electric battery heated socks and gloves for arthritis sufferers

For those of us who suffer from Arthritis or Raynaud’s disease being cold in winter brings along a whole new set of problems and pain and suffering.

There are a lot of thoughts on why being cold is worse for arthritis sufferers and many people believe it comes down to a few simple facts.

  • Possible restricted blood flow
  • Bone joints cool down and become tighter when cold but when they heat up they expand slightly.
  • Cold weather constricts blood vessels and nerves in the limbs causing increased pain.
  • Cartilages have worn out and its bone on bone grinding.
  • Raynaud’s disease causes some parts of your body — such as your toes and fingers to feel numb and frozen in response to cooler temperatures.

There now can be a simple preventative measure thanks due to the amazing technology in electric battery heated gloves and socks for arthritis sufferers.

USB Heated hand mitts for Arthritis.

USB heated gloves for arthritis

My USB heated gloves unisex

As a writer, I often come across new products in my research to help me have a more enjoyable life. After visiting my accountant the other day (yes tax time again) I noticed that she was wearing USB-connected heated gloves. This led to a lengthy conversation on how these fingerless heated gloves are great for her keyboard work as she suffers from arthritis in her left hand.

The older we get the more problems we seem to face. I love writing but during the winter, I need a little portable heater near my keyboard to keep my hands from freezing up and causing me pain.

After trailing out these unisex heated gloves for men and women, I am sold. I like the fact that the fingers are free. It lets me feel the keyboard more freely and use the mobile phone touchscreen. This is not possible with full-fingered gloves unless they have a tactile responsive design.

There are many designs and patterns available and they all do the same job to keep your hands warm and toasty while you work on the computer. They are the perfect warming gloves for arthritis.

Battery heated Socks and Gloves

girl with heated gloves

But what about those of us who don’t like to be tethered to a computer or USB power bank with a cable. There is an answer and that is special battery heated socks and gloves. So let’s go over each item and what their pros and cons are.

Best heated gloves for Raynaud’s syndrome – Volt Tatra

After a long stint in the office, it’s nice to get some exercise outside. But there is nothing worse than being outside either on the snowfields or just walking around the street and having your hands and fingers freezing cold. Especially if your gloves get wet, there is no way they are going to get warm.

Raynaud’s syndrome and Arthritis make your hands especially susceptible to cooler weather changes. That’s why I have a pair of the Volt Tatra electric heated gloves. Each finger of the glove has an element inside this way you get that direct heat to the ends of your fingers.

This is very important as the fingers are the real problem here. Cheap battery-heated gloves will only have an element on the back of the hand. But these high-quality ones have elements in the fingers. Hence the slightly higher price.

best heated gloves for raynaud's syndrome
In winter its very important to get the right gloves that are waterproof, windproof, and well insulated. Today’s technology has enabled some high tech snow gear to start implementing heating elements into the fabric.

Volt is a leading manufacturer that has designed some fantastic snow gloves for both men and women. Their Women’s Tatra range is exactly what I was looking for in a battery heated snow glove.

Check out the video below for some more features of the Volt Tetra women’s heated glove.

Volt Tatra Heated Glove run time and specs

Approximate Battery Run Time per Power Level

100% High – 2 hours
75% Med/High – 3 hours
50% Medium -5 hours
25% Low – 8 hours
  • Durable nylon outer shell with soft leather palm
  • Waterproof and breathable outer membrane
  • Powerful heating elements heat the entire length of each finger as well as the thumb on each side, cheaper electric heated gloves only heat the back of the hand.
  • Built-in 4 level microprocessor controller to select desired heat output with blue LED lights for each level.
  • Provides over 150 degrees of soothing heat for 2+ hours on the highest setting and 8+ hours on the lowest setting
  • Includes two 7.4v 2200mAh batteries and 110 volt / 240v dual charger.

How to measure your hand for a Tetra heated glove?

Open your palm and use a tape measure to go between your thumb and 1st finger. Wrap it around and take the measurement in either inches or cm. The image shown below would be for a large women’s hand fitting glove.

volt tetra size chart for womens heated gloves

Men’s sizing is slightly different due to the shape of their hands. Don’t forget to go up in size if you are in-between sizing.

heated gloves size chart for men volt tetra

Snowboarding is a passion of mine but every time you have a stack or fall down you have to put your hands in the snow to push yourself back up. This over time makes your hands cold, especially if your gloves are not very waterproof. These heated gloves solve this problem.

I have no issues with my gloves on the medium setting of 50% as it gives me a full 5h of heat playing in the snow. Much better than those with no heat, and I find my gloves stay drier longer. In my opinion, these are some of the best-heated gloves for Raynaud’s syndrome.

Women’s heated socks – Toasty Toes

When I’m at home I like to walk around in bare feet. But during winter walking on a tile floor is simply painful. I tried winter socks like the explorer brand, they work fine but my feet were still chilly.

This is when I decided to do some research on how to keep my feet warm in winter. There are basically 2 different battery options for heating the socks up.

They are the older “D cell batteries” and the newer more compact lithium-ion 3.7v battery”. So let’s check out both battery option in some different brands and see which is the best for you.

Electric Battery Heated Socks for Rheumatoid Arthritis Sufferers


Snow Deer

Lectra Sox

Global Vasion vs Lectra Sox Lectra Sox battery powered D cell socks
Battery Rechargeable battery Lithium- Ion Non-Rechargeable D cell alkaline.
Run Time and heat setting
100% High – 3.5 hours
50% Med – 5 hours
25% Low – 6.5 hours
 6-8 hours of warmth. 
Fabric   Cotton, spandex  17% wool
Heated Area  Front instep  Front top instep toe area
Our Pick  
Where to Buy Heated Socks  

Lectra Womens and Mens Heated Socks review

These socks for arthritic feet look and feel great they are made of 17% wool to give you that thick comfort feeling.

