Glove Box Jump Starter RAVPower 14000mah 500A – 1000A Review

ravpower new great jump starter

One of the newer portable glove box jump starters released, was the RAVPower 14000mah 1000A car jump starter. It is an upgrade for the older  500A model. This compact boost pack was one nice little unit. If you end up getting a flat battery you need to have had a reliable way of restarting your car.

We reviewed the best top 8 car jump starters a few months ago and it was good to see this little unit make the cut.

RavPower makes a whole lot of electrical devices like boost packs, phone chargers, network devices, cables, and much more. It’s fantastic to see them branching out into a portable power bank and car jump starter. As RavPower has a background in electronics its good to see that they have incorporated some special safety features into one of the biggest jump cable protection circuit boxes around.

inside jump cable protection circuit

If you open up the jump cable circuit protection device, you will find that it’s just full of electronics. With protection for all Short circuits, reverse polarity, low voltage, reverse charging, and high temperature, you can rest assured you and anyone else who uses this jump starter will be safe.

I know if my wife is stranded somewhere remote and unable to call the roadside assistance, she can jump-start the car herself and she and the car will be safe.

RAVPower 14000mah 500A portable car jump starter review

It was time to take this charger into the workshop and give it a thorough review and run for its money in a mechanics environment. Dealing with flat batteries nearly every day, the boys were happy to test this unit, rather than lug about the huge old sealed lead acid battery to jump start cars and trucks.

We had a notepad next to the Ravpower 14000mAh with instructions to not charge it until flat and to record the number of uses. The user manual says you should be able to get 20 jump starts. We got 14. This was a mixture of small cars, full-sized sedans, and some four-wheel drives plus 1 motorcycle. So it wasn’t an exact science but it proves this little beast has some serious juice in it.

Each successful jump-start of a vehicle dropped the capacity by around 5%. After the jump-start, the flat batteries were placed on a Noco battery tender overnight to see if the batteries can take charge and be brought back to life. 9 times out of 10 the Noco g3500 battery tender was able to fully recondition and charg back the dead battery.

ravpower blue screen lcd

RavPower 500A portable power bank and car jump starter specifications

Battery Capacity 14000 mAh
Input Wall Charger DC 15V/1A max 100v – 240v 50-60Hz
iSmart USB Output 1 DC 5V/2.1A max
iSmart USB Output 2 DC 5V/2.1A max
Starting Current 280A
Peak Current 550A
Recharging Time Approx. 4 hours
Operating Temperature -20℃ ~ 60℃ / – 4℉ ~ 140℉
Net Weight with Battery 472 g / 16.64 oz
Dimensions 16.9 x 8.5 x 3.6 cm or ( 6.65 x 3.35 x 1.42 in)

RavPower 14000mAh Package contents

The RavPower starter comes with a really nice stylish mesh case. This has room for all of the accessories and the jump starter. Everything has a proper location, and it has a quality zipper.

What’s included in the protective case?

  • 1x RAVPower mini Car Jump Starter (RP-PB048)
  • 1x Home wall power adaptor and car 12v cigarette charger
  • 1x Set of smart Jump Cables with MCU  controller protection
  • 1x User Guide manual booklet
  • 1x USB Charging Cable (short)
  • 1x USB Charging Cable (long)

RP-PB048 Car Emergency Jump Starter Features

  • Powerful, small, and super affordable the 14000mAh power bank can be used to jump-start your car, motorcycle, or Jet-ski up to 20 times. It’s also great at fast charging your smartphone or tablet multiple times. It has 2 x USB out ports that can charge your devices at up to 2.1 Amps which is very fast.
  • The Ravpower 500A peak current starter works with most petrol and diesel engines that have a 12V battery.
  •  It has multiple safety features to protect your vehicle and the end-user. Its jump cable has an integrated smart chip to prevent short-circuit, overcharge, over current, over-discharge, and reverse connection. This protection circuit is one of the most advanced safety devices reviewed to date.
  • Built-in LED flashlight lets you warn passing cars during breakdowns and emergencies.
  • There is a smart blue LCD display situated on the top of the jump starter, it shows the power level, charging status, and output voltage. Turn it on and off at your convenience by pressing the power button. We like this as you can lay your lithium jump starter flat and still see the screen.

RavPower portable car jump starter procedure

ravpower jump starting procedure

RAVPower Jump Starting Cars procedure

  1. Check the battery level on the LCD indicator by turning on the jump starter and making sure at least 60% power remains.
  2. Connect the jump cable with the car battery (Red is positive and Black is negative).  Red first Black last
  3. Plug the jump cable into the battery pack.
  4. Start the car by turning on the ignition.
  5. Disconnect the car battery as soon as the car has started.

ravpower 14000mah review

Charging Mobile Devices with a jump starter

You are able to use any of the two smart USB charging ports to charge mobile devices, such as iPhones, Samsung, and other smartphones.

