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Almost everyone I know, myself included, is getting into an active lifestyle. In one way or another, healthier options are implemented in our daily lifestyles. This includes monitoring the calories we burn throughout the day, and the calories we take through food!

Thankfully, companies are reacting positively to a more health-conscious society. Adidas has released a Heart Rate Monitoring Smart Bra—a workout sports bra that takes in your heart rate with an optional heart rate monitor. All while you exercise or do other activities! Without actually having to use the standard HRM body strap.

I was quite intrigued by this news. I’ve seen heart rate monitors before, and they’ve often been worn on sleeves by joggers, or take the form of bracelets, chest straps, or watches. Some smartwatches like the Samsung S3 frontier, are also dedicated to monitoring the heart rate all day long.

Seeing that I don’t have a smartwatch or any of those bracelets like the Fitbit, dedicated to monitoring heart rate, I decided to check this smart wearable sports bra. It seemed like a low-risk purchase. If it worked, I found my Holy Grail of strapless sports bras. If not, I was still left with a quality piece of wearable tech from Adidas.

Adidas Heart Rate Monitoring Smart Bra – seamless Review

Heart Rate Monitor Sport Bra
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I ordered the smart sports bra online from Amazon, in the small size. To fully test it out  I wore it during my yoga classes, tennis training, and light jogging sessions. Being winter I had to couple it with my Bosch heated jacket over the past few cold months.

Winter is no excuse to slacken off with my body toning, I just wish summer will hurry up. So here are some of my thoughts about my new smart strapless bra.

Pros & Cons


  • No more slipping heart rate monitors!

The Adidas heart rate monitoring smart bra doesn’t need any straps to attach any heart rate sensors. The bra safely tucks and clips in the monitor. This ensures that your heart rate during the whole routine is picked up and recorded.

  • Your intelligent heart rate monitor is closer to your beating heart than usual.

With the design of the Adidas heart rate Monitor sports bra, your detector is in direct contact with your skin close to your heart. This ensures that your monitor of choice takes note not only during peak and intense moments of your workout but also during the quieter moments of warm-up and cool-down.

  • Stylish seamless design

First, this is a great-looking ladies sports bra. Whether you prefer to work out with or without a t-shirt during the gym. A cute sexy sports bra helps give somebody something to look for while working out. In addition, it can be styled in cute post-workout gear. Perfect for that model-off-duty look!

  • Breathable
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Straps That Do Not Slide
  • 86% Nylon and 14% Spandex give it a nice stretch.
  • Actually feels nice and supportive.


  • Needs a separate Heart Rate Monitor.

If you fail to read the fine print, you may believe that this bra also contains the amazing Adidas heart rate monitor. It’s easy to understand where the miscommunication is coming from, though. It’s called a Strapless Smart Bra.

The bra does have special heart rate monitoring technology knitted on the fabric. However, the heart rate monitor pod is the one that has all the brains and does all of the monitoring. It’s not included sorry. But you can use your own heart rate monitor (HRM) like Polar or Garmin. It’s a universal fit.

Adidas Heart Rate Monitor Sports Bra Features and Specifications

The Adidas smart sports bra has the following features and specifications when coupled with the proven Micoach monitor, or your HRM of choice.

  • The Adidas strapless heart rate monitor bra is compatible with most snap-on transmitters from other brands.
  • The heart rate sensing technology is in the fabric itself, giving you the features of usual heart-rate sensors without the chest strap.
  • The bra is machine washable. (without the HRM attached obviously)
  • The Micoach heart rate monitor can be used with the Adidas Train & Run app.
  • The heart rate monitor pod is sold separately.
  • Compatible with most snap-on transmitters from other Technology brands, like famous Polar H7 Bluetooth, Garmin Premium HRM, Wahoo TICKR, zephyr, etc.
  • The Adidas Heart Rate Monitoring Smart Bra comes in three sizes: Small (equivalent to 32-34 AB), medium (34-36 AB), and large (36-38 AB).

It comes in two amazing colors: black and white, what more do you need?

Why I like it

Cute design

I’m not into very flashy designs when it comes to athletic wear. Seeing the design of this smart bra from Adidas is one of the reasons why I like it. It’s very simple, yet still functional at the same time. I also find the design incorporating the heart rate monitor pod very smart. Who would’ve known you could snap your monitor to your sports bra band?

Great fit

I wear a smaller size, and it’s often difficult to find sports bras that hold my assets together. This bra gives the right amount of support and fits a lot of different sizes. Really great, if you ask me!  It covers a large area on the front and back, to hold all those extra girly bits in. For those of us that are not model-perfect condition.

