Submersible LED Fishing Lights green

Do you love fishing? Do you love fishing at night even better?

Well, I absolutely love fishing at night. Mainly due to the fact that I work all day, and it’s a nice time to relax and hopefully catch something worth bragging about.

Just like us, most fish have trouble seeing in the dark. They must rely on smell, vibration, and electric signals. If you give marine life another option to feed, like an underwater led light source, it’s often the trigger to start a feeding frenzy. 

But it’s not that easy to just drop a torch into the sea. In the old days, many people liked to use the method of hanging lanterns over the side of their boat. Apart from giving the user light in the boat it also attracted fish and insects.

Many fishermen felt that the old conventional method was then the only way to fish at night. People are often not willing to change. We are afraid of change.

But, the fact is that there is now a new technology of underwater fishing lights. With colors in the spectrum that fish can see like green and blue these lights will give you the edge to attract and catch more fish. 

Now a few of my fishermen friends are getting excited about using these green submersible lights due to increasing their daily catch.

How do underwater fishing lights work?

Submersible underwater fishing lights project light directly into the water that spreads the reflected light back onto the water’s surface.

Due to light on the surface, many insects get attracted and hover on the water in large numbers. The fish move near the surface to feed on the bugs that fall in.

All that is required is to drop some bait, a lure, or a jig nearby.

It’s all experimental due to different environments either in fresh or saltwater. All that I can tell you is what works for me. My catch rate has greatly increased.

These lights must be powered by 12v either from a small car or boat battery. I often use my DBpower 600A Lithium-ion car jump starter, it has a 12v output port. Some people also use the little lead acid-sealed units from exact power that are for motorcycle batteries. Small, cheap, and light.

With a 0.9 amp power draw on my submersible LED fishing light, I usually can get around 6 hours of runtime. Depending on how many lights I run at the same time of course. The little 12v batteries shown below are perfect for these applications.

Do you know why Submersible LED Fishing Lights work?

Green Submersible LED Fishing Lights attracting fish
Wow look at all these fish attracted to the green light.

It’s all to do with the green spectrum wavelengths. Just like a green laser is easier to see so too are these underwater night lights.

But just because you have one of these lights doesn’t guarantee that you will catch your bag limits. This is because many anglers don’t know the actual way of setting the fishing light near the boat or dock. Also, some areas just don’t have fish around.

So, there can be wide reasons for it, but don’t worry! Here are a few suggestions that you can apply to catch that perfect fish in large quantities. 

With the use of underwater green lights for fishing your chances of getting the catch of the day greatly improves.

Anchor the boat to attract the fish with light

If your boat is moving or shaking from your fixed position, plankton or microorganisms are never going to gather around the light, and no fish will come for the bait. Silence is key.

Hence, anchor your boat in such a way so that it will remain stationary, and does not swing or move much. 

But you don’t have to use a boat. Fishing off a jetty or from a lake edge is also a great way to use these underwater LED fishing lights. I like to use my neighbor’s pontoon jetty, as it’s sturdy and has a great platform to fish from.

Only use a small torch above the water as we need light to only be under the water. It is best to be in complete darkness above the water because fish will see this light and your silhouette.

Setup your boat in an area where fish can easily approach to feed themselves.

These green Led underwater lights are the ones that I have had the most success with, the next color is blue. 

Blue seems to work well for Plankton. I believe it mimics the color of a full moon.

Unless your boat is set up in the area where you know fish swim by and feed, you aren’t going to have much success so go check it out during the day.

If the water is too deep, shallow, or doesn’t have adequate fish hiding spots like logs or reefs, catching fish is going to be really difficult.

You should know the fact that ten percent of any area of the lake has 99% of the fish. So, just look for the area where there are nice obstacles

Set the light at a proper depth when fishing from a dock or jetty.

The water around the dock should be deep enough to be able to drop the fish attractant light down a meter. 
Greenlight for squid, Blue light for krill and phytoplankton, White light for general-purpose fishing light

This distance is a little bit of trial and error. Light attracts fish and Plankton out of curiosity. It will also attract insects. But the deeper you go the less light will be showing above the lake or ocean.

The reverse is true if you are too high near the surface.

Don’t forget you will need to set the light in such a manner that it can be adjusted during the movement of the high and low tides.

The Submersible LED Fishing Lights shown above is what I use connected to a boat battery.

  • Green, Blue, and White Light 12 Volt Submersible Deep Drop Underwater LED Fishing Lamp, IP 68 (5m underwater), with battery clamp and 12v car power plug.
  • 6 Sided LED Fishing Light (360 degrees round view); 180 SMD Super Bright LED Lights, 1000 lumens brightness.
  • 10.8 watts, 0.9 amp draw, 1000 lumens brightness, ultra-low battery consumption (runs 8 X Longer than the old traditional hot halogen lamp)
  • 50,000 Hours of continuous use, 7-inch inch long, easy to store.
  • Built-in lead weight. Heavy Duty double insulated 6M Power Cord with battery clips; weight: 1.1lbs

Two underwater fishing lights are better than one.

If possible always try to use two fishing lights. Spacing these two lights with a distance of 3-4 feet can give you the perfect radius of light that could allow fishermen to do jigging and lure casting in the lit-up zones.

I often find that the big predatory fish will hang out in the dark and will only come into and strike at baitfish or lures at the last moment.

Always use colored underwater fishing lights

Use colored fishing lights such as underwater green lights or blue lights to attract more organisms like plankton that automatically draw more small fish, which in turn attracts the larger dinner plate size fish.

What color light attracts fish?

Green underwater LED lights for fishing is considered more popular for catching fish, so you should always consider it.

However, blue light also plays a significant role as some people use it during the day for attracting certain types of fish. Green underwater lights are mostly used in the evening and night.

Blue seems to work well for attracting plankton. I guess it mimics the moon very well. If you leave a blue light in the water for a long time say over a few months, you may find that you will attract plankton feeding marine life like manta rays.

Underwater fishing lights can be battery-powered or if you need a really bright lamp they can run off a 12v battery pack.

Are Fish attracted to light at night?

They sure are. Apart from being inquisitive, most predatory fish will see a silhouette of the smaller baby fish and come in for the kill. The smaller baitfish are there to eat any insects that will fall into the water after being attracted to the light.

What types of fish have I caught with a green underwater led light?

I find that these green lights work perfectly for bream, mullet, garfish, queenfish, squid, and trevally in saltwater.

In freshwater, I have caught Catfish, Trout, Perch, Crappie, and Cod. They are also good to attract shrimp and yabbies. Just put the lamp in a crab pot with some bait and come back in an hour to see what you have caught.


I hope you can use these tips for the best use of your submersible LED fishing lights, and hopefully catch bigger fish in large quantities. They really work, the big monsters come out at night. If you are after some commercial underwater fishing lights then these guys are the experts. Otherwise, check out some cheap fishing lights at the bottom of the article.

So, what are you waiting for? Just go and try out this new technology, it’s sort of like cheating but hey fishing is hard work when they are not biting.

These make a great birthday or Christmas gift for a keen angler. You may get a strange look, but once they use these underwater submersible fishing lights a bigger catch is on its way.

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Author Bio:-
Amit Sharma is an all-time professional writer and sincere and up-front blogger. In general, I try to blog up-front and honest, without being argumentative or confronted. I take care not to offend, but sometimes, I just want to push intelligence into some brains.

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