MT07 Oil change procedure DIY

It still amazes me that a lot of people take their motorcycle into the dealer to do the regular service interval oil changes. Sure if you have lots of money or you just don’t have the time then drop it in.

But if you are like me and would rather spend your hard-earned dollars on some cool upgrades for your MT07 other then oil changes then read on for the procedure.

The MT07 or also known as the FZ07 in some parts of the world has a service oil change interval of every 10,000 Km (6200 miles) according to my workshop manual. This is after the first 1000Km oil change.

The service manual says that you can replace the engine oil filter every 20000km but I like to replace it every time I do an oil change as it is a cheap part.

In fact, I like to change my motorcycle oil every 5000 Km which is around every 6 months. It’s a quick job that gives my engine clean oil. I like to take care of my gear.

Table of Contents

Parts and Tools Needed.

Recommended Brand Yamalube, Type SAE 10w30, 10w-40, 10w-50,15w-40,20w-40 or 20w-50. I like to use 10W-40 as it has a good temperature range.

yamaha MT07 oil type recommended chart
Yamaha MT07 oil type recommended chart

Recommended engine oil grade. API service SG type or higher. JASO standard MA.


Note: The engine oil also lubricates the clutch, so using the wrong oil type can lead to clutch slippage. Do not add any additives to your oil or use an oil with a grade of “CD” or higher. Do not use oil labeled Energy Conserving II.


The following MT07 oil change procedure is from the workshop service manual. It is a guide for those wanting o do an oil change themselves. There is a video further down this post for those who like to watch movies.

Checking the Engine Oil Level

  • Stand the motorcycle on a level service and upright.
  • Start the engine and warm it up for a few minutes.
  • Turn off the engine and wait a minute.
  • Check the engine oil level in the sight glass.
  • The engine oil should be between mark (a) and (b)
  • If the oil is below (a) add some in. If it is above (b) remove some oil.
FZ07 oil fill level sight glass
FZ07 Oil Fill sight glass

Procedure for Changing the MT07 Engine Oil

MT 07 Oil change procedure drain pan
  • Start the engine and warm it up for a few minutes and then turn it off.
  • Place a container under the engine that can hold more than 4L
  • Remove oil filler cap marked number 1
MT07 oil fill plug
MT07 Oil fill plug
  • Remove engine drain bolt and gasket (number 2 and 3)
  • Drain the engine oil
MT07 Oil drain plug
MT07 Oil drain plug
  • Remove the oil filter cartridge with either an oil filter wrench or with a socket if it has the hex nut.
  • Lubricate the oil filter o-ring with some new oil. I like to also pour some engine oil inside the filter to soak into the filter pads.
MT07 oil filter gasket
  • Screw on the new oil filter to 17Nm (1.7 m.kgf, 12 ft.lbf)
  • Replace the engine drain bolt with a new gasket to 43 Nm (4.3 m.kgf, 31 ft.lbf)
  • Fill the FZ07 engine with the correct amount of oil which will be around 2.6L capacity.
  • Replace the oil filler cap.
  • Check for oil leaks and start the engine.
  • Run-on idle for a few minutes and then turn off. Check for leaks again.
  • Check the oil level in the sight glass and add or remove oil as needed.

Problems you may encounter with the FZ07 Oil change

Sometimes the oil filter will just not come off. If it has been put on with a lot of force or it has not had the o-ring seal lubricated before installing it may be very hard to get off.

The two ways I have used to get a stuck oil filter off is to use an oil filter 3-jaw wrench and the drill method.

The 3 jaw wrench is an adjustable oil filter wrench designed to apply maximum force to remove stuck oil filters.

Sometimes the excessive force needed to remove the oil filter will crush the top of the filter. This is not a big deal as we will be replacing this filter anyway since we are doing an MT07 oil change.

The second method to remove a seized oil filter is to drill a hole near the very top of the oil filter and use a thick screwdriver to turn the filter off. Now a word of warning doing drill too close to the base of the filter near the motorcycle as you could drill into the oil filter connection pipe.

Other common issues are leaking oil filters at the seal but all you need to do is give it a 1/8 clockwise turn to tighten up the filter some more.

Coolant in your Oil

If you find that you have to water or coolant in your oil it could mean you have a failed gasket in your engine. The oil will come out milky white with lumps in it. Water and oil don’t mix well together.

You will also find that the coolant level will start to go down. Never let your radiator overflow tank run empty. You can follow this procedure to do a MT 07 coolant change flush.

It will be best to take your motorcycle into a repair shop to diagnose the fault and replace the faulty gasket. Don’t ride your motorcycle until you have repaired the problem or you can do engine damage.


As you can see doing an FZ07 oil change is a very straight forward process. You can literally save yourself hundreds of dollars by doing it yourself. With the money saved, you can go and buy some cool upgrades for your MT07.

The Yamaha MT07 / FZ07 is a fantastic sports bike. If you take care of it you will have years of fun riding it. As always be safe and maybe I will see you on the road one day.


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