Real Silver and Gold Lego Bricks 24k Replica Executive Building Set Review

gold lego brick Executive Building Brick Set

If you are looking for something different for a family member, or business person with style. Look no further than the Replica pure Gold Lego brick from ThinkGeek.

Its called the Executive Building Brick Set Gold and at first, I was a little skeptical as it states compatible with other brick blocks.

I ordered the set from Amazon as ThinkGeek does not sell this item anymore, not sure if they will in the future. My Dad is a big fan of Lego blocks and I wanted to get something to put on his office desk.

Gold Lego Brick Replica review

I just want to first state that these gold bricks are not made by Lego. They are designed and manufactured by ThinkGeek and made in China. Now on the packaging, it states that the Executive Building Brick Set is made of metal and plated with 24k Karat gold. Really? Yep, it is on the packaging.

With the price of gold at the time of writing @ $1200 per ounce, these have some real value to them.

I was really impressed with the quality and the resemblance of a Lego brick, even better than they fit together fine. On top and below they latch in fast and strong. It’s a direct match.

The gold building brick has little clear rubber grommets underneath the brick to enable them to latch together, this is because the metal on metal will not hold as well. A traditional Lego brick will expand a little as they are pressed together to help hold onto each other. It’s what makes them so fun to own and make.

These are the best metal gold Lego bricks I have ever owned. So much so I ended up buying 3 more sets for myself. There are those imitation gold plastic Lego bricks but the gold paint rubs of quickly and just looks cheap.

Gold silver Lego Brick review executive building brick set

Product Specifications

  • Executive Building Brick Set gold and silver Lego Brick (chrome-plated)
  • Includes 8 2×4 stud building bricks
  • 24K Karat gold-plated solid metal construction
  • Combine with your other real Lego bricks
  • Compatible with other popular building brick sets
  • A subtle gift for your favorite Lego collector
  • Made out of 24K gold-plated base metal
  • Weight: 6 1/2 oz.

Executive Building Brick Set Gold 24k and Silver

There are two different types available in the Executive building brick set, they are gold and silver.

The gold building brick set is real 24k gold as mentioned above but the Solid silver Lego brick is .999 pure hand poured and will look great next to the gold replica fake Lego bricks.

Executive Building Brick sets are going up in price all the time. I guess they are becoming collector’s items and getting rare as they are often not in stock. While they were cheaper a while back, they are still good value for a collector. But be quick stock is becoming limited. Maybe it is just the cost of raw materials. Gold is expensive

solid gold lego brick for sale

The Executive gold bricks are currently unavailable at many places around town, and online. I wonder if they are being phased out as a product. I hope not, as they are a real quality brick and will look fantastic on any desk. Especially in a corporate environment.

Add them to your real Lego sets, you won’t be able to tell the difference apart from the color.

Chrome Silver Metal Lego Bricks

There are also many silver chrome Lego bricks around and are just like the gold ones but plated with shiny chrome.

I like the fact that they are heavy so it gives them a nice expensive quality feel to them.

Some of the cheaper chrome-plated plastic Lego bricks will delaminate over time due to the bending of the plastic. But not these.

  • Set includes 8 2×4 stud building bricks
  • Compatible with other popular building sets
  • Chrome-plated solid metal construction

How to Polish Gold Lego

If the gold bricks are polished with an improper cleaning technique, like Brasso or an acid solution they may lose their shine. Always use warm water with a little bit of dishwashing liquid. Use a non-abrasive sponge and rub gently. Rinse in fresh water and then towel dry.

To make sure they don’t tarnish over time use gloves when handling them as the oils on your fingers will leave a print which may over time damage the plating.

A quick wipe over once a week with a lint-free cloth will keep its shine forever.

Perfect Gift

These blocks are the perfect gifts for an executive or a man with class. It is shown that a lot of thought has gone into the gift.  These bricks are unique to make you or your man stand out. Check out these other options if you are after a Christmas gift for your man.

Lego will never go out of fashion, children and adults the world over love adding extra bricks to their collections, and these metallic silver and gold bricks will stand up forever.

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