cordless long handle bathroom turbo pro spin scrubber

No one likes to clean their bathrooms, it’s hard and dirty just not fun. But its a job that has to be done. Someone should make a supersized toothbrush for all those hard-to-reach areas. Hang on they have its called the Turbo scrub pro and the hurricane spin scrubber.

These two long handle bathroom scrubbers are put head to head to see what works the best. Why do I have two of these powerful scrubbers?

Well, I asked for a motorized scrubber from my wife for Christmas, and out of the blue, my parents gave me another as a gift. I think I told to many people, guess it’s better than the usual socks and jocks.

Turbo Scrub vs Hurricane Spin Scrubber

Spin brush bathroom cleaners Shower cleaning brush Turbo Scrub pro  spin brush bathroom cleaner
Features Turbo Scrub Pro Hurricane Spin Scrubber
Speed Dual Speed 300 and 430 rpm 300 rpm
Battery 3.6V NiMH  NIMH
Charger Input 100-240v, output 5.9v 750mA  Intertek. Model SW-085030A. 100-240VAC 50/60Hz  output 8.5v-300mA
Brushes Corner, All-purpose, Flat and Heavey Duty brushes Corner, All-purpose, and flat brushes
Run Time 1 hour 15 minutes 50 minutes
Dimensions Bathtub scrubber with a long handle  22.9 x 3.94 x 7.99 in 21.8 x 9.2 x 3.5 inches
RunTime  1h 20min  50min
Where to Buy 

Turbo Scrub Pro as seen on TV

The cordless Turbo scrub pro really takes the work out of cleaning. It can remove rust, hard water stains, soap scum, calcium, lime, and more with the appropriate cleaning soap product. It saves you doing all the hard work with its 430 rpm fast-rotating head.

The Turbo Scrub Pro is heavily marketed on TV by Anthony Sulivan, and sometimes I think the way they promote cleaning products just looks too simple. So It was time to test it out myself.

This tub and tile power scrubber will take all of the manual arm work away from you. It cuts down on the time working on a task that none of us like to do. It can also make the job a little fun. My children have chores and one of those jobs is to clean the shower once a month. They don’t mind because they can use the tile spin scrubber and earn some pocket money at the same time.

It’s been designed for older people and those of us who need a little bit of help scrubbing those hard to reach stains. I really like the extra 1m reach pole that makes getting to those hard-to-reach areas a breeze.

turbo scrub pro long 1m handle for bathtub

What I really like is the ability to use the tool as a shorter cordless brush head. If you run the unit at a slower speed the battery will last longer. As it’s water-resistant its best not to fully submerge any part of the long handle bathroom cleaner. It’s not an underwater scrubber.

Turbo head pro accessories

  • long handle bathroom scrubber extension wand 1 meter.
  • All-purpose brush Dome shape, for powerful scrubbing anywhere plus extra quick, detach brush heads.
  • Corner brush tapered, for those hard to reach corners and door tracks.
  • Heavy-duty brush Flate shape for tiles and grout.
  • AC quick charger
  • Internal 3.6V NiMH long runtime battery.

Suggested Indoor Uses:

  1. Bathroom – shower tiles, behind toilets, sinks, and bathtubs
  2. Kitchen – floors, hard to reach cupboards, and behind the fridge.
  3. Laundry – behind the washing machine, dryers, and laundry sinks.

Suggested Outdoor Uses:

  1. Garage doors, patio furniture, swimming pool tiles, and spa baths.
  2. Decks, patio doors, garden furniture, and house doors.
  3. Boats, Jet Skis, boat decks, and docks.

Our favorite cordless Spinning brush bathroom cleaner.

After a few months of testing out these two spin scrubbers, I have come to the conclusion that the Turbo Scrub Pro is the clear winner. With its 2-speed motorhead and long run time it truly is the better of the pack.

We mainly use it for the shower once a month. The trick is to use a good spray of soap first. We have tried a whole lot of different bathroom cleaners and some defiantly work better than the rest.

I’m finding that some of the hardest bathroom scale to get rid of is the dreaded Soap scum. This white solid muck is composed of calcium stearate. To dissolve and remove it easily requires a powerful cleaning agent and some good old elbow grease. Hense the rotating turbo scrub plays a big part in removing soap scum.

Clean-ezz makes an excellent cleaner called the GROUT Ezz CLEANER. Just spray it on, wait a few minutes and set the Turbo Scrub pro to work. You will be done in no time.

Charging Tip.

One tip with these scrubbers is not to leave the chargers plugged in for days on end. Just plug them in and when fully charged unplug them. The reason for this is due to the batteries don’t like to have a full trickle charge flowing through them.

Even though the charge circuit will cut out the charger once the battery is full your internal battery will slowly deplete over time. This starts the charger again. These batteries don’t like to be started and stopped every few days. It will cause the battery to fail over time.

This is a problem with most battery devices. But items that don’t get used very much like battery drills and these power scrubbers need to be unplugged once full.

Turbo scrub replacement brushes

I have found that over time the brush heads will start to fail. They are just like the bristles on your toothbrush and should be replaced after a while.

What I have found is that the bristles will slowly lose their shape. Occasionally they will break off. It’s good to see that turbo scrub has some replacement brush heads so you don’t need to buy the whole machine again.

Turbo Scrub Pro Updated version

This long-handle bathroom scrubber called the turbo scrub pro is the updated version of the 360 version. With dual high/low settings and a long-lasting high capacity battery, it is a worthy upgrade.

Check out this video on how this rotating device can help clean your bathroom fast.

Hurricane shower scrubber

The Hurricane cordless scrubber was the first power cleaner I tried out and I really liked it. You can check out our full review of the Hurricane power scrubber here. At the time it was better than its competition the Turbo Scrub 360.

Now that the 360 has been updated to the pro we now have a new winner. Is it worth the upgrade? Well if your old power scrubber still works well then I don’t think you need to spend more money just to get a faster-rotating cleaner.

All you need is some quality cleaning products like the Black Diamond Cleaner mentioned above and these cordless cleaners will do all the work.

Long handle bathroom scrubber – Conclusion

Any product that helps me do a cleaning job faster and with less effort is a plus in my books. The Turbo Scrub pro does this for me and my family. None of us like cleaning the bathroom and toilet but at least the turbo scrub pro gives you a good 23 inches between you and to dirt you are trying to clean up.

As for the hurricane spin scrubber sure it’s still a great unit but I have since given it to my elderly neighbors to help them out.

I love that these electric bathtub scrubbers come with a long handle. No more bending down behind the toilet or standing on a chair to reach the top tiles of your bathroom.

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