  • Size: XS/S fits Men’s 5-8.5 & Women’s 6-10 –
  • Medium fits Men’s 9-10.5 & Women’s 10.5-12 –
  • L/XL fits Men’s 11+
wool electric men and women's heated socks
Powered by D cell battery

These heated socks provide 6-8 hours of warmth. Uses “D” cell batteries (not included). The battery pouch is attached to the sock.

D Cell battery pros

  • Great for hunting, ice fishing, hiking, and sporting events. Won’t shock, even when wet!
  • Padded reinforced heel & toe and recessed heating element help focus heat in the toe to keep your feet from getting cold.
  • The Lectra Sox are designed to keep feet warm, but not hot. Engage the heat only after you begin to feel the cold. Maximum benefit will be obtained by turning the socks off and on often.

D cell Battery Cons

The problem I found was the D cell battery is slightly bulky and heavy. This means if you walk fast or run the battery weight will cause the sock to slide down your leg to your ankles. Also, the battery is not rechargeable so you will need a supply of D cells if you use these every day.

GLOBAL VASION Electric Warm Heated Socks review for Arthritis sufferers.

Now I really like these men and women’s heated socks. They are great socks for arthritic feet or just for people who want to be comfortable in the winter. The fact they have a rechargeable lithium-ion battery means you will never be out of power.

A quick rechargeable battery is included for these electric battery heated socks, they have been made especially for people with chronically cold feet. They are also great for people with arthritis in their toes.

  • These battery powered socks have an absorbent, breathable, quick-drying, elastic cotton spandex material making them very comfortable and soft.
  • Padded reinforced heel & toe and recessed heating element help focus heat in the toe area helping to keep your feet from getting cold.
  • Great rechargeable heated sock for hunting, ice fishing, hiking, skiing, and snowboarding. Won’t shock, even when wet.
  • Includes one pair of socks, two 3.7V Li-ion batteries (one for each sock), and one AC/DC charger.

socks that keep your feet warm global vasion battery powered

Can I wash these heated Socks?

Its recommended to only hand wash these socks due to the delicate electrical wires and elements that are installed into these socks. Make sure to first take out the battery and controller pack. Wash with warm soapy water and rinse well with fresh clean water.

Drip dry only, no tumble drying.

Fuel and Electric hand warmers for Arthritis Sufferers

What other options are there to keep your feet and hands warm?

If you don’t have an option to recharge your electric gloves and socks you may like to know that there is another product made by Zippo called the Zippo Hand Warmer.

Fuel and Electric hand warmers for Arthritis Sufferers

Now there are two different types, a fuel hand warmer and an electric hand warmer. Each has a few different sizes and models available. Some small to fit in your pocket or in a glove. Others larger so you can hold them with 2 hands, which are great for Arthritis sufferers, cold hands, and people with Raynaud’s disease.

The Zippo brand is famous for its metal flint lighters with amazing designs and logos. Now they have branched out into hand harmers in both the traditional lighter fluid design, as well as now the newer electric USB hand warmer.

Zippo Fuel hand warmer review

Now the Zippo fuel hand warmer uses traditional lighter fluid to burn an element to provide heat. Now I know what you are thinking. Surely if I put this thing in my pocket I will set myself on fire?

Zippo Fuel hand warmer review

No, its totally safe to use in the open or in your pocket, upside down or right way up it won’t matter.

  • Includes easy fuel fill technology
  • Improved fuel fill cup helps reduce spills with the correct amount
  • Perfect for all cold-weather activities
  • Flameless gentle warmth
  • Sleek, thin design many different colors and sizes which fit into even the smallest of pockets.

Zippo Electric Hand Warmers for Arthritis

Now I love anything electric especially if it can be recharged from a small portable folding solar panel, so they are great for camping. These USB hand warmer battery packs from Zippo really take comfort to a new level.

Zippo Electric Hand Warmers for Arthritis

They are shaped like a bean so it’s easy to hold as it’s a designer contour fit for your hand. Not like some of the square hand warmers on the market.

Not only are these a 6-hour electric hand warmer they are also a battery backup for your smartphone or tablet.

  • Rechargeable powerful inbuilt 5200 mah lithium-ion battery for lasting reliable warmth – up to 6 Hours of runtime.
  • Dual-sided heat up to 120 DegreeF/50 DegreeC operating temperature with five heat settings for adjustable and comfortable warmth. Low – High
  • Battery and heat indicator lights for exact temperature.

My kids like to put these on their pillows at night while out camping. It’s just like a hot water bottle only smarter. It puts out just enough heat to take the chill out of their pillow. But secretly I think they are using it to recharge their phones.

Final Thoughts on Personal Heating Products

At the end of the day we need to stay warm, gadgets and smart clothing like these electric heated socks and gloves can often help us with our old age problems like Arthritis.

I use a combination of the USB heated gloves while working on the computer with the USB hand warmer when I’m going out to the shops. These Zippo hand warmers are great while sitting for a long while like at the movies or a football match. I also use an Ororo women’s electric heated jacket which is simply divine, its one of my favorite winter items.

Gone are the old age ideas of putting a hot potato in your pocket. Stay warm this winter and take care.

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