  • Connect the battery pack to your mobile device using the included USB cable.
  • Turn the RavPower battery pack’s power to ON to start charging.
  • When connected with a mobile device, the blue LCD screen will show “OUT 5V 2.1”, this indicates that the USB 2.1A output is working normally. Power will be automatically cut off after 30 seconds if no devices are connected.

RAVPower claims you can recharge an iPhone 6s over 5 times with this jump starter, and we found that was correct. Although we used a Samsung S5 with similar results.

ravpower jump starter charging phones

At the same charging speed as the famous  RAVPower 60W 12A 6-Port USB Power bank Charger, you know all your devices will be charged fast. One charger for home and one for the road.

Charging the Jump starter Battery Pack

There are two ways to charge the Ravpower 14000mAh internal battery pack:

  • Either connect the battery pack to any power outlet using the home power adapter and plugging it into the 15V input port or
  • Connect the battery pack with the car cigarette lighter using the car charger cable and the 15V input port

To use Ravpower LED Flashlight, press and hold the flashlight button to cycle through the 3 modes ON, SOS (slow flash), Warning (quick flash), and OFF.

It’s a good idea to recharge the jump starter battery pack at least once every 3 months. After you have used it to jump start a car, please wait at least 10 seconds before recharging the battery pack.

RavPower 14000mAh Jump Cable Warning Flash explained

A really nice feature was the inclusion of the indicator light that can tell you the status of the jump starter. It’s a simple quick visualization of any problems you may have, jump-starting your vehicle.

  • Slow red LED flashing: Jump Clamps connected to incorrect battery terminals eg positive to negative. Disconnect and try again
  • Fast red flash: Jump cable clamps are either connected together or touching. This can damage the jump starter. Rectify the problem and try again.
  • Slow green LED flashing: Internal temperature of jump starter exceeded. Let the unit cool down
  • Fast green flash – Internal battery voltage low of the Ravpower 14000mAh jump starter
  • Alternate red and green flashing LED – Car or motorcycle battery voltage is higher than the RavPower internal battery. Disconnect the jump starter and try to start your car again without the boost pack.

ravpower warning flash


Some of the warnings that are included with the RavPower 14000mAh jump starter are as follows. Please follow them for your safety.

When jump-starting a car or motorcycle, please make sure the jump cable is firmly clamped onto the car battery leads. Loose clamps can lead to voltage loss and lower cranking amps. Improper clamping may damage the battery and even burn the cable. Make sure the polarities are correct before jump starting.

If you cannot start your car don’t keep cranking it. Crank for 3 seconds then let your jump starter rest. Check if the battery leads are rusty or dirty. Clean the battery lead if necessary, battery acid can cause excessive corrosion.

Check if the car has other issues leading to a breakdown and unable to start like a faulty starter motor or fuel pump problem.

Do not charge the micro-jump starter immediately after starting your car. It’s a good idea to wait 10 minutes until the unit cools down. Then it can be recharged. This will extend the life of your lithium-ion jump starter.

Do not use your jump starter if it is raining, or expose the product to water or other liquids. Electronics hate water

Stop using if the battery pack becomes hot or changes color. This may be caused by internal battery leakage.

How to store your lithium-ion jump starter.

Lithium-Ion jump starters hate extreme heat. It will kill the internal battery really fast. That’s why it’s recommended to store your jump starter someplace where it’s cool. Always keep your starter in its protective case and out of direct sunlight. The temperature in the car can exceed 70 deg C in summer.

We always recommend storing your jump pack either in the glove box or underneath the passenger’s side seat. This is low and cooler.

Where to Buy RavPower Jump Starters

Like all products made from Ravpower, they are sold on eBay and Amazon. Be careful on eBay as there are a lot of fakes going around, that look the same as the genuine product, but have lower capacity batteries and substandard electronic safety circuits.

The safest and often the cheapest place to shop for RavPower jump Starters is Amazon. Least you have proper warranties and customer support.

RavPower Review Conclusion

I really like this little glove box emergency jump starter. It’s so modern light and compact. It will continue to be used at the workshop, as I’m sure it will help with any back injury claims from not having to lug around a large sealed lead acid battery.

The real capacity of the internal battery according to my calculations is 3.7v x 14ah (14000mah) = 51watts.

This seems the way most of the jump packs are recording the internal battery size nowadays. Using the 3.7v formula.

It’s great to see plenty of advancements in the emergency jump starter market, this unit has it all and we were very happy with our purchase. A great brand name and solid reputation, Ravpower is now on my shortlist for battery chargers and starters.

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