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As an electrician and avid PC computer builder, I was tired of constantly having to twist my wrist to drive in long screws, especially on power points and the many screws on my new computer builds. I thought I would do a quick review of a nice little electric computer screwdriver that I have been using every day. It’s called the Bosch Go 3.6v screwdriver.

Since using this electric torque screwdriver I have virtually packed away my Sidchrome screwdriver set and my 18v power drill driver. This high torque screwdriver has started to become the default tool for many TV repairmen and electricians in my industry.

The Bosch Go has been a lifesaver with its powerful internal 3.6v lithium-ion battery. I love that you can recharge it via the micro USB port on the rear of the mini drill driver. So let’s go over a few of its specifications.

Bosch Electric Screwdriver with Torque Settings Review

Bosch Go Small Electric Screwdriver for Electricians and PC Builders

What I like about the Bosch 3.6v professional small electric screwdriver (Amazon) is that it is lightweight, has an adjustable speed setting, long run time, and fast charging. It is designed and built by the German engineering company Bosch. So you know you are getting a reliable product.

There is a forward and reverse push button that is nice and large. Because it is shaped in the form of a screwdriver I can place it into my tool pouch and it won’t fall out.

It differs from most other electric drill drivers that it will only screw in and out with contact with a metal screw. This means that the possibility of a stripped screw head is greatly reduced.

Bosch Go powerful cordless screwdriver

The battery indicator will only light up during use but you can simulate this by pushing down with your hand onto the tip of the electric torque screwdriver in the off position.

How to use the Small Electric Screwdriver

I use the Bosch cordless screwdriver in the Dryer repair video below. Check out how fast I can remove all of the rear panel screws.

Firstly insert the correct hex tip and place the switch in the forward or reverse position. The great thing about this electric torque screwdriver is that it won’t start spinning until the correct pressure is applied to the tooltip.

This prevents the stripping of screw heads and will give you a good grip on the tool. Once you have arrived at the end of the screw just remove the pressure and the tool will stop. Alternately if you set the correct torque setting it will also stop driving in.

This low-torque electric screwdriver has 6 torque settings with a quick red adjustment wheel on the back. Even though its classed as a low torque tool, it is four times more powerful than any existing electronic screwdriver in this size and form.

The torque is fully adjustable from 2.5 – 5 Nm and you can also use it as a manual screwdriver when the battery goes completely flat. Just place the switch into the middle position which locks the magnetic hex spindle.

The hex tip is magnetized to quickly accept standard-sized screw hex tip. It has the standard sized 1/4 inch hex tip that grips those various bits nice and tight with no slop. My kit only came with one Philips screwdriver tip but there are spare holes in the kit box to add your own. I’m sure this keeps the price down low.

Bosch Go tear down

Bosch small electric screwdriver tear down internal battery and planetary gearbox
Bosch Go tear down

The internal battery is a lithium Ion Samsung SDIEM 18650 which is soldered into place. Most lithium-ion batteries have a use lifer of around
300 and 500 charge cycles before any noticeable decrease in performance. This battery can be replaced after a quick teardown of the Bosch mini screwdriver and a little bit of soldering.

Bosch Go tear down with internal Samsung lithium-ion battery

The gearbox is a planetary gear setup (also known as an epicyclic gear train ) that provides direct torque from the high-power motor to the tooltip.

I use this tool most days as an electrician and I can easily get a full day’s use out of it before it requires a recharge. The main reason I swapped over to this small electric screwdriver is its weight. At less than 0.28 Kg or 0.61 lbs it’s 1/4 the weight of my main 18v Makita battery drill.

Try lugging around a large 18v battery drill every day to do a fit-out as an electrician. Drill drivers are oversized for this task and hand tools like a screwdriver just take too long when there are 100+ GPOs and light switches to install.

The video below shows some features of the Bosch lithium-ion cordless screwdriver with torque control. It has enough power to drive in 150 screws (3.5 x 30mm) It has some serious grunt for a little device.

In fact, I love Bosch tools and gear so much that I brought my wife an electrically heated jacket made by Bosch. She loves it. Anyway not to get sidetracked, I have never had a warranty claim yet on any of my blue Bosch power tools.

Bosch Go vs Dremel Go Cordless Screwdriver

Bosch Go vs Dremel Go are they the same?

As you can see both the Bosch Go vs Dremel Go look the same. They are the same size. Have the same curves, the same LED battery indicator, and the same speed selector switch.

To me, it looks like they are the same product just re-branded to Dremel. They also call it the same model eg Dremel Go.

bosch go electric screwdriver high torqueDremel go high torque electric screwdriver
ModelBosch GoDremel Go
Speed360 rpm360 rpm
ChargerMicro USBMicro USB
Charge time1.5 Hours1.5 Hours
#33-piece Screwdriving
Bit Set, 3x PH1, 3x PH2,
3x PZ1,
3x PZ2, 2x SL3,
2x SL4, 2x SQ0,
2x SQ1, 2x SQ2,
2x HEX3,
2x HEX4,
2x T10, 2x T15,
2x T20)

#Cheaper model excludes
bit set

Phillips PH1 & PH2, 
Hex H5, 
Square R2, 
Slotted S6, 
Torx T20 & T25
Over temp
Over temperature
Where to Buy

So which one did I choose? Well, the Bosch Go of course. There are a couple of different models and all that is different is the amount of 1/4 inch magnetic hex bits that are included in the box.

I believe the Dremel Go cordless screwdriver with torque control is very similar to the Bosch lithium-ion cordless screwdriver. On paper, it looks like it has the same specifications. They look identical but I haven’t tried the Dremel one yet to confirm.

Charging the Bosch Professional Go

Bosch Go battery level indicator
Charge indication levels on the Bosch Go Screwdriver

The battery charge-control indicator on theBosch Go is made up of three green LEDs. This indicates the charging condition of the internal battery for a few seconds after the tool is switched on and off.

To recharge either the Dremel or Bosch Go you can use any micro USB port. Be aware that older chargers may only have 500ma or 1 amp charge outlets. This will cause the internal battery to recharge at a slower pace.

Use the supplied charger, portable power bank, solar powered USB charger, or use any phone charger with an outlet of 1.5 amp or larger. This will give you the best recharge rate, so a full charge should only take around 1.5-2 hours.

With only one LED light illuminated you will have around 30% charge rate left. With two LED lights you will have 60% and with three LED you will have 100% charge.

For more information, download the Bosch Go user manual.


Bosch Go fixing loose screw on a massage table.

I love my electric torque screwdriver set. It’s cheap and does the job well, I just wish I had one for the past 30 years. If you require an accurate torque setting then this won’t fit every application. But it will stop you from over-tightening electrical screws into wood and make life easy with PC computer building. It is now part of my electrician’s tool kit.

As an electrician this tool is perfect. I can install light switch brackets, fittings, PC screws, and covers in a matter of seconds rather than taking me a while and getting a sore wrist. Some electrical screws can be quite long and will take a long time to screw in. But not with the Bosch small electric screwdriver from GearBest.

Yes, I needed a cordless screwdriver to also install this quad power outlet GPO.

For those sparkies that are still using a battery drill to fix covers and brackets, do yourself a favor and grab the Bosch Go Profesional. Stop lugging around that large 18v drill driver. Let me know in the comments below your favorite power screwdriver.

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