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My 2013 Sea-doo GTI 130 was beginning to be hard to start. So it was time to get a new Deka ETX20LA battery for it.

Lead-acid Batteries generally only last 3 to 4 years in most vehicles, especially jet skis, so when they start to give you trouble is best to change them out immediately. You don’t want to be out in the ocean and be not able to start your jet ski. Unless you have a portable lithium jump starter.

Especially if you are out fishing in your Sea-doo. Restarting is very important.


This battery replacement project for your bombardier BRP Sea-doo can be done in around 1 hour. The following items will be required.

  • New Battery for your Bombardier Sea-doo ETX30LA included spacer. You can also use the cheaper YIX30L, CB30L-B, ETX30L, YB30CL-B, and SSB HVT-2 as these are the same size as the stock battery. Just some will be shorter and will need a spacer.
  • Try to get an AGM battery. These are absorbed glass mat battery that contains a special glass mat separator, so no battery acid spills.
  • Spacer if you got the Deka ETX 30L or another shorter battery. If you can make a spacer it is worth it to save money over the ETX30la
  • 3/8 Socket Set with extension bar because normal sockets don’t reach.
  • Cable Ties
  • Torch
  • Rags
  • Small stool or chair to stand on

Removing Sea-doo battery compartment

First, remove everything in the front compartment of the Sea-doo PWC. Once you have a good clean area, is time to remove the 2 black plugs from the bottom. These have 2 parts to them, a middle plug that has to be removed first then an outside plug that can be pulled out after.

Some other models may have the battery in the rear of the PWC but the procedure still should be similar. The video below shows how to remove the front cover without breaking the little black plugs thanks to Waqar Ali.

The 2 side panel cover plates can now be removed by lifting up and out forward. You will now have access to the battery.

How do I change the battery in a Seadoo?

Remove the old battery once it is older than 4 years.

Start by cutting off any cable ties that may be holding cables onto the battery box. The sea-doo fuse box is connected to the battery box by a clamping system and the whole thing can be levered off from the top.

Open Sea doo battery  compartment
Remove Cover

Disconnect the positive and the negative battery cables. Be aware that there may also be some smaller auxiliary wires connected to the battery such as charge leads or bilge pump installation. I just put a screwdriver in the middle of the sea-doo fuse holder box and lift it up. The battery box holds down the battery very securely, and there are 2 bolts at the very bottom of the box that needs to be removed.

how to Replace Battery seadoo gti 130
Old Wet Battery to be removed

Be care full not to lose the washers on each bolt, I undid them but left them in the box. Remove the voltage regulator on the side of the battery box.

Sea-doo voltage regulator removal
Sea-doo voltage regulator removal

You can then lift up the battery box and take it out. Remember to leave the 2x hold-down bolts in the battery case as you lift it out. It is easy this way rather than trying to remove each bolt.

Note: there may be a vent pipe for the old battery which will also need to be disconnected. I just left it in the ski but tied it up high onto one of the air vent pipes. These pipes wont be used anymore with the new gel AGM battery.

Splitting 2013 Sea-doo GTI 130 Battery Holder

Splitting 2013 Sea-doo GTI 130 Battery Holder

Once the battery holder is out, you can open it up and take out the Sea-Doo battery. The 2 plastic tabs hold it together. There are also 2 clips on the bottom of that slot into each other. Open it up and take out the battery. Give it a good wash under fresh water to get rid of any old acid spills and sand. Make sure to dry it completely. Put the spacer in and then put the battery on top of the spacer.

Give the inside of the battery holder a spray with Teflon or silicone spray to enable the battery to slide in easily. Trust me it works.

Now I ordered my battery online to save some money which is always good I ordered the Deka ETX30LA which has the included spacer. The problem with buying online is sometimes the wrong part is sent or it is broken, but that’s rare.

In my case I was sent the wrong battery they sent me the Deka ETX30L, not the LA So the L doesn’t include the spacer which was annoying. So a few phone calls later all was sorted. They would send me a replacement spacer. But it would take a week or two. As I wanted to ride on the weekend, I decided to make my own spacer and install the battery.

