How to fix leaking jacuzzi jets, pumps, fittings

My 5-year old jacuzzi has developed a leak which just happened when the warranty has run out. A quick inspection showed that the leak was coming from a few places. This is why it is important to check over your spa or hot tub every year to see how all the plumbing connections are going.

Jacuzzis and spas if maintained well should give you 10 years + of hot tub fun and relaxation. But like many of us, we tend to forget about the internals. In this post, I will show you how to fix leaking jacuzzi jets, pumps, pipework, lights, and fittings quickly and easily.

You dont need to spend hundreds to get a plumber in just repair it yourself.

Why is my hot tub leaking from the bottom?

Why is my hot tub leaking from the bottom
Mold growth from bottom of hot tub.

Water tends to flow to the lowest point. If your hot tub is leaking from anywhere inside water will flow out from the bottom. Hot tub and Jacuzzis are made watertight around the tub. If you develop a leaking pipe or fitting, then water will flow out of the bottom of the frame.

They are designed like this so that the motors and electrical circuits don’t get wet or submerged if there is a leak. The task is now to remove all of the side panels from your hot tub to find the leak.

Often you will find a damp patch on one corner or side of the Jacuzzi. This is because some bases have drain holes in the corners for easy identification. If you let it leak for a while you will get mold growth and the possibility of wood spa frame damage. It is important to fix all leaks as soon as possible.

Removing hot tub side panels

Removing hot tub side panels using Ryobi drill
Remove the hot tub side panels using a Ryobi drill and a 4mm hex head

Often the hot tub side panels are screwed into place using stainless screws. My spa has Allen head stainless screws to hold the side panels on. It is best to use a battery drill or a cordless electric screwdriver to remove these screws.

Depending on the model of your hot tub your side panels will be able to be removed once the screws are out.

Once the 4 side panels are off you will be able to locate the leak. I would suggest running the spa manually in various modes to find any leaks that are under pressure. Once you have found the leak then mark the spot and drain the hot tub.

Be careful where you place your fingers as spiders love living inside these hot tubs.

How to fix hot tub jets

Hot tub jets are a common failure point. They are under huge amounts of pressure when the pumps are running and they can degrade over time if the water quality is not just right.

These plastic jets seems to be made brittle with a low or high PH water quality.

To remove a hot tub jet turn the outer valve jet anti clockwise till it is completely closed, and continue turning anticlockwise. You will hear a click this is the hut tub jet winding off. You can then pull it out.

If the jet is leaking from the rear try to tighten the locking nut some more with a set of pipe wrenches. If the hot pump jet still leaks you will have to drain the spa and remove the leaking jet.

Completely remove the jet locking nut and then take out the hot tub jet. Get yourself a replacement o-ring or silicone seal of the hot tub jet flange. Tighten the locking nut and leave the hot tub empty so the silicone can set.

This is the only way how to fix leaking jacuzzi jets properly. They must be removed and inspected. Most times you will need a complete fitting as they tend to fail over time.

Usually, you can get away with just replacing the internal directional jet. The outer housing is the one that will fail and leak if it is not sealed up properly.

How to fix hot tub led lights from leaking

How to fix hot tub led lights from leaking

It is usually rare to find that hot tub LED lights leaking. This is because they are usually very close to the top of the waterline. They will be screwed into place and have a whole heap of silicone sealing them up from the back.

If you have one light that is leaking, drain the water below the light fitting and clean the area. Use a good amount of silicone sealant and wait 24 hours to dry before filling the spa back up again.

If this fails you will need to remove the whole LED light fitting and reseal it back from scratch. These lights are often small and can be repaired quite easily.

How to fix a leak in a hot tub pipe

How to fix a leak in a hot tub pipe
My hot tub was leaking from the heater union fitting

All hot tubs will have a whole heap of PVC pipework and tubing running between each of the jets. Sometimes if these are not sealed properly from the factory they can leak or come apart over time.

