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My latest purchase is the very popular 2019 Yamaha MT07 motorcycle. It was brought new as I like to take care of my gear. Hopefully, this bike will last me 10 years or more. So after a year, it is time to do a full Yamaha MT-07 Review.

I have grown up with motorbikes ever since I was 5 years old with the little peewee 50cc bikes. Then upgraded to 80cc motocross, 125cc, and then onto 250cc and above. Now that I am older and more down to earth the road has been calling me back.

This is a 689cc inline twin engine that benefits from linear torque for outstanding acceleration. That’s why it’s called the MT (Monster Torque)

Now I have ridden road bikes before like the Kawasaki Ninja 600 but nothing had prepared me for the fun that I am having on this naked street bike. The acceleration and low-end torque are simply amazing.

The seating position is more upright and as it comes stock without a windscreen there is a bit of wind restriction when riding out on the highway. As for city riding, it is fun and zippy.

There are mounting points if you want to add in some wind deflection.


Is the MT 07 a good beginner bike

With a wet weight of around 182kg, this is a very light motorcycle. This was one of the big reasons I went with the MT07 rather than the MT09.

Being a light motorcycle means I can throw it around on a windy track and I never feel like I am out of control. A quick twist of the throttle and a slight body movement will move the bike in any direction.

I am currently doing an MT07 weight reduction project so we will see how light we can make this motorcycle.

The MT-07 is also equipped with a compact and lightweight chassis. This makes for superb agility in all traffic conditions, and easy handling on the open road.

I’m 177cm tall and 88kg. I could touch the ground just about flat-footed. The shocks were set up fine from the factory. I may drop down one notch on the rear shock as I can sometimes feel the bumps.

Is the MT 07 fast?

Yes without a doubt this motorcycle is fast. It is a very popular track bike and many people race it on weekends. I have been over 172km/h at the race track and that’s plenty fast for me. It sure had some more left to go.

I really need to get myself a stopwatch but my Yamaha MT-07 0-60 km/h is only a few seconds and that’s just in first gear.

In the real-world people have run the MT-07 0-60 mph @ 3.3 seconds for a quarter-mile.

I can easily put the bike into 2nd gear and get up to 90km/h, 3rd gear will push 110km/h, 4th gear 130km/h, 5th gear 155km/h, and 6th gear 172km/h and above. (Track use)

MT-07 top speed

The top speed of the MT07 is claimed to be 214 km/h (133 mph). This I believe is achievable especially if you do some MT-07 performance mods.

The Engine is Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC, 4-valve, 2-cylinder 689cc power machine. It’s main selling point is the low-down power torque.

This is a low-revving bike so it will start red lining at 10000rpm. It was fun preparing to write this MT-07 review as I got to do some speed runs.

Is the MT 07 a good beginner bike?

MT07 blue weight reduction project

Yes, it is. It is a step up from the Yamaha MT03 which is targeted at learners. Yamaha makes the MT07 in a learner’s version in some countries. This means it has power reduced. Depending on where you live it may have a different name.

  • MT07LA is the Lams version in Australia

I had the chance to ride the Yamaha MT-07LA before doing this review. It was a very tamed-down version. Still, a fun bike but the power was very controlled.

Just be aware that the unrestricted version is a beast of a bike, and if you let the monster out you can get into trouble. I can pop the front wheel up in 1st and 2nd gear if I am too aggressive on the throttle. If you are curious, the MT-07LA LAMS can be de-restricted through a throttle body and airbox mod.

Fuel economy

MT07 Fuel economy dash review

What is great about the MT07 is that you have a fuel gauge and a selectable fuel economy readout. Being a 700cc engine means it is not very thirsty running around the city.

I average around 4-5L per 100km but I am fairly heavy on the throttle. Plus I have done some high-performance mods to the bike like an Akrapovic Ti exhaust and a high-flow air filter.

The capacity of the fuel tank is 14 L (3.1 imp gal; 3.7 US gal)

The dash readout is nice and bright both during the day and at night. With selectable buttons giving you the current time, revs, speed, fuel, engine coolant temp, air temp, etc.

I need to look down slightly to read the speedometer but it is not a big deal. I have read online that some people are moving their dash higher up to solve this issue.

Engine Sound

MT07 Engine Sound akrapovic exhaust

With the stock exhaust, the MT07 sounded like a small bike. I really did not like the sound. Once I upgraded the exhaust it sounded like a really big boy’s bike.

These are the best exhausts for the MT07, it will come down to the sound and the aesthetics if you want to upgrade.

Changing gears is a little clunky unless you set the rev range correctly. This is normal and hopefully over time as the motorcycle breaks in the gears should mesh smoother.

It’s not as bad as my older GPZ500 that thing was smashing gears all day long.

