Amazing Solar Powered Backpack Charger – Blitzwolf Review

blitzwolf foldable portable sunpower solar panel charger

All of us, that like to take our smartphones and tablets away while camping or hiking will eventually run into a problem of how to keep these devices charged up. Luckily BlitzWolf has come to the rescue with a very lightweight folding solar phone charger.

What is great about this solar charger compared to the many others on the market is the new upgraded solar converter. This is the brains of the unit which is hidden inside the velcro pocket. Here you will find 2 full-size USB out ports which you are able to plug in your cables to charge your phones, tablets, and cameras.

What’s in the Box

Upon opening the vacuum wrapped cardboard package I was immediately impressed with another layer of plastic also wrapped around the solar charger. BlitzWolf really wants to make sure you will receive your package fully waterproof and safe.

Blitzwolf solar charger wrapped in plastic

So many times I have received a package from a supplier that has been left in the rain or comes with the package damaged by water. Not today, the duel plastic wraps provide ample water protection.

Inside the package are:

  • The solar 20-watt foldable charger. Model Number BW-L1
  • 4 aluminum spring hook clips
  • Instructions and warranty card
  • A quality thick USB cable that’s 3.3 feet (1m) long.

solar powered backpack charger blitzwolf whats in the box

The 4 spring loading hanging clips are made out of lightweight aluminum and are designed to clip into the metal reinforced holes in the solar panel. They are painted black to match the solar charger.

This enables you to hang your solar panel on your backpack, tent pole or on a tree. Your mobile phone can then be changed at up to 3amps of charge rate.

Blitzwolf Solar Charger Review

I tested the Blitzwolf solar charging station while camping with a mobile phone and a power bank charging them both at the same time. It’s even portable so I can tie it to my rucksack while going for a hike up in the natural forest.

With the panel clipped onto the back of my hiking backpack, I was able to get a solid 4-hour hike in before it was time to head home.

Occasionally when I have to go through some dense forest I would hear my mobile phone disconnect from the charger. This is because there wasn’t enough sunlight to change the phone. The safety circuit on the USB charger will provide a constant 5 volts to your device and if it can’t do this it will disconnect your power. Reconnection was automatic once adequate sunlight was restored. This is a very good feature.

Be sure to use proper solar charging techniques. Always change your phone or tablet undercover, or in the shade. These devices don’t like direct sunlight. They will overheat and fail. The internal lithium-ion batteries on mobile devices will fail if exposed to extreme heat. That’s why there is a pouch inside of the solar charger to change your phone out of direct light.

Can it charge Powerbanks?

It sure can, this handy folding solar charger is perfect to top up my power banks for night time use. This way I can have power for 24 hour’s a day. Just leave a small 10,000mah power bank inside the pouch for emergency uses.

Like any other solar panels, the rate of charge is determined by the amount of sunlight falling onto the panel. The best angle is when the solar panel is pointed parallel or directly at the sun. But as the sun moves, if you want the fastest charge rate you must move your panel every hour or so.

Most phones will fully charge within 2 to 3 hours so it won’t be a big deal. Tablets, on the other hand, may take a few more hours. For larger electronic devices like a tablet, it’s best to change them under a piece of clothing like a shirt.


I found that this fast charge solar panel was very well made. The canvas used is thick and all the seams are stitched with quality black thread some are even double stitched. Each one of the 3 solar panel inserts had a perspex plastic protection cover. These have a slight mat finish which helps with the 21.5%-23.5% efficiency rating.

Blitzwold foldout solar backpack charger

There are 2 solar silicon wafers made by SunPower per fold-out section. The mini backpack solar panel is also water resistant, so even it rains while you are out hiking or camping your electronics will be safe. I like to spray the whole fabric with some silicon waterproofing spray to add a double layer of protection.

It is one of the toughest ultralight backpacking solar chargers around.

Blitzwolf 20w folding solar panel charger specifications

Blitzwolf Solar Powered Backpack Charger Station blitzwold backpack charging station 20w
Model number BW-L1
Watts 20 watts
Amps 3-Amps total from both USB ports together with the full sun
Number of USB out ports 2 High Power USB 3-amp ports for charging smartphones. Power3S technology.
Panel Type Monocrystalline Sunpower silicon wafer
Weight 550g
Size Opened:270*675*4 mm Closed:270*150*28 mm
Compatible with the following devices Samsung, Apple, GoPro, HTC, Blackberry, Sony, Google, HUAWEI, and XiaoMi devices.
Where to Buy

How to charge your phone with a Solar Powered Backpack Charger

hanging ultralight folding solar panel charger blitzwolf in a tree

Unfold your BlitzWolf ultralight backpacking solar charger and point it towards the sun. You may like to use the included hanging clips to position the panel in the correct angle. I use the clamps to attach my panel to the tent poles or to branches of a tree.

Open the side pocket and connect one or 2 USB cables. These cables and now be connected to your device for fast charging from the sun.

Don’t forget to place your phone or camera into the charging pocket to protect it from the sun. I have shown the Samsung smartphone just hanging out of the pouch but it does fully fit inside and held securely with velcro.

Blitzwolf vs Anker

These two solar-powered backpack chargers are very well known in the hiking and camping community. So much so I own both. There isn’t a whole lot of difference between the two but I do find that my Samsung S8 seems to charge faster with the Blitzwolf. This must be due to the newer USB internal converter and or better efficiency solar cells.

I have the Anker backpack charging station and use it regularly for around a year now. It’s nice to have the Blitzwolf as an extra charger for the 5 other phones in my family when we go into the wilderness.


I really like the Blitzwolf 20w ultralight personal solar panel. It now permanently has a spot in my laptop bag ready to go at a moment’s notice. Today’s smartphones have less battery life as we load them up with more apps each day. Now when I’m waiting at a bus stop or if the power goes out I’m ready to go with the power of the sun. Just flip it out and start charging.

It’s also the perfect solar charging station for camping. That’s as long as the sun is out otherwise it will be a miserable vacation trip. Go green and make a difference in the world.

Don’t forget to take these other items when out camping. Enjoy your trip.

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