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Having a wife as a photographer really makes it difficult at times to buy her a cool gift for birthdays or Christmas. Finding that perfect inexpensive gift for photographers has often had me running around in circles. So I embarked on a mission to find a list of the best, cute, wacky, and wild presents for my favorite photographer.

Canon coffee mug set with an extra cap and spoon.

inexpensive gifts for photography lovers

This cannon thermos is one of the more realistic mugs I have seen for a while. What’s nice is that it comes with an extra lid and a nice collector spoon. Its an exact replica of a Canon Model EF 24-105mm Camera lens.

Now, this Strata Canon Camera lens cup is a cheap gift for photography lovers. Its internal insulation and food-grade, stainless steel insert make it very safe for very hot or cold drinks.

You are able to pour in 13.5floz liquid without the lid and around 11oz when the no-spill lid is securely attached.

  • An amazing exact replica of Canon 24-105mm camera lens
  • Food-grade stainless steel interior insert
  • Non-Toxic ABS plastic exterior shell
  • Comes with 2 screw-tight lids– Open/Close Sipper lid and a replica lens cover non-spill closed lid.
  • Stainless steel collectors stirring spoon.
  • Volume 13.5oz (no lid) 11oz (with the lid screwed on)
  • Great insulation – keeps hot drinks hotter for longer and cold drinks cooler.
  • Works great as a pen holder for your office desk.

Warning: Just like your real lenses treat this Mug with care, do not use it in the dishwasher or microwave.

Camera Novelty cufflinks

christmas gifts for photographers
Click image for more information and reviews over at Amazon

Every man needs a quality suit and a set of quality cufflinks. Showing your style in these camera cufflinks means you take your hobbies or profession seriously. My wife bought this cool camera cufflink for my birthday.

  • Dimensions: 10/16″ by 5/16″
  • Color: Silver and Black detail and Platinum coated.
  • Weight: 15g
  • Luxurious Cufflink Box and Cleaner included

To complete the set why not also get a camera tie pin. I love my camera tie pin as it saves my tie from flapping around in the wind and holds both tie ends together. Nothing looks worse than a photographer with a messy tie.

Canon Key chan lens light

This imitation EFS keychain lens light is perfect for those moments when you are digging in your camera bag for a spare SD card or battery. I have lost count of the many times my wife has asked me for some light. It’s always because she can’t find some accessories at a wedding reception shoot late at night.

This mini camera lens keychain light is perfect. She just has it clipped to her camera bag internal zipper so it’s easily accessible when needed. It is very popular and goes out of stock often so be quick. It’s a great cheap gift for photographers.

  • 1/8 scale model of a Canon white EF-S Lens
  • Portable and durable LED mini keychain flashlight
  • 40 Lumens
  • Has a total lifespan of up to 100,000 hours
  • Simple twist-head switch to turn the light on and off

32GB USB flash drive in Nikon shape camera body

32gb flash drive that looks like a camera
Click for price and other flash drive sizes over at Amazon

Every photographer needs a whole heap of USB drives. Whether it be for photo backups or to just move around files from one graphics computer to another. These USB drives are perfect for a novelty gift to say “I know you love photography”

There are larger versions for only a few dollars more if you need more capacity. This USB is truly a very inexpensive gift for Photography lovers. But says I was thinking of you and value your work.

  • Creative U disk Subject: cartoon theme
  • Flash Memory Capacity: 32GB
  • Easy to use plug and play.
  • Compatible with Windows ME/ 2000 /XP /Vista /7 /8, Mac 9.0+ and Linux
  • Support USB versions 2.0 and 1.0

Inexpensive Gifts for Photography Lovers – Camera Pencil Sharpener

cheap gifts for photographers pencil sharpener

All great artists need a pencil. Whether it’s taking notes, sketching ideas or just doodling. The Kikkerland camera pencil sharpener is a high-quality manual rotating no-mess sharpener.

It looks great with that old-school camera style. What’s interesting is this is an automatic/manual pencil sharpener that has a few different settings to get that fine point.

What I mean by that is that it’s not your average stick in the pencil and rotate. You have to stick in the pencil and lock down the pin on the right-hand side. This makes sure the pencil won’t move or rotate. Adjust the point set for a sharp or dull point and then rotate the pencil sharpen handle.

  • Adjustable point sharpness knob
  • No mess shavings pull-out tray
  • Made of heavy-duty plastic
  • Measures 4 x 4.5 x 2.75-Inches

It’s slightly confusing for the first time and children may get confused. This is a very high-quality pencil sharpener that has a great camera gift look to it. Once you get used to the procedure it’s easy and you will get that perfect point every time.

Photography Filmmaker Film Salt & Pepper Shakers

These novelty film salt and pepper shakers were a hit at the last baby photography conference we went to last year. They were handed out throughout the day as lucky door prizes and everyone wanted a set.

At around twice the size of a standard film canister. these will surely be a talking point at your next dinner function.

  • Salt and Pepper Shakers are made in the style of vintage film canister rolls.
  • Clearly marked as “salt” and “pepper” to avoid mix-ups.
  • Easy to refill and use.
  • 3 1/2 inches Tall
  • Makes a fun photography gift!

Novelty Camera Toilet Paper Cover Holder Film Canister Dispenser

While we are talking about film canisters how about this toilet roll holder. This is such an interesting fun gift for photographers, especially if they have a studio or shop front, this would be perfect for the bathroom.

  • Holds normal size toilet paper roll – so you will get more than 36 shots.
  • It makes a great gift for any photographer.
  • Mounts easily and makes paper easily accessible.

All you need to do is to mount it onto the bathroom wall by adding a few screws. Take the top off and insert a roll of toilet tissue inside. Neet and tidy.