There are three ways to fix a leak in a hot tube pipe. There is the twist method, the clamp method, and the glue method.

If your hot tub pipe has a lead on the locking flange use a pipe wrench to tighten it down more. 1/8 turn should be all that is required to put some extra pressure on the internal seal.

Hot tub flexible hose repair

Hot tub flexible hose repair

To quickly fix a leak in a flexible hose pipe you can use an automotive hose clamp. These will screw down over the pipe and provide a seal to the fitting. Be sure to use the stainless steel version so it won’t rust over time. Often these clear hose pipes will just be silicone glued in from the factory.

The glue method involves using some silicone or two-part epoxy to glue the flexible hose onto the fitting. Paste the fitting with the glue and then push the flexible hose onto the connection point. make sure both ends are dry and allow 24h to dry before use.

If you have a leak in the PVC pipe fittings you will have to cut the leaking part off and re-glue another pipe in its place. Plumbers PVC glue is best for this application it is the blue color glue.

Hot tub leaking at Union fitting

These union fittings are often found at the ends of major pieces of equipment such as pumps, heaters, ozone, and water filters. Sometimes the internal gasket will become damaged or worn and must be replaced. But occasionally you can get away with just tightening up the leaking union fitting.

Try to tighten the union fitting by hand first. If it won’t budge use a pipe wrench and give it a 1/8 turn to squash the fitting down some more. The constant expansion and contraction of these union fittings can cause the o-ring to leak over time.

Jacuzzi leaking at the hose clamp

Jacuzzi leaking at the hose clamp

Many spa manufacturers use the spring hose clamp. These are ok for quick manufacturing of the spas but over time they can lose their strength.

I like to use the automotive adjustable stainless steel hose clamp. These can be tightened op over time if you develop a leak.

The picture to the left is an Ozone generator bubbler mixer that had developed a small leak at the spring clamp fitting. To fix it fast I used some PVC glue and reused the spring clamp. Once I get an adjustable hose clamp it will be replaced.

Best hot tub jet sealant

I like to use Conspec pool and spa Hot Tub clear Silicone adhesive sealant for all of my spa repairs. as it has the following qualities.

  • Mildew resistant
  • Forms a waterproof seal
  • UV resistant and non-yellowing
  • Chlorine resistant formula
  • Non-sag formula for easy application

How to fix hot tub leaking around filter

If your hot tub is leaking from filter housing you will have to drain the spa fully and remove the filters. Often the leak is from the screw-on fitting seal. Try tightening this with a pipe wrench otherwise, you will have to remove it and put some silicone seal around this fitting.

I like to use some Vaseline around the filter screw thread to make installation and removal easy. Don’t over-tighten the filter as this can crack the seal and cause it to leak. Finger-tight is fine.

If your filters are blocked then this can cause a hot tub leaking around the filter. This is because the increase in pressure will cause a seal to fail. Always clean your filters every month.

If there are cracks in the filter housing you will have to use some silicone or two-part epoxy to fill in the crack.


If you have just installed your new outdoor spa, check over all of the pipe fittings just in case something has moved or come loose during transport.

Hopefully, these tips will help you how to fix leaking jacuzzi jets, pumps, and fittings fast. This is something you can do yourself. Just work out where the lead is and tighten or glue up the leak.

Sometimes you will need to cut the pipework and re-glue it. Just take your time and use plenty of PVC glue. Most parts and fittings can be purchased from a hardware store or your local pool supplier.

You don’t need to be a plumber to fix PVC pipe leaks in your hot tub. Save some money and do it yourself. Now to keep it new don’t forget to clean the vinyl hot tub cover and protect it from the sun.

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  1. I just noticed this morning that I have water leaking out of my hot tub and onto the concrete. Thanks for the advice that a hot tub is designed this way to protect the electrical components. I don’t have the knowledge or expertise to fix my hot tub. so it would definitely be smart to consult a professional who can help me fix this leak.


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