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How to Install a Powered Wifi Security Camera Yourself

Setting up home security can seem like a complicated process, but it really is very simple. With a few simple steps and planning, you can...

Simple Sea-doo Battery Replacement Procedure GTI130 ETX30LA for PWC

My 2013 Sea-doo GTI 130 was beginning to be hard to start. So it was time to get a new Deka ETX20LA battery for it. Lead-acid...

Sea-doo Bilge Pump Install Simple DIY – Rule 500/1100 GPH

The day I nearly sunk my Sea-doo due to the hull getting full of water after a flip was the day I decided to...

How to Install Outside Water Tap (Rain Tank Supplied)

Being able to do your own plumbing is a rewarding experience. If done well, you will have years of perfect water. Here is how...

How to Install Windows 10 on a New PC Computer

After you have followed the instructions here to build your new PC its time to install the operating system, this week we will be...