Retro Camera Bookends Racks Book Ends Sets Bookshelf Organizers

These heavy-duty book stands are well suited for a photographer’s studio. Sold in a pair with a vintage camera on one end and a reel to reel projector on the other. These will really set your studio apart and keep your photography books and manuals standing upright.

  • Luxury, vintage camera appearance.
  • Great real use function and decor item for any library or bookcase.
  • Perfect gift for any photography lovers or bookends collector.
  • Material: resin; size: 6.3×4.5×9.1 inches.

DSLR Kit Photographer’s Wristband and Lens Zoom Creep fix

Wristband stoop creep gravity photography themed gift

These DLSR camera writs bands really do make you stand out from the crowd. These are made to look like the end stop notches on your camera. But they also serve a dual purpose, they stop end creep. This is where your camera lens will zoom out due to gravity when pointed down.

They are made from Silicon Latex for soft comfort and will let everyone around you know that you are a photography enthusiast. Comes in a pack of 8 individual bands. I love these and are perfect for one of my cheaper lenses that has the gravity lens creep.

  • Circumference: 202mm
  • Photographer’s Wristband Lens Aperture Ring x1,
  • Lens Focus Ring x1,
  • Lens Focal Length Ring x1,
  • Lensband EF 50mm Lens Wristband x1,
  • EF 24-70mm Lens Wristband x1,
  • EF 70-200mm Lens Wristband x1,
  • Nikon 70-200mm Lens Wristband x1,
  • Nikon 24-70mm Lens Wristband x1.

Cool Photographer Coffee Mugs – Father’s Day and Mother’s Day Gift

inexpensive gifts for photography lover camera mug
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This coffee / hot chocolate mug is very cool. It’s probably something you would want to give to someone that you do have a very close relationship with. This ceramic mug is dishwasher, microwave safe, and has the logo printed on both sides.

If you are after something more heartfelt then this coffee mug says it all.

life is like a camera focus mug
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Apart from the camera logo, there are some feel-good, stay positive words of encouragement like:

  • Focus on what’s important.
  • Develop from the Negatives
  • Capture the Good times
  • And if things don’t work out, take another shot.

Evolution of the Photographer T-Shirt

evolution of the photographer t-shirt

Everyone likes a cool T-Shirt especially if it tells a story. This evolution of a photographer really tells the story in a few simple pictures.

  • 100% pure cotton
  • 100% Ringspun (super soft) pre-shrunk cotton so sizing will be correct.
  • Modern fit unisex cut – slightly tapered, a little less boxy
  • Sizes from medium all the way up to 3x-large
  • Very professional screen printing process across the chest
  • Printed with pride in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Photographer parking only sign

photographer parking only sign

This is the perfect sign for your photographer’s parking spot at home or for their office door. Made out of plastic that is durable and sunproof. Put some fun back into a garage.

  • Big range of Sign Sizes available: 8″ x 12″, 10″ x 14″, 11″ x 17″, and 13″ x 20″ inches
  • Perfect fun Gift – Great for decorating a photo studio or hanging in a den, this novelty sign makes a great gift for any budding photographer.
  • Quick & Easy Mount – Comes with pre-cut mounting holes for hanging.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Use – Printed with ultra-durable weather resistant inks for a scratch-proof finish that will last for many years. Made of plastic that is very bendable.
  • Proudly made in America

Old Patent Camera Art Prints – Set of Four Photos (8″x10″) Unframed

Old Patent Camera Art Prints

These four quality prints show original camera patents filed between 1885 and 1966. These show the details involved in drawings for patents. Fuji Crystal Archive paper is used for the best prints worthy of your office space.

These camera patents prints are from the following inventors.

  • G. Eastman
  • T. Samuels
  • H. A. Bing
  • J. Mihaly

You will have to get your own frames as these are prints only, but that makes it more personal. That way you can tailor the frames to the room decor.

British Style Retro Camera Creative Pillow Cushion.

couch camera pillow yashinon yashica
Click image for more print options over at Amazon

Every photo studio needs a couch and more so needs cushions to pad it out. These photo camera pillows are the perfect accessory. With a range of styles and colors, they make a great conversation piece and will be the perfect Christmas gift for your favorite photographer.

This couch camera pillow shows a Yashinon Yashica camera. Old style at its best.

Lowepro Camera Bags

Lowepro x450 rl aw ii best professional camera case for travel

Every photographer needs a camera bag. Either for a quick trip to the beach or for an interstate trip away. You can never have too many camera cases.

Lowepro makes some of the best camera bags around. All sizes and shapes from the basic single camera bag to the more advanced roller travel cases that can store multiple SLRs. They are all very high quality with strong stitching.

Lowepro Pro Runner RL x450 AW II if my favorite travel bag and at times I wish I had 2 of them. Check out our full review of the Lowepro x450 AWII

Lina & Lily Vintage Camera Print Infinity Scarfs for Women

vintage camera scarf wrap

These camera theme scarfs are really cool, they will keep your neck protected from the sun’s rays as well as insects. What’s really good as you can use these scarfs as a baby wrap for an SLR theme photoshoot. They are the perfect cheap gift for photographers.

It goes without saying that this camera scarf looks great. It will set you apart as the official photographer at weddings and official photo shoots.

  • 35″ Wide and 70″ long, can loop twice.
  • Made of super soft and feather lightweight polyester material.
  • The special gift for your family members, friends, photographers, etc. Perfect for all occasions and seasons.

It’s great to be able to come up with a fun inexpensive unique gift for your favorite photographer and hopefully, there are some great ideas here. Now go out and make that special someone smile.

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