It Syncs perfectly with my Polar H7 using the Polar Beat Fitness Coach Android app. 

With a large range of fitness heart rate monitors to choose from you can continue to use your favorite one. The monitoring app by Polar works well and really takes up the data that happens when I’m doing a workout.—

Adidas doesn’t include the HRM due to the added cost if you needed to buy a few lady’s smart sports bras. But I can recommend the Polar H7 below.

polar H7 Bluetooth HRM for use with adidas smart sports bra
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Why I dislike it

Only comes in two colors

I know that I said I disliked flashy designs, but I do think other single-colored sports bras could be available as well. Pretty in Pink anyone?

Low support for top-heavy women.

For you ladies who are used to having more support from their sports bras, this smart bra may not be enough. It’s great for low-impact exercises, but if you’re preparing to do some high-intensity workouts, like basketball you’ll most likely need to layer up with another sports bra.

Heart Rate Monitor Sports Bra adidas

How to care for your smart sports bra

Care Instructions for the Adidas Heart Rate Monitoring Smart Bra

  1. When you first get the bra, you can either wear it immediately or wash it.
  2. The Adidas Heart Rate Monitoring Smart Bra can be washed either by hand or by washing machine.
  3. If washing with a machine, it is best to put the bra a lingerie bag.
  4. Wash in delicate cycle.
  5. Never put your bra in a dryer. Lay it on a flat surface, or drape it over an airing rack. Always air dry your bras.

How to attach the heart rate monitoring pod

  1. When you first get the heart rate monitoring pod, it will come with a chest strap. Simply unhook the pod from the strap. We don’t need the strap any more.
  2. Turn the pod on and synchronize it with the Adidas Train & Run app or your app of choice from Polar or Garmin.
  3. Take the pod and insert it in the pod pocket located in the center of the bra’s lower band. Seal the pod in by closing the buttons located at the bottom of the bra.
  4. Go on and do your workout!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I need a little more support. Can I wear another bra underneath this sports bra?

As the Adidas heart rate monitor fabric works best when it’s against your skin, it’s not advisable to layer a sports bra underneath. If you need the extra support, just wear a sports bra on top of the Adidas one.

2. My heart rate monitor pod isn’t from Adidas. Will it still work fine?

As long as your heart rate monitor (HRM) is in contact with your skin, it may stay attached to the bra and still work fine. Some of the HRMs that work well with this bra are Polar, Garmin, Runtastic, Wahoo Fitness, and Zephyr.

What is a smart bra?

Well, basically it’s a sports bra, with a heart rate monitor holder. Adidas has been a leader in this new smart apparel, which uses exclusive heart rate sensing technology.

Special conductive fiber is knitted directly into the bra fabric, so you’ll get the benefits of heart rate coaching without the annoying chest strap.

Adidas wearable apparel technologies are a very comfortable, convenient, and accurate alternative to traditional heart rate monitors. These chest straps and armbands often BIND, chafe, and can slip during extreme workouts.

Put on a seamless smart sports bra, snap in your favorite heart rate monitor and use the power in your phone to work out in real-time. Reaching your fitness goal has never been so easy. Machine washable.

The Heart rate monitor capsule is not included and must be purchased separately as we mentioned earlier. Many people think it’s included but not so. I like Polar models.

Adidas Heart rate monitor Tips

So someone told me that you can wet the strip behind the pod that contact’s your skin. Do this just before wearing it so the monitor can work properly. After doing this my Polar H7 HRM connects every time and never misses a beat.

Always remove your HRM from the strapless workout gear. This stops your tracking monitor from going flat. Attaching the capsule to the bra buttons will active most pods.

Adidas sports bra size chart – Smart Bra Sizing

Do you know that most women wear the wrong bra size? and guess what they don’t even know it?
Correct sizing clearly matters — however, sizes are not always consistent or correct between brands. That’s where we come in.

Manufacturer size USA Bust
(in inches)
(in inches)
(in inches)
Sleeve length
(in inches)
Shoulder width
(in inches)
S 0-2 30.3 25.2 31.4 35.4 13.4
M 4 32.2 27.1 33.4 39.3 13.8
L 6 34.2 29.1 35.4 39.7 14.1
XL 8 36.2 30.7 37.3 40.1 14.5

Amazon has measured hundreds and hundreds of different types of Bras, Sports, Smart, seamless, underwire, push-ups, and more. They do this in order to work out styles suggested for your unique size, shape, and needs.

With a correct fitting Heart Rate Monitor Sports Bra, you will be feeling great in no time. Remember to train hard, but play harder.

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