. They are a bit pricey but will reset all your fault codes, program new keys, reset service information, and read history and much more well worth the cost over the life of your Jet-ski.

candoo pro

BRP BUDS / BUDS2 MPI-3 Diagnostic Scanner

Works on all Sea-Doo PWC models from 1996 to 2022, especially the new skis with the iControl system. It auto-detects the proper protocol for the newest skis, no need to change the settings in the program. Check out the price for the BUDS2 MPI-3 Diagnostic Scanner.
It’s similar to what the Sea-doo service departments use to fault-find Jet-skis.

  • BRP MPI-3 Interface (the main unit, is used for the diagnosis of all BRP vehicles)
  • Diagnostic Cable (for connection of MPI-3 Interface to 4-TEC/E-TEC vehicles
  • BRP B.U.D.S. Diagnostic software with ALL-DEALER license (supports BRP vehicle till 2016)
  • BRP B.U.D.S.2 Diagnostic software with DEALER TECHNICIAN license (supports BRP vehicle from 2016 and after)

What can Candoo Professional do?

CanDoo Professional is a fantastic diagnostic tool made for Sea-Doo Personal Watercraft. It provides the home mechanic with the ability to expertly diagnose and repair your PWC.

Here is the full Sea-Doo fault code list to help you diagnose the problem.

Basic Feature list:

  • Program Keys / Lanyards  from Learning, Rental, and Normal
  • Change Owner Information and Purchase Date
  • Reset TPS (Throttle position sensor ) to zero position
  • Read Fault Codes along with fault data, and reset faults
  • Easily Reset Maintenance Light hours run
  • Monitor and Reset the Supercharger Light hour run timer
  • Reset Service Hours run
  • Reset Service Rental Hours
  • Set Ignition Correction and Curves (2-stroke only)
  • Real-Time Engine Monitor (RPM, temp, etc)
  • Marry new Clusters to ECUs
  • Activate the fuel pump, Spark Plugs, Buzzer, etc.
  • Key Tester

It comes with all cables and software required you just need a laptop running  Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8 or Windows 10 operating system.

I have one and love it. Only gets used a few times a year but had paid for itself after 2 home services.

Congratulations and enjoy your new financial freedom from those overcharging mechanics, Sea-Doo dealers.

I must mention a thank you to Greenhulk forums that have helped me put together some of the finer details of this procedure cheers.

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