There are days that I just really dislike my tow-ball hitch. I am constantly walking into it due to my compact garage. I have tried everything from tennis balls to rubber hitch protectors. None seems to work well to protect my shins.

The only true way is to fully remove my 2-inch (50mm) tow hitch, but then it looks ugly and gets dirt and mud inside the exposed hole. So what can you put in the hitch hole? Well, there is a whole range of novelty metal hitch covers that can do the job cheaply.

Unique hitch covers

star wars trailer hitch covers
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There are literally hundreds of different types of hitch plates available now that are made of metal and actually look great. My kids are big star wars fans so we will install the stormtrooper custom hitch cover whenever we are not using the tow ball. There are other types as well such as:

  • Animals
  • Flags
  • Guns
  • Bumpers
  • Lights
  • Brand names such as Harley Davidson
  • Propellers

Custom Hitch Covers

Custom Hitch Covers rockn roll
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If you are after something different then check out some custom Hitch covers. They are made of stainless steel and then polished to a shiny mirror finish. They will fit all standard 2-inch receivers. With over 100 different designs I’m sure there is something that takes your fancy.

Jeep Hitch Cover Brake Light

This Chevrolet Logo LED Brake Light has been officially licensed by Chevrolet so you know it is going to work well. It connects to your brake system by the pre-wired 2 or 4-pin connector depending on the vehicle brand you order so it’s easy to install.

It’s made from ABS plastic and will add another layer of visibility to your rear red tail lights. There are also 4 other brands such as Jeep, Dodge, Ford, and GMC.

Made and manufactured by a company called Bully so you know you are getting quality tough-wearing truck accessories. Bully also manufactures a rubber hitch step that makes it easy to get up into the tray of your truck or SUV.

Propeller Hitch Cover with LED

For those that have an interest in boats, there is also the propeller hitch cover with the inbuilt brake light.

  • Spins quietly and freely in the wind as you drive.
  • Made from triple chrome plated ABS plastic
  • Protects your hitch channel from rust and corrosion
  • Fits standard 2 inches or 1-1/4” hitch receivers
  • Includes a neoprene gasket to prevent rattles.

A quick tip: Put a small amount of motor oil on the spinning shaft so it will turn faster with the wind. It will also make it super quiet.

Hitch Safe

money safe hitch car

The hitch safe is a great item for those that like to keep their keys and money in an external location on their car or truck. These are perfect for surfers, kiteboarders, or anyone not wanting to carry their keys while being outdoors.

We did a review on the Hitch safe a while back and I must say it’s still working well after many years. We keep it in the truck and usually only install it while needing a secure location. Otherwise, the tow ball hitch is usually connected or a novelty hitch cover.

Claymore Hitch Cover

Claymore front towards enemy cool trailer hitch cover

Ok now, this one is a little bit risky. But I love how something so simple can give out such a big message. If any car starts to tailgate me and reads the “Front towards enemy” wording I’m sure they will back right off.

For anyone in the army, this tow ball cover will have a lot of meaning and I’m sure will get some laughs at the rifle range. It looks like the real thing with added UV stabilizers and is made out of solid polypropylene. It will fit all 2-inch receivers.

WeatherTech 81BS1 Macneil Automotive Bump Step

WeatherTech 81BS1 Macneil Automotive Bump Step
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I have a set of roof racks on my Toyota Highlander and sometimes I just can’t reach the top to strap Kayaks down or to secure planks of wood. This is where the WeatherTech hitch step comes in handy. Just jump up onto the step to give yourself a boost up to your roof racks it will take a 300-pound load no worries.

This WeatherTech step has another feature and that is it’s also a bump stop so if you reverse too far hopefully this bump stop will take all of the impacts and save your rear end. It’s made out of injection-molded composite material that is very strong and hard-wearing.

How to measure up your hitch receiver?

how to measure unique hitch covers
Measuring the internal diameter of a 50mm tow hitch.

If you don’t know the internal size of your tow hitches it is really easy to work out. Just grab a ruler or tape measure and measure one side of the square tubing on the inside. Most cars and trucks will use the standard 2-inch (50mm) size hitch with some older smaller cars having a smaller 1 1/4 side hitch cavity.

Measure the inside diameter due to the thickness of the outside metal being different on some heavy-duty trucks. It is also wise to measure the overall diameter as well just in case you need to purchase a longer tow hitch lock-in bolt. A simple tape measure or a set of vernier calipers will do the job.

2 inch hitch reducer

If you have some older and smaller hitch devices like the 1-1/4 inch tow-balls for say bicycle racks, don’t throw them away just get an adapter. These will slide into your 2-inch receiver and actually make it smaller for those 1-1/4 hitches. They are called a 2-inch hitch reducers.

I do like the BougeRV hitch reducer as it’s thick and strong. The ribs on the top and bottom enable dirt and water to escape and will let you squirt some Lanox or WD-40 into the hitch to stop wear or rust from forming.


These cool trailer hitch covers not only look great they make a statement about your car and who is driving it. So if you are stuck thinking about an interesting gift idea for car lovers with a tow bar why not get them a hitch cover? They make the perfect Christmas gift and a great conversation piece.

Don’t forget to also get yourself a lockable hitch pin. I recommend getting a lockable one as they are the best value. They are easy to remove without tools and deter thieves. It is all well and good to have a quality hitch lock but if someone wants to seal your trailer all they need to do is remove the hitch pin. So lock it all down.

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