MT-07 Reliability

MT-07 Reliability replace the battery after 3 years
MT-07 Reliability replace the battery after 3 years

My MT-07 has been a very reliable motorcycle. It has always started within 1 second of pressing the start button. I always service my motorcycle after the 1st year of owning it. This was for warranty as the dealer had to do the 1st service. This way I save money and I get to learn all about my Yamaha MT-07.

As long as you follow the recommended service interval you should have no issues with your motorcycle.

The only problem I have had was the stock battery failed at around the 3-year mark. Now, this is normal especially if your motorcycle has been left for a while, not on a trickle charger. I ended up adding a trickle charger lead due to the difficulty in accessing the battery.

You can read all about the MT-07 battery replacement procedure here.


mt07 obd2 scanner 4 pin cable

There is a small compartment under the passenger seat that has room for some small tools. I keep a puncture repair kit and my OBD2 4-pin cable and Bluetooth module for when I need to read some details of the ECU.

ABS MT07 review

Yamaha MT07 ABS front wheel review
MT07 ABS ring

The newer Yamaha MT-07s come with ABS (anti-lock braking system) They are fitted to both the front and rear wheels. If you look at the center of the hub you will see a metal disc that is full of holes.

There is a device called an under-speed switch that senses the pulses in the rotation of the wheel. If the pluses stop and it receives a signal from another wheel that it is rotating then the motorcycle knows that one wheel is locked up.

I really like this addition to the MT-07. I have locked the rear wheel once on a wet corner and it has saved me from sliding out.

The first time you lock up a wheel you will notice a vibration coming from the brake pedal. This is the ABS kicking in and out. It is nothing to be worried about.

All motorcycles should come with ABS it would save many crashes from inexperienced riders.

If you have an ABS alarm just clean the sensor and the metal ring it should clear the alarm.

Running Temps

Yamaha MT07 radiator

Usually, my motorcycle sits around 80 deg C during a country ride. When I am riding in the city and stopped at the traffic lights it can get up to 90 deg+ depending on the outside weather conditions.

There is a fan on the radiator that kicks in if the coolant temp gets too hot. I don’t find the heat coming from the engine uncomfortable like some other air-cooled motorcycles that cook your legs.

Should I buy MT07 or MT09?

The best thing to do is ride both. If you will be doing lots of short commutes and city driving the lighter MT07 is the way to go.

Passing large trucks on the highway is ok I don’t seem to get much wind resistance.

If you are doing lots of country riding or highway use the MT09 may be more suited for your needs.

I have ridden both bikes and the power from both motorcycles is insane.

What I don’t like about the MT07

What I don't like about the MT07 horn placement

I don’t like the horn placement on the MT07. It is on the left-hand side but it is way over to the right. I have to really reach with my thumb to press it.

I also don’t like the seat. It is a bit hard for my liking. There are some aftermarket options that I will look at doing a review on soon. So stay tuned.

The plastic chain guard is always loose. Apparently, it is made that way but it rattles. I changed it for an aluminum guard. There is currently a recall on some MT07 chain guards.

Yamaha MT-07 specs

Yamaha MT-07 specs


  • Engine Type Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC, 4-valve, 2-cylinder
  • Displacement (cc) 689.0
  • Bore x Stroke (mm) 80.0 x 68.6
  • Compression Ratio 11.5 : 1
  • Lubrication System Wet sump
  • Fuel Management Fuel Injection
  • Ignition TCI
  • Starter System Electric
  • Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 14.0
  • Final Transmission Chain
  • Transmission Constant-mesh 6-speed


  • Frame Type Diamond
  • Suspension Front Telescopic forks, 130mm travel
  • Suspension Rear Swingarm (link suspension), 130mm travel
  • Brakes Front Hydraulic dual discs, 282mm – ABS
  • Brakes Rear Hydraulic single disc, 245mm – ABS
  • Tires Front 120/70 ZR 17M/C(58W) Tubeless
  • Tires Rear 180/55 ZR 17M/C(73W) Tubeless


  • Length (mm) 2085
  • Width (mm) 745
  • Height (mm) 1090
  • Seat Height (mm) 805
  • Wheelbase (mm) 1400
  • Ground Clearance (mm) 140
  • Wet Weight (kg) 182

What have I changed on my Yamaha MT07 motorcycle

To make the MT07 lighter and to make it look more aggressive I have changed the following items.

Yamaha MT-07 Review Conclusion

After a year of riding every day on the new Yamaha MT07HO, I can say I am a fan. It sounds great, starts the first time, handles perfectly, has plenty of power, and looks amazing.

Out on the open road or at a race track I can keep up with the big boys because it is just so light and strong.

It has a few little issues mentioned above but I can live with them.

The low-down torque means you get instant power at the rear wheel when you need it. There is no lag. It is a fun motorcycle, I am glad I brought it. No wonder it is Yamaha’s top-selling motorcycle.

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