LED light up shower head

Here’s a little secret: I love singing in the bathroom. Whether I’m belting out an Adele song or rapping like Eminem, my bathing situation ends up looking like Emma Stone’s shower scene in Easy A. Bathrooms are my makeshift concert halls.

Imagine my surprise when I found the market for shower heads with lights. Apparently, a number of bathroom singers go the extra mile in creating the concert atmosphere during shower sessions. A lot of the designs available usually have the lights on for aesthetic reasons. Even though it helped transform showers to disco ball substitutes, it was a bit too pricey for a pretty shower head.

The DreamSpa All-Chrome 5-Setting LED Showerhead was an exception. It wasn’t just a flashy bathroom accessory. It had a functional purpose while having the aesthetics of a disco ball. There weren’t any fancy electronics to set up or hassles in understanding how to use it. This amazing LED light-up shower head was like a regular shower rose, but with the visual settings turned all the way up.

Best of all there are no batteries to replace ever.

Lighted Shower Head Pros & Cons

This DreamSpa Handheld Color Changing LED Shower-Head is made by Top Brand Manufacturer. The color of the LED lights changes automatically according to water temperature.


  • Aesthetics and function are taken into consideration

As mentioned earlier, the DreamSpa LED lighted Showerhead isn’t just for show. The lights will only appear when there’s running water. In addition, the color changes in response to water temperature. This is due to a mini turbine and temperature sensor that generates electricity and changes the LED color according to the water temp.

  • No more blind guesses on how hot or cold the bathing water actually is!

This LED light-up shower head, comes in a variety of LED colors depending on the water temperature. There are three distinct colors. Blue is for generally cool water, green is for warmer water, and red is for very hot water. For dangerously high water temperatures, the shower rose will flash red lights. This has been helpful in gauging the adjustment of the water temperatures. especially safe for kids.led color changing shower head

Fun fact: We find water in the green light setting the most comfortable all year round.

  • Easy to set up and use!

This product can be fitted to most bathroom fixtures. It comes with complimentary plumbers’ tape. It only requires a few steps to install the temperature shower rose. In addition, there is no power or batteries needed to set up the lights as they run on water technology. Like magic.

I get great flow rates at 2.5 GPM, so there are not many restrictions on the internal mini turbine. Some cheaper LED light-up shower heads will reduce the flow rate and water pressure, this can cause issues with some gas water heaters which will turn themselves off if the flow rate is too low, but not this unit.


  • The power source is not easily repaired.

The LED Led light-up shower rose does not have any easily removable parts. It isn’t very easy to see where the power source of the lighted shower head is. This is due to it being a sealed unit to prevent moisture ingress into the mini electrical turbine.

But for the price, it’s very well made so with 18 months of trouble-free running 10 times a day, there are no signs of it failing anytime soon.

Dream-spa Product Features and Specifications

The DreamSpa® LED Light Up Shower Head has the following features:

  • The LED lights change color according to water temperature.
  • This product does not require any batteries to operate. Running water causes the changing light.
  • The DreamSpa Color-Changing LED Showerhead has a temperature sensor that causes three bright color changes.
  • A high-power 3-zone dial comes with the shower rose. It also has rub-clean jets and a lever with click-action.
  • The LED lights have a long lifespan—perfect for everyday use! LED lights generally have in excess of 20,000 hours of run time
  • There are five settings available. You have the option of choosing from Power Rain, Pulsating Massage, Hydro-Mist, Economy Rain & Water-Saving Pause.
  • This shower head that changes color also has unlimited angle settings that can be adjusted for the perfect spray.temperature shower head color changing

This Temperature Shower Head has the following specifications:

  • The product has dimensions of 5 x 5 x 5 inches.
  • It weighs a mere 11 ounces.
  • The DreamSpa temperature LED Shower rose has a beveled rim accent.
  • This showerhead also has a chrome face with a reflective perimeter rim. It is extra-large, coming in with a radius of 5.25” for those that like to be covered in water.

You are also entitled to one year of warranty for this product. Giving you peace of mind.

As mentioned earlier a complimentary plumber’s tape also comes with the product to ensure that the shower head fits perfectly in your bathroom and won’t leak. This is a nice welcome addition. It makes me know that Dreamspa is thinking about its product and its customers.

Why I like this LED Light up shower head

  1. It’s easy to use and install.

These temperature shower heads are not only easy to install, but also easy to use. As it only lights up on running water, it only needs the water faucet to open and operate. Just unscrew the old one add some plumbers tape seal and screw on the new LED rain shower head. I so easy that even my wife can do it.

  1. The lights are bright even in daylight.

For those who have bathrooms that are shined with daylight, the shower rose lights still show up. It’s so bright that one can even use it with the bathroom lights off and channel out your inner concert artist. (Night time shower party anyone?)

