Top 8 Lithium Ion Jump Starters Reviewed | Best Portable Boost for Cars & Boats 2024

best lithium ion jump starter review

Updated 2024

I have wanted a good Lithium Ion Jump starter for a while now. As a home mechanic, I often have to jump-start cars or boats that I am working on.

Having to drag out the old trusty large Lead-acid jump starter, is a real pain in the butt. So I embarked on a journey to work out what was the best value, feature-rich, and best quality lithium jump starter.

It also had to fit within my budget. I chose the mid-range market for my needs, but it must have a Lithium battery, for instant power. The mid-range price point is somewhere between $70 to $130. Not a huge expense, but hey we all want value for our money right?

There are just so many different types and brands of peak jump packs out there. A highly portable, compact car jump starter is a must for everyone who has a vehicle, motorcycle, or boat.

So we got together the Best top 8 popular mini jump starters around and started some quality testing.

Top 8 Best Lithium-Ion Battery Jump Starters reviewed

Best Lithium-Ion Battery Jump Starters reviewed

The best Lithium-ion jump starter we came up with after reviewing many online, buying many, borrowing a few to check out, and selling the rest, is the Nexpow 2500A model. It is great value and feature-rich.

Now, this review post will take about 15 minutes of reading but continue reading to make your own conclusions depending on your needs. You will learn all about what’s inside portable jump starters. The power rating of portable jump starters, and special features of different peak lithium-ion jump starters.

nexpow jump starter

The simple qualities that made this Nexpow the best lithium-ion jump starter are:

  • Fast 3A USB output, highest in this class. Superfast for charging phones and tablets.
  • Battery level indicator.
  • Bright 3 LED color-changing torch to help at night when you break down.
  • 22000mAh internal lithium battery highest in this class.
  • Quality compact mesh/foam case, with added accessories to charge phones and laptops
  • Price at the lower end of my price range. Great, quality, and features.
  • Over 7000 positive 4 and 5-star reviews on Amazon

Now your needs may be different from what I determined as the best price-to-performance ratio, on a Lithium-ion jump starter.  For more information, special offers, and reviews, see it on Amazon.

Check the table below and see what looks good for your needs. We made a spreadsheet of many important features to quickly compare many different types of multi-function starters shown below.

Portable Jump Starters comparison table.

Check out our comparison list of Specifications and Features for each of the following lithium-ion portable jump starters.  Scroll for more information.

What is The Best Lithium Jump Starter on the Market?

Lithium Ion Jump Starter BrandJump Starter Model No.Battery SizePeak AmpsLED LightUSB SpecPriceProduct Review info Link
#1 Nexpow (Amazon)
2500A Peak 22000mAh
Portable Car Jump Starter
Q9B22000 mAh2500 AYesQC3
USB 3A x2
$$Our Review
#2 Rugged Geek
INTELLIBOOST 1000A Portable Jump Starter
RG1000S 1000AYesQC3$$$ Our Review

#3 DBPOWER 1600A (Amazon) Peak 18000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter

DJS5018000 mAh 1600 A Yes2.1A 2.4A


$$  Our Review
#4 GOOLOO 1200A Peak
Portable Car Jump Starter
 GP37-Plus 18000 mAh 1200 A Yes2.4A Out & 2.1A Out $ Our Review
#5 NOCO Genius Boost Plus
GB40 1000 Amp
 GB40 7,000 joules for 3s 1000A yes x22.1A Out /In $$$ Our Review
#6 RavPower Car Jump StarterFBA_RP-PB053 18000 mAh600A Yes2.1A and 1.5A out smart $$ Our Review
#7 Antigravity Batteries AG
XP-3 Multi-Function
 AG-XP-3 8000 mah 400A Yes2A, & 1A  Out $$$ Our Review
#8 Thor (Amazon)
PBJS16000R Rosso Red
Portable Power Bank
8600 mAh  600A Yes2.1A Out x 2 $$ Our Review

What pocket-size portable jump starter do I need?

The physical size of many lithium jump starters is very similar. About the size of an old VCR cassette tape.

The only contributing factor to jump-starting size is the internal battery dimensions that are used for the bump starter.

If a pocket jump starter has a larger internal mAh battery, it usually will, in turn, be able to have a higher peak amp rating and long jump run time. It will also be able to charge up multiple items for Android phones and tablets.

But be wary of false claims for some of the fake Chinese lithium pocket jump starters sold on places like eBay. They can often claim higher peak amps or higher storage rating of mAh. Their batteries can be substandard, and the electronics can be made without quality control or safety controls.