ETX30L Battery Spacer

A spacer is required if you use the DEKA ETX30L battery rather than the ETX30LA.

how to make a battery spacer for seadoo
Battery Spacer if required

I made the Sea-doo battery spacer out of 20mm HDPE  (High-density polyethylene sheet) that I had leftover from another project. Cut to size with holes drilled in it for water drainage. I also rounded the corners as they wouldn’t fit with square corners. All of a sudden my Sea-doo battery replacement job that should have taken an hour is now taking 3 hours.

Just measure around the base of the ETX30l battery and cut out your spacer.

The 20mm high HDPE is slightly too thick but it works 17mm would have been a perfect fit. There are other options if you don’t have HDPE like

  • Rubber
  • Marine Grade wood
  • Plastic

Save yourself the hassle and get  a Power-tec or Deka Personal Watercraft Agm batteries Etx-30la

Sea-doo Reinstall Battery – Installation

Sea-doo Battery Replacement
Split Battery Case

It’s basically the reverse. Install the Deka ETX30LA battery and holder pack back into your Jet-ski. Take care of your back as it is an awkward position. I use a small stool to stand on, so I could reach further down into the front of the PWC.

Line up the Sea-Doo battery pack and screw it down, use some blue thread locker. Once secured you can reattach the fuse box holder bracket. It’s a bit confusing but the simple steps are it slots down on the bottom and you re-clip at the top.

Replace Battery seadoo
Unbolt Battery

You can now attach the main power cables and any auxiliary cables you may have. I had an extra battery charge cable and also a fused power cable for the bilge pump.

Cover the terminals in silicon grease to stop corrosion on the connections. Water will often drip into this space. If too much water you may have to install a rule bilge pump.

My procedure for a PWC Sea-doo bilge install

Check all cables for tightness and cable tie off any slack cables. Job Complete, start your Sea-Doo and enjoy the extra starting power from your new Deka Sea-doo Battery.

Sea-doo Battery Voltage

Your Sea-Doo battery voltage is usually around 12v, but this can fluctuate when the jet-ski is running. The voltage can go up to 13v or slightly higher when charging.

When starting up your Sea-Doo or Yamaha your battery voltage should stay at 12v or slightly dip. If your voltage drops too low say to 11v your battery is getting worse and should be replaced.

You can charge the Sea-Doo with the battery connected in the vehicle. I have a set of Ctek charge leads permanently attached to the battery.

Stock Sea-doo battery size

The stock 2012 GTI 130 Sea-doo battery is a YUASA YB30CL-B Yumicron.

The stock 2013 GTI 130 Sea-doo battery is a YUASA YB30CL-B Yumicron.

Normal Overall Dimensions (mm)

  • Length:168mm / 6.61417 Inches
  • Width:132mm / 5.19685 Inches
  • Height:192mm / 7.55906 Inches
  • Total Height:192mm

There are many different battery manufacturers that fit this size so as long as it is within a few mm it will fit.

How much is a BRP Sea-doo battery?

The reason I wanted to do this Sea-doo battery replacement procedure myself was that the local Sea-doo dealer wanted $350 to do the job. That means they are making up to $200 on each Sea-doo battery job. A Sea-doo battery is between $100 to $200 if you buy it yourself, depending on the model and place of purchase.

Better dollars in my pocket and yours.

How long should a Seadoo battery last?

You should be able to get 3-4 years out of a Seadoo battery depending on how much you use your PWC. If you let the battery discharge for a long period of time your battery won’t last as long. AGM batteries will last longer than wet lead-acid batteries.

You may get longer battery usage by using a quality smart trickle charger. I have both the Ctek smart charger and a newer Topdon smart charger. Both are excellent but the topdon lets me control the charger via my smartphone.

At the first sign of a slow-starting Jetski you must replace the battery. You don’t want to be stranded.

Can you add water to a Jet ski battery?

Yes, always use distilled battery water. Tap water has chemicals and minerals in the water which will destroy a battery so don’t use tap water.

