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I recently Built a new PC  and wanted to install office 2016 due to the extremely low price for the home use program, which is only $15 if you are a part or a qualifying business partner. All went well until I tried to send some mail using outlook and got a sending email error 0x800ccc13. ( Receiving is fine) This is where the problems started. Sending’ reported error (0x800CCC13) and others have also reported Error code 0x800CCC0F on various forums

Are you Having Outlook 2016 Sending Email Error 0x800ccc13?

A quick call to Testra Bigpond tech support to tell them of my Sending Email Error on Outlook 2016 and to check my settings, which were all correct. Then another call to Microsoft to do some fault-finding, proved all to hard for both companies. They liked to blame the other provider, so further investigations was needed.

I must admit Microsoft help call centre was extremely fast in returning my call so big tic k for them and even after spending 45 minutes on the phone they still couldn’t help.

For those that want some more info see this post about Office 2016 and the cheap Home Use ProgramTo check if you qualify go to www.microsofthup.com and put you work email address into the check box.

I was wracking my brain and checking on-line but there wasn’t a whole lot of info out there so I tried the Windows resource Checker. And Bingo it worked.Fortunately there is a quick fix for this error of sending emails.

Open up Administrator Command Prompt by going to either

sending email error sfc scannowBe sure to first back up your computer as you never know what may happen.

  • Start and searching for CMD.exe right click this and run as administrator or
  • Right click on the Start button of Windows and choose: Command Prompt (Admin).

Windows Resource Checker – sfc /scannow

Next step is to run sfc /scannow just copy and past this into the command prompt and run this.

sfc /scannowI first had to reboot as there were some updates pending but once a reboot was complete I was able to re run the sfc /scannow. This will take some time depending on the size and speed of your hard drive. On a relatively clean install on a  256gb SSD it took around 10 minutes.

Reboot your computer and check your email. You should be able to send email now. In my case 
Installing Office 2016 seems to do something strange that breaks Outlook 2016 with only certain Internet Service Providers. Who knows why. I was able to send email on other providers in Outlook 2016 but all fixed now so hopefully it helps someone else.



Your name Enter your name as you’d like it appear in emails you send.

Account type POP3

Incoming server details: Server address, mail.bigpond.com

Port 995

Encrypted connection SSL

Outgoing server details: Server address, mail.bigpond.com

Port 587 or 465



Encrypted connection

With SSL Encryption


Enter your full email address (ending in ‘@bigpond.com’ or ‘@bigpond.net.au’)Password

Enter your Telstra email account password which will be case-sensitive.

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I have an Error 0x800ccc13 with outlook 2016. Whenever I send a mail that error comes. I have tried your solutions. It really works. Thank you for this solution.


Thanks for Email Error code Solution.Nice dude keep on….