Look for real-world reviews and tests. We have done a post in more detail on what size car jumpstarter do you need. It will go into details such as engine size, capacity, and fuel type so you can best match your jump starter to your vehicle.

How to use a Lithium-ion portable jump starter.

best pocket car jump starters reviewed
  1. First of all, make sure your Portable Lithium jump starter is fully charged. But in an emergency, you can get away with as little as 25% charge. It’s always a good idea to top up your pocket jump starter every few months. Most manufacturers recommend a top-up charge at a minimum every 4-6 months, but if you use it for topping up your phone via the USB, or using the torch, its best to charge it immediately after. Then it’s ready for work when you need it.
  2. Unpack your battery jump starter, and plug-in the jump leads to your lithium-ion battery jump Starter Pack
  3. Open the bonnet of your car and look for the negative terminal of your battery. This will be shown by a minus – sign. Connect the black negative clamp leads to this.
  4. Next, connect the red positive clamp lead to the positive terminal of the battery. This will be shown by a + symbol.
  5. Turn on your jump starter, if you need to and start your car.
  6. If your car refuses to start, wait a few minutes for the jump starter to cool down and try again.
  7. Once your car starts immediately disconnect the portable jump starter.

How to jump-start a car

Either push starts a manual car with the clutch in second gear, get up to speed and release the clutch. Or the easy way, get out your portable jump starter connect the red and black leads to the battery and start the car. The job was done.

Now you know how to use a Jump Starter.

I know what I would like to do

lithium ion jump starter procedure

How to charge a micro-portable jump starter booster pack

All Lithium portable jump starters will come with some sort of charging procedure. Most will just have a 110/240v wall adapter that you plug into the jump unit to charge it up. It will take a few hours to fully charge.  Once complete, it’s best to remove the charger to prevent any possibility of overcharging. But more on that later.

The other method for charging your portable jump starter is if it has a micro USB port, which usually means it can be changed via a phone wall charger either 1 amp or above. But this will take longer than a wall unit charger.

A few micro pocket jump starters also may have a car cigarette socket charger, which can recharge your backup jump starter.

Overcharging lithium-ion batteries.

Overcharging is rare for newer pocket booster packs, but the risk is that lithium-ion batteries don’t like to be stored at 100% as it reduces their service life.

So if you leave the mini jump starter on charge either from the cigarette lighter power or from a wall outlet, it will damage the battery and eventually fail. Just when you need it most.

Charge fully and unplug.

What can damage a portable peak Jumpstarter?

The main cause for failed jump starters with lithium batteries are:

  • Heat
  • Over-discharge
  • Overcharge
  • Short circuit
  • Physical damage like dropping.

Leaving your lithium-ion jump starter in direct sunlight, in your car over the summer, is a sure way to kill the boost pack fast.

Lithium-ion batteries hate heat. In fact, most hard-core remote control quadcopter hobbyists store their expensive lithium batteries in the fridge. (True)

I recommend storing your portable emergency car jump starter either in the glove box down the bottom or under the passenger seat. Hot air rises and in these locations, it should hopefully stay fairly cool.

How many Amps do I need for a peak jump starter?

You want the most amperage possible. In portable auto jump starters, the more the better. Bigger is best. But be aware that there is a lot of incorrect details mentioned for Car Lithium jump starters.

It’s often hard to find the true milliamp-hour (mAh) rating for the battery.

You really have to either open up each portable jump starter to see the battery specs and/or do a load test.

open lithium battery jump starter
cutting open a lithium jump starter battery pack.

So power according to Ohm Law Power = Volts x amps or P=VI

I wish portable jump starters would rate their products with 12v battery capacity. For example

Say we have a 10,000mAh 12v lithium battery. This battery should be able to provide 10A for 1 hour at 12 volts

So using the formula 10A x 12v = 120w It makes life easy.

But some rate them for 5v and even more confusedly 3.7 volts, so it makes the figures look even better.

What’s inside a mini jump starter?

A car starter with the new lithium-ion battery technology will do everything a led acid jump starter will do, only in a very tinny and light package.

There are 3 main components of a Lithium-ion Jump Starter.

  1. The internal battery is a lithium-ion-based battery pack. Similar to the flat 11.1v remote control lithium-ion polymer. This flat pack lipo cell is made up of 3/4 3.7v lithium battery cells wired in series. Sometimes the internal batteries will be the round 3.7v 18650 lithium cell. Like an AA but only larger.
  2. The control circuit, includes Charging, Discharging, battery voltage, and protection circuits like overload and short-circuits. Safety is very important.
  3. Power Output, 12v leads to connect to your car battery or 5v USB output for charging phones, tablets, and other tech devices. It can be a lifesaver in an emergency situation.inside lithium jump starter

Where to buy a lithium-Ion jump starter pack?

