Rechargeable Tracking Device for Keys and Wallet Aiko

Being a night shift worker I’m often looking for my big bunch of work keys in the middle of the night. These get moved and hidden all the time by my children and the last thing I want to do is turn on the lights and wake up the whole family.

So I was after a small Bluetooth rechargeable key finder that is reliable. Having a look around and doing many hours of research I came across the Aiko Nonda key finder. Its 3 main features that I like the most are:

  • Micro USB rechargeable 30mAh battery.
  • Small square form factor. So I have options like a mini tracking device for a wallet.
  • Able to find both my keys or my phone with just one press of a button.

So I spent a few weeks of putting this rechargeable tracking device for keys and wallets through its paces. I really liked it, let’s look at how the Aiko Nonda performed.

Aiko Nonda Rechargeable key finder review

I’m a big fan of real word problem-solving devices. This Bluetooth key finder solves one of my biggest problems – losing my keys and wallet. The Aiko tracker tile does this without any ongoing costs.

Never lose your keys again Aiko Bluetooth finderThe first thing I had to do was pair the Aiko key finder with my Nexus 5 phone. There are instructions that come in the box and I suggest you follow them to the letter otherwise you may run into problems.

My issue was I was unable to set it up without reading the instructions. I thought, hey it’s Bluetooth I will just connect and pair it myself on my Google Nexus 5 phone in settings. Wrong.

You only have to turn on Bluetooth to your device and then use the Aiko mobile app to connect to the Aiko Nonda key finder. The app will tell you to press on the tile so that it can find your Aiko key tile it will then automatically set it all up. Otherwise, you may get the “unable to find Aiko finder” error. This is a good thing as most people want a simple plug-and-play solution. Remember to follow the instructions.

As per the documentation, I was able to get around 30m range before the Aiko Key finder signal was dropped. This was reduced when I went inside and the signal was reduced due to the internal house walls blocking the Bluetooth signal. Never lose your keys again.

Not only can you find your keys or your wallet you can also use the Aiko to find your phone. No need to ring your phone now the Aiko will do that for your all you need to do is double-press the center of the tile.

Aiko Key tracker Problems and Solutions

If I walked out of range of the tracker and the signal dropped, all I had to do was walk around until the Bluetooth signal is picked up again. I also found it interesting that I could still use more than one Bluetooth device. Like I had my Samsung Gear 3 watch connected via Bluetooth to my Nexus 5 and I was still able to locate my keys. Although it’s not perfect and once it locked up. A quick push of airplane mode to on and then to off fixed that.

Another user has said try to turn off and on the Bluetooth connection on the phone or tablet. Which also seems to work.

If you find that you are connected to your Key finder but unable to press the find keys button on your phone or tablet you may be connected directly to another Bluetooth device. This can cause interference. Try to disconnect from that Bluetooth device be it speakers, headphones or an activity tracker.

Aiko Key Finder Specs

Nonda claims that you should get around 1 month of usage before the key finder will require charging again. In my real world usage, I activated my finder every day for 2 weeks and it still had over 60% battery left. I like that the battery level is shown in the Google Aiko App.

This rechargeable tracking device for keys and wallets sure sets a new standard with the following specs.

  • Brand – Nonda Aiko Finder
  • Size – 1.7 x 0.2 x 1.3 inches
  • Battery – 30 mAh Lithium Ion
  • Weight – 0.3 Ounces
  • Model No. – NDAFWTREG
  • Input – 5V, 0.1A Micro USB
  • Loud internal speaker with various tones.

Aiko nonda bluetooth key finder

Other Features Of the Aiko lost item tracker

Aiko is continually updating their mobile applications to provide more and more features. The location mapping is a nice touch. This uses google maps to locate your keys in two ways.

  1. Last known location
  2. Location provided through another users phone.small tracking device for wallet Aiko Nonda

This is a feature called Aiko Lost. If you are unable to locate your Bluetooth key finder click the lost button. What happens next is truly remarkable. Any user with the Aiko App on their phone who happens to come into range of your keys will automatically receive a signal from the lost key finder. This will trigger a secret notification, that will push some information over to your Aiko App telling you the exact location with a map image. Cool hey.

Uses For your key finder

The most common use is for the location of lost keys. But I like to think outside the box. There are so many uses that I have already ordered a few more.

Possible usages for this lost item tracker:

  • Leave one in your car. That way when you go to a shopping center car park you can find your car easily.
  • Small tracking device for wallet. The Aiko is nice and flat.
  • Leave on in your eyeglasses case. Easily find your glasses.
  • Put one in your purse.
  • Attach one to your homemade drone in case it falls out of the sky into some dense scrub.

Conclusion – Never lose your keys again

I really like the Nonda Aiko key finder. It looks and feels like a quality product. Being available for Android and IOS means it has the phone market covered.

As its fairly new tech, there are sure to be some bugs in the system but I can see that there are regular updates which are making the system more stable. There is also tech support who are friendly and answered my question promptly.

I love the fact that’s its rechargeable, not like some of the other key finders on the market who require a battery change out or a purchase of a whole new key finder every year.

Being lightweight and tiny means this key tracker can be attached to the most precious item that you don’t want to lose. They have my tick of approval.

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