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Ford Focus Engine Vibration Symptoms & Fix DIY 2000-2004 Models.

My 2003 Ford Focus 2.0L hatchback is starting to show its age. It has been a very reliable car but lately, there have been...

2003 Ford Focus Tail Light Bulb Replacement Procedure Hatchback.

In this post, we will be showing you how to do a 2000-2004 Ford focus tail light bulb replacement procedure on a hatchback. You...

Ford Focus Rough Idle with No Check Engine Light Fix DIY

My 2003 Ford Focus 2.0 has developed a rough idle without a check engine light (CEL). This is an easy fix that anyone can...

How to fix coolant leaking from engine block without tools fast.

In this post, we will show you how to repair coolant leaking from an engine block or radiator easily and fast without tools. This...

How to Change Brake Pads on Ford Focus 2003 Yourself

The Ford Focus is a great little run around car. I was recently given an older 2003 model from my parents who were upgrading...

How to do a Ford Focus Automatic Gearbox Oil Change 2000-2012

My parents have an old 2003 Ford Focus that has started to have some Automatic gearbox problems such as gear slippage and reverse gear...