how to do a mt07 coolant flush change

In this post, we are going to cover how to do a Yamaha FZ07 / MT07 coolant change and flush. The service interval for a coolant replacement is every 3 years regardless of the miles traveled.

Always top up your engine coolant with the same color coolant. If there is the Green coolant in your bike then use that. If there is a Red coolant in the system then only use that. Never mix Red, Green, or Blue coolants together.

I like to buy the premixed coolant that has specifically designed corrosion inhibitors for aluminum engines.

Tools Needed for a Motorcycle Coolant Change and Flush.

  • Socket Set
  • Drain Pan
  • 2mm hex key for radiator retaining cap bolt
  • 5mm hex key for the reservoir bolt- if removing
  • Funnel
  • Rags
  • New Anti-freeze Coolant – Engine Ice TYDS008-02 High-Performance Coolant
  • New drain bolt washer
  • Time 1/2 hour

FZ 07 – MT 07 Coolant Change Procedure

MT 07 Coolant Change procedure

Start by making sure that your motorcycle is cooled down enough. This may mean leaving the bike off for a few hours. Engine coolant is dangerous when hot and under pressure.

Next, we need to remove the radiator cap. This is held in position by a small bolt.

FZ 07 Coolant Change radiator cap

Once the screw bolt is removed you can remove the radiator cap slowly. It is best to use a small towel in case there is still pressure built up.

MT 07 radiator cap remove
  • Remove the coolant reservoir cap
  • Drain the coolant from the coolant reservoir by turning it upsidedown.
  • Re-Install the coolant reservoir and its cover by placing them in the original position, and then installing the bolt and quick fastener.
MT 07 coolant flush drain bolt
  • Remove the coolant drain bolt (1) and its gasket (2) to drain the cooling system.
How to change the coolant on a Yamaha MT 07
  • After the coolant is completely drained, thoroughly flush the cooling system with clean distilled water or spare new coolant. You can skip the flushing step if your coolant is clean and you are replacing it with the same color/type.
how to do a mt07 coolant flush change
  • Re-Install the coolant drain bolt and a new gasket. Pour in the specified amount of new coolant.
  • Install the coolant reservoir cap.
  • Install the radiator cap.
  • Start the engine, let it idle for several minutes, and then turn it off.
  • Remove the radiator cap to check the coolant level in the radiator.
  • If necessary, add sufficient coolant until it reaches the top of the radiator.
  • Install the radiator cap and radiator cap screw.
  • Check the level over the next few days to see if there is a leak.

Checking the Coolant Level On the MT07

To top up the coolant check that the level is between the A and B marks

If the water level is low then remove the reservoir cap and top it up to the (A) mark. Be aware that the level will rise and fall slightly due to the engine heating up and cooling down.

A low coolant level can cause the motorcycle to overheat and bring up a Yamaha engine fault code. You can reset these alarms by getting yourself a Yamaha 4-Pin to OBD2 cable and scanner, all very cheap.

MT 07 radiator overflow tank level

MT 07 Coolant quantity:

The Radiator capacity (including all routes): 1.60 L (1.69 US qt, 1.41 Imp.qt) Coolant reservoir capacity (up to the maximum level mark): 0.25 L (0.26 US qt, 0.22 Imp.qt

MT 07 cooling system yamaha motorcycle
  1. MT 07 Radiator
  2. Radiator inlet hose
  3. Radiator Outlet hose
  4. MT07/FZ07 Oil Cooler
  5. Oil Coiler inlet hose
  6. Oil cooler Outlet hose
  7. Water Jacket joint
  8. Water Jacket inlet hose
  9. Thermostat cover
  10. Thermostat
  11. Water Pump inlet pipe
  12. Water Pump outlet pipe

Recommended Antifreeze Coolant for MT 07

different types of coolant for MT07

As mentioned earlier any quality pre-mix coolant that is suitable for Aluminum engines will be fine. Now Yamaha recommends Ethylene glycol antifreeze with corrosion inhibitors for the MT 07.

The total capacity including all pipes is 1.6 L so if you buy 2L of the stuff you will be fine. Now take note that if you like to race your motorcycle at the track then some race tracks prohibit the use of ethylene glycol coolant due to its toxic properties and it becomes very slippery when spilled.

In this case, I can recommend the Blue liquid called Engine Ice. This is a hi-performance coolant that is biodegradable, phosphate-free, and non-toxic. I find that it typically reduces operating running temperatures and effectively keeping boil over temperatures to 256° Fahrenheit. Its freeze-up protection is down to -26° Fahrenheit.

The manufacturer states that propylene glycol has been proven to eliminate water pump gasket and seal failures. It has also been shown in high load, conditions to reduce operating temperatures more than standard coolants.

The following video talks about the differences between ethylene glycol and propylene glycol coolant.

Changing the MT07 Radiator Tank Overflow Cover

A nice upgrade to the stock plastic radiator overflow tank is replacing it with a lightweight aluminum cover.

There are many on the market but make sure you get one with a side window so you can check the coolant level. I have the one shown below. I like it as it has the 07 number and you can buy it in different colors.

MT 07 radiator overflow tank upgrade cover
  • Material: Made Of Aluminum- Light and Strong. To protect your bike’s radiator overflow tank from rocks and stones.
  • Comes in a range of colors: Blue /Red /Silver /Gold
  • Fitment: for Yamaha FZ-07 MT-07 2013-2019


As you can see changing and flushing out the coolant on your MT 07 or FZ 07 is a very straightforward process. You can do it yourself and save a few dollars for extra mods and bling for the MT 07.

Remember to fully flush your Yamaha motorcycle engine coolant and never mix and match different colors or types.

Let me know in the comments below what your favorite type of coolant is for your motorcycle. Now get out there and service the rest of your motorcycle.

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