hot air vent one side car aircon

My Toyota Kluger 2005 started blowing hot air in one vent so after a bit of fault-finding here is the fix for others with the same problem.

Nothing worse than one side of the car hot and the other cold, that was the problem we faced last summer as a family.

After taking it to a mechanic and being quoted over $800 to fix I decided to look into it myself.

Toyota Kluger Hot Air One Vent Symptoms

The air con was still working as it was cold one one side and the heater was working as it was hot on one side so that ruled out those two bits of equipment in the car.

Next was to check the blend door under the passenger side glove box, this in my vehicle sets the auto temp and direction for the flow of air.

All it is is an electric motor that drives a flap door. To test this you must start eh car turn on air con and adjust the temp from very hot to very cold and have the fan on high.

You will notice the blend door opening and closing if its good. In my case that was fine.

To check some more settings in the air con follow these procedures:

(a) Turn the power switch off.

(b) While pressing both the AUTO and R/F (Re circulation/Fresh) switches on the steering switch, turn the power switch on (READY) from off.

(c) The indicator check is automatically performed when activating panel diagnosis. Check that all indicators and setting displays come on and go off 4 times at 1 second intervals.

Check that the buzzer sounds when the indicators come on.


The sensor check is automatically started when the indicator check is completed.

(d) Push the ”TEMP DOWN” switch to finish panel diagnosis.


(a) Start the engine to warm it up.

(b) Perform the indicator check.

(c) Push the R/F (Re circulation/Fresh) switch to perform the

actuator check when the sensor check is started after the indicator check.


Be sure to perform the actuator check with the power switch on (READY).

(d) As the actuator check (continuous) is repeated from steps 0 to 9 at 1 second intervals, check the temperature and

airflow visually and by hand.

(e) If the steps are difficult to read because they change automatically, push the ”Fr.DEF” switch to display the steps

step by step so that they can be read easily. The items are displayed step by step each time the ”Fr.DEF” switch is



 The display blinks at 1-second intervals in the step operation.

 The illustration indicates that code 4 is the output. Push the ”TEMP–” switch to finish panel diagnosis.


Push the ”AUTO” switch to enter the sensor check mode.

Even after doing all this, I had no fault codes.

I noticed that the hot air out of the driver’s side was intermittent, so there must be a loose or broken connection somewhere.

So the next step was to remove the air conditioner control unit.

This is a fairly easy step. The hardest part was working out how to remove the air con/radio shroud. This will show you how it’s done video from Delreycustoms thanks. While the trim is off why not upgrade the Highlander head unit to an Android GPS one.

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