Open each battery cell by removing the 6 top plugs. Check the water/acid level and top up if required. If you are using a sealed AGM or maintenance-free batteries these don’t need topping up.

Can you boost a Sea Doo with a car?

Yes, you can. But the easiest way is to use a compact 1000A jump starter. I keep one in my Jetski just in case I get a flat battery.

The battery in most Sea-doos is deep down in the front hull. The large jump cables for cars can be awkward to hook on. This is why I prefer the smaller jump clamps on the portable jump starters.

Do you have to charge a new Jet Ski battery?

Yes, most new Jet Ski batteries have been sitting around for a while slowly losing charge. It is best to fully charge your new Jet Ski battery when you install it to make sure it is in tip-top condition.

Can you overcharge a Jet ski battery?

Yes, you can overcharge a Jetski battery if you use an older analog battery charger that is not smart. The newer smart battery chargers use multiple steps to make sure your battery stops charging when it is full.

What happens with older battery chargers if they get left on for over 12 hours is they will boil the battery water. Once the water/acid level drops in the battery, you will get sulfation on the lead plates and the battery will fail.

Use a quality 6-8 step battery charger the get the best result from charging a Jetski battery.

Best Battery Charger Tender for Sea-Doo PWC

Nothing destroys an SLA battery faster than letting it go flat. This causes Sulfation, which is a build-up of lead sulfate crystals onto the lead plates. This causes the battery to hold less charge.

It causes early failures of lead-acid, sealed AGM  batteries.

All Ctek models have a patented method for reconditioning sulfated batteries. The charger analyzes the state of the battery and, if possible, recovers the battery and its power. Including the famous CTEK MXS 5 12 Volt Fully Automatic 8 Step Battery Charger. It’s the one I have and have used for many years. I can recommend it.

I have done this to an old car battery and it has brought back more charge capacity to the battery but not the whole lot. Better than nothing.

Lately, I have moved over to the Topdon multi-step smart charger. Due to being able to also see the status of the charge on my mobile phone. As well as test the battery.

So the best way to take care of your new ETX30LA sea-doo battery is with a regular top-up charge or by using a battery tender.

I always use smart chargers for my Harley-Davidson motorcycle, Yamaha MT07, cars, and Jetskis.

Cheap Ctek multi-use 3300 3.3a battery charger

The CTEK is a very popular battery charger, that has a compact design that makes it convenient and easy to charge and maintain all household vehicles. From cars, motorcycles, ATVs, SUVs, and Jet-skis.  It’s a multi-step charger simple, reliable, and cheap.

The special cold mode means that you can charge during the winter months without a problem. It is perfect for everyday vehicles. And not so every day.

As it comes with eyelet cables called Ctek comfort connect you can bolt the leads onto your Sea-Doo and just plug in the Ctek battery maintainer charger when you are ready for some extra charge.

The Ctek battery charger comes in its own case to store the clamps, cables, and charger. A nice little feature is each cable is fused to provide extra safety should anything wrong happen like a short out.

There are no issues with over-charging as the Ctek will keep the PWC battery topped up all year with a trickle charge.

I just thought I would let you know about this charger as it should give you a better life out of all your vehicle or jet ski batteries.

Best 7-Step Battery Tender for Jet-Ski

We ended up doing a review for smart battery tenders for motorcycles and jet-skis. It was against 2 top main companies CTEK and NOCO.

The results actually surprised us with the NOCO 5 Genius battery tender coming out on top, due to being able to support CANbus and being cheaper than the CTEK MUS4.3. (Now MXS5)

Even though the CTEK shown above is a great cheap 4-step charger you should check out the 7 and 8-step chargers that are only a few dollars more.

All the best for your Sea-Doo Battery Replacement, and enjoy all the extra power and reliability from the ETX30LA battery.

Best Jump Starter for Sea-Doo

jump starter for Sea-doo

Well, let’s continue with the theme of the best battery everything for your Sea-Doo. We ended up testing a whole heap of Portable Lithium Ion Jump Starters for Cars, boats, and Jet-Ski. Check out our full review, as it’s too much info to post again. Don’t get stranded. Have a backup plan.

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