With a great flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute and a wide water throw angle it’s good enough for you and a friend.

  1. The lights are very helpful in estimating water temperature.

The sensors are quite accurate and give out their corresponding light. The light helps in estimating what temperature is best for me. As a parent its useful to turn on the taps for the children and instantly know visually that they won’t get burnt.

  1. The LED light-up shower head can be installed in any bathroom

As the Dream LED lighted Shower Head is made in universal pipe fitting dimensions. You can gift it to friends and family who also love to sing in the bathroom or want to gauge water temperature easily. led color changing shower head green mist

What I disliked about this Lighted Shower rose

  1. Unit durability depends on water hardness.

Depending on use and water hardness, some units may have failed after a period of use. This is mainly due to water quality. Thankfully, DreamSpa has a solid one-year warranty for the rare events that may happen. This may be due to water hardness and scale build-up inside the turbine.

If your light-up shower head has stopped working try these simple fixes.

  • Try submerging your color-changing shower head into an anti scale solution to help dissolve any scale inside the head. The scale may be jamming up the turbine. CLR clear is another great product to remove lime scale.
  • Give the shower rose a gentle tap with a small rubber end of a screwdriver.
  • Install a mains water filter to remove any larger hard water particles that may be finding their way into your home.
  • Return the faulty product.
  1. The LED Light Up Shower Head does not have removable parts.

The DreamSpa Temperature LED Shower Head does not have any removable parts. It makes it difficult to see if there are any repairs that we can do ourselves. (I like to pull things apart)

But I guess it’s cheap enough that if it does fail after 10 years, you can just replace it, as it’s simple enough to do at a great price.

How to Install this shower head with lights

To attach your lighted shower head follow these simple procedures, no need for a plumber.

  1. Close the main water inlet valve for your house or apartment.
  2. Open a tap and leave it open to drain any water in the waterline.
  3. Remove your old boring shower rose.
  4. Clean off any rust or lime deposits that may have formed on the shower rose threads.
  5. Wrap the threads with the plumber’s tape included. Usually, 3-5 turns are enough of the Teflon tape.
  6. Take out your brand new DreamSpa Color-Changing LED Showerhead from its packaging and screw it in the position where your old shower rose once was.
  7. Close any water taps you had opened.
  8. Turn the mains water valve back on, and check if the flow is even. If there are any water leaks at the point where the shower head was connected re-tape again.
  9. If there are any leaks, stop the water valve and add another layer of plumber’s tape.
  10. Repeat steps 6 and 7 until the flow is even and no water leaks are present.

Check out this quick video on the color-changing shower head in action.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does this fit in all showers?

Yes. The DreamSpa  Color-Changing LED Shower Rose has a universal fit. If the light-up shower head seems to be too big for your shower, simply add a few more wraps of thread tape to the thread on the fitting attachment to ensure a better fit.

  1. Can this be product removed from its position or be handheld?

Unfortunately, no. The LED temperature shower rose is a fixed mount. But saying that if you are handy, you may be able to attach it to a flexible hose with an adaptor if you want it to be a hand-held shower head.

  1. What do the colors of the light up shower head mean?

If the showerhead emits a Blue LED light, it means that the water is at temperatures under 35°C or 95F. Too cold for me.

The green light appears when the water is at temperatures between 35 and 42°C. (95-108F) Water at temperatures 43 to 50°C (109-122F) makes the Light-emitting diodes light up Red.

The LED lights flash a red warning color when the temperature is over 50° Celsius. (122F)

  1. What does the warranty cover?

The warranty covers any repairs or replacement for the DreamSpa LED shower rose, in the rare event of a product defect. If the said unit is defective beyond repair, the customer is entitled to have their unit replaced by a brand new one.

  1. Is it possible to return the DreamSpa All-Chrome Water Temperature Color-Changing LED Shower rose?

Yes, as long as it’s within 90 days. Within this period, you can ask for a refund for the unit for any reason. Especially if purchasing from Amazon their return procedure is one of the best systems I have ever experienced.

6. What is the flow rate?

This LED shower head has a flow rate of 2.5 Gallons Per Minute. This is a good flow rate so you should have no issues with fluctuating hot water temperature that can happen with tankless hot water systems.

If you do find that your hot water temperature is erratic then check out what to do when your shower goes cold after a few minutes.


If you’re ready to have a shower party and sing in the rain, then this is the LED shower head for you. it’s priced slightly higher than some of the other cheaper-made Lighted Shower Heads, but this is due to some better quality internals used. Dream-spa is continually upgrading these color-changing showerheads to provide the best user experience and years of trouble-free service.

I love my new LED light-up shower rose and if the rare event that the power goes out, who cares. I’m generating my own lights via a mini turbine generator, how cool.

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