Best Inside Pocket Drone for your Kids Small FQ777-124 Review


FQ777-124 review pocket droneThe FQ777-124 is currently the best and one of the smallest pocket drones on the market. But to prove the point, So our FQ777-124 review was done and fully tested it out. Result?

We give it the 3 thumbs up. Ready for Christmas, Birthdays, or an impulse buy you won’t be disappointed. 

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If you are looking for a cheap and reliable pocket drone for your kids (Or Yourself ) this Christmas look no further. The FQ777-127 is a champion, micro,nano,mini what ever you want to call it little flyer.


  •  FQ777-124 Pocket Drone 4CH 6Axis Gyro Quadcopter One Key Switch Controller USB Charger RTF
  • Product Material: Modified nylon,ABS,transparent PS + K-resin
  • Channel: 4CH
  • Gyro: 6 Axis
  • Remote Frequency: 2.4G
  • Flight Duration: about 4’40” / 5’10″(without landing gear and protector)
  • Flight weight: 13g
  • Remote Control Distance: 50 meters
  • Recharging Time: 20mins
  • Battery For Quadcopter: 3.7V 100 mAh/25C(included)
  • Battery For Transmitter: 4 x AA Battery (not included)
  • Color: Black/White/Red/Blue
  • Quadcopter Size: 7x7x2.7cm
  • Controller Size: 14×8.5×4.1cm
  • Color Box Size:16x10x6cm
  • Package Weight: 175g

FQ777-124 Review

To give this FQ777-124 Quad Copter a full work out I gave 2 of them to my boys for a week aged 7 and 11 and told the to not hold back and see what they could do.

They never used the prop protectors because that’s just not cool and you get a little longer flight times. I was surprised that the props lasted so long. They bashed them into walls, floors, roads, trees, cars, people, dogs, and a tennis racket but more on that later.

This little quadcopter drone is very well-built for its size and quite cheap.

The blades are made out of a very flexible plastic that can take a lot of abuse. Never had a blade break but have some bent ones which didn’t seem to affect flight stability much. They can be easily re-bent into shape.

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If you have a lot of hair on your carpets I did find that the props would need regular cleaning this was evident when the drone would start to wobble or drift. The range was very good and you would lose sight of the pocket drone before you would lose signal. Multiple quadcopters can fly at once, but you will need to bind each quad when turning on.

If you want to learn how to fly Quad Copters then get some of these little flyers. It will help you get used to the 4 axis flying controls without the expensive damage associated with crashing larger quads like the DJI Phantom 4. You can upgrade cheaply.

These little pocket drones will do just about everything a larger quadcopter can do. Inside or outside, providing there is not much wind and your eyesight is good, you can fly all day long. Get a few and charge one fly the other.

Binding Procedure: FQ777-124 Review

  • Turn on the quadcopter,
  • Turn on the transmitter with the throttle in a low position. (Left Stick)
  • Move throttle stick to high then to the low position. The transmitter will beep and you are all done.

FQ777-127 Review Transmitter:

fq777-124 reviewThe transmitter comes standard on mode 2 but it can be converted to a mode 1 controller if you prefer. Full instructions are in the box. The transmitter has some spare parts in the back as well as the charging cable.

A USB charging cable is also supplied which I prefer to use to save the remote batteries which are 4 AA. The remote special feature is the ability to be able to have the quadcopter stored in the front of the transmitter, great to protect the quad and transport it all easily. I have a phone battery pack that I take with me. With the supplied USB charger its handy to quickly charge up the mini quads.

Flying FQ777-124 Review:

Flying this quad was just pure fun, handles well for a beginner and can be set up to headless mode for 3d stunts like flips.

There was no interference even with 3 quads being flown in the same area, 2 pocket drones, and one homemade SK450 drone.

These are very quickly being a favorite drone on-line for many pilots and I think will be a great gift come Christmas time for 2015. Highly recommended and if you want to see it in action look here Thanks to Quadcopter 101

Fast Charging your Micro Quadcopter

If you need lots of battery power need to fast charge your micro quadcopter, check out this range of portable lithium ion jump starters. Sure these are designed for jump starting car batteries, but most now have fast 2.4 amp smart USB output ports.

Enough battery reserve power to keep your mini micro quadcopter flying all day long. As these lithium ion jump starters are small and compact its easy to take anywhere.

If charging at your home you can use either your computer or if faster charging is required to check out the RAVpower 6 port USB smart charging station. It has 2.4 Amp USB output which is one of the fastest charging rates available.

Charge 6 Drones at once

Micro Drone, We had a Breakdown: Update

So after 2 weeks and over 50 flights we had a failure, One of the quad copters would power its self up with the on off switch in the closed position.

Apparently one of the neighbor kids decided to hit the  FQ777 micro quadcopter out of the air with a tennis racket (Not what the quad is designed for). Closer inspection revealed that the 3.7v lipo battery had been ruptured and Lithium-Ion battery jelly had come out coating the power board with it, a quick clean up, and a new battery fixed the problem so it is tough. I hope you enjoy them as much as we have. I have a few more coming for friends and family for Christmas and Birthday gifts.

For more information, you can see it at Amazon

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 If you decide to build your own larger quadcopter we have done a build post on a 450 sized quad with parts from Amazon and Hobbyking.

Happy flying, please leave a comment on your experience or upgrades with these little micro drones.

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