How to Install Windows 10 on a New PC Computer

how to install windows 10 new pc
How to Install Windows 10

how to install windows 10 new pcAfter you have followed the instructions here to build your new PC its time to install the operating system, this week we will be installing windows 10 using the supplied USB key.

Microsoft has decided to start supplying Windows 10 on a USB key so it looks like the days of the DVD are numbered. Actually, I didn’t even install a CD/DVD drive on the new build as no real need for it at this stage.

To install Windows 10 there are basically 2 procedures at this stage.

  • You can upgrade from Windows 7 or 8 before July 2016 for Free.
  • Or you can purchase Windows 10 Home or Pro and install it on your PC of choice. Which is the procedure we will follow this week.
  • If You need Office 2016 check out this post about getting it for $15

To install Windows on your brand new PC or if you want to start afresh first turn off the PC and insert the supplied USB into a spare USB port on your computer. It’s best to use a USB 3 port on your computer for faster install times.

Don’t have any unnecessary computer hardware connected eg: Printers, cameras, etc. Turn on your computer and you should be shown the splash screen of your motherboard manufacturer, in this case, it is the Gigabyte board.

Product Key:

windows 10 product key Once you get past the splash screen windows will boot from the USB if it is set up in the bios. If not you will need to enter the Bios and change the boot order to access the USB, check your motherboard manual for details on doing that.

Windows will ask you some quick questions first like language, location, etc and then you will be asked to enter your product key. Your Key is supplied on a card that comes with Windows 10 Home or Pro

Windows Setup:

  • New is deciding what sort of installation you will be doing
  • Upgrade: Keeps files, settings, and apps. You must already have either a registered Windows 7 or 8 installed on your PC
  • Custom: Only Install windows, This is the one to pick if you have a new PC or HDD and want a fresh install.
  • Once you make the custom selection you will be asked what drive you would like to install the operating system on to.

Installing Windows:

Now it’s time to install Windows. This process will be straightforward and may take some time so get a drink and come back in 10 minutes. Your PC may boot a few times during the upgrade or fresh install process this is normal.

Once done the Get going fast screen will ask if you want to use the express settings or custom. These can be changed at a later date is you want. If concerned about privacy click Custom Settings and follow the prompts. It will then say getting critical updates and will do this automatically if connected to the net.

Let’s Create Your Account:

windows 10 create acountNext, you will need to give Microsoft Windows 10 some details like:

First and Last Name, Email, and Password.

This is where I had some issues. It didn’t like the Telstra Bigpond email address and said it was reserved. I guess this is because Bigpond is migrating some accounts over to the Outlook address. So as this PC is for another person I had to sign them up for an Outlook address.

So if they are Someone@bigpond they got an address someome@outlook. It’s not a big deal as they don’t need to use it but it’s just to set up the PC first you can add another user or delete this account later.



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