Many local businesses like Walmart, Target, and Costco will sell some type of portable auto mini jump starter. Just wait for a sale and do your research beforehand. eBay also sells most of the popular types of battery booster packs. Just make sure you buy from a repeatable seller as there are many fake lithium jump starters out there.

Amazon seems to have just about all of the most popular, and some not so popular battery starters out there. Amazon also often has really good prices for compact battery starters, and if you wait for a special like black Friday deals you can get a real bargain.

Check at the end of this post for extra deals from Amazon for Lithium Ion jump starters.

Smart booster cables.

Many mid-range and high-end lithium car jump starters have smart booster cables. These will have an integrated circuit that will include diodes, fuses, capacitors, and MOSFETs.

This is nice to see so many safety features like Inverse current protection, Voltage Feedback Protection, short-circuit protection, reverse polarity protection, overload protection, low-voltage, overcharge, and over-current protection. This is super important so that you never have to worry about damaging your car, or yourself as Safety is very important in my line of work.

The cheaper lithium-ion jump starters may only have an inline fuse on the positive lead. Some don’t even have that.

Shown below is a cheap multifunction jump starter inline cable protection circuit. As you can see there are blobs of solder, also no integrated circuits like capacitors or resistors.

inline smart boost jump start cable

Shown below is the jump cable protection circuit from Ravpower. Note the MCU or Micro-controller is feature-packed. It’s a real smart jump cable controller.

inside jump cable protection circuit

The better smart jump booster cables will be 8 AWG wire or 3.3mm. Lower amp jump starters may use 10 AWG cable or 2.6mm. The smaller the cable the fewer amps it will be able to take before it overheats and fails.

#1 Nexpow 2500A Peak Car Jump Starter for up to All Gas and 7L Diesel Engines

The Nexpow 2500 Peak Car Jump Starter was a brand I had never heard of before. But this little lithium-ion jump starter sure did surprise us. The quality was fantastic and riddled with features.

One of the nicest looking case cases was also supplied. It is a padded flexible nylon case that can hold all of the cables and accessories. This was my favorite portable booster starter case.

Features of the Tacklife portable jump starter are:

  • Safety protection battery against over-voltage, under-voltage, short-circuit, and over-temperature.
  • LED screen to show battery level
  • USB-C charging (Target Intelligent Recognition – Chip) faster safer charging.
  • Lighter adapter for aux items like fridges and GPS etc.
  • USB-C cable. Sorry, no iPhone cable. Well, my unit didn’t have one. But that’s fine we are an Android family!

What I really like about the Nexpow is the QC3 3A USb-C USB ports as I can fast charge my Samsung phones quickly with full power. The soft case is another really nice feature. Great way to protect your multifunction jump starter from damage and heat.

As for price, it is one of the cheapest 2500A jump starters around.

We tested this Nexpow jump-start portable power system on a Mitsubishi Lancer 2009 and A MG HS and it started the first try with a drained battery.

#2 Rugged Geek INTELLIBOOST 1000A Portable Jump Starter and Power Supply with LCD review

Rugged geak portable lithium jump starter

This little portable lithium Rugged geek Intelliboost 1000Amp 3 in 1 jump starter is the best-looking starter reviewed here. It has been updated recently with more features.

Made rugged and has lots of grip, it will stay in your engine bay when your engine starts up and vibrates. This is currently the only one here that is available to post out to Australia. We know you Aussies don’t have access to good quality Lithium Ion jump starters.

Flush with features like

  • Flashlight,
  • Full dual 2.1 amp USB charging ports, for iPhone and Android micro USB.
  • 12v lighter output for aux devices.
  • A bright LCD screen that you can see in the sun, tells you how much battery power is left and other details.
  • Intelliboost
  • Will start gas petrol engines up to 8.0L and diesel engines up to 6.0L Including Cars, trucks, ATV, Sea-doo, Yamaha, jet skis
  • Car cigarette socket charging port and wall charging.
  • 60W USB Type-C Charging. IP66 Rated.
  • It comes with a hard plastic protective case.

“Intelliboost” is all about safety. When the cables on the Rugged Geek touch together, they won’t spark. When you first plug the cables into the RG2000, the light on the jump starter will alternate red/green. Once you connect the cables to a battery on a vehicle that needs boosting, it will check to ensure the cables are connected to the right polarity (red to positive, black to negative). It will then allow jump starting.

This Rugged geek portable emergency car battery jump starter was tested on a Nissan X-trail 2.0L engine started with no problems fast and strong.

Only draw back is that it is slightly expensive.

Rugged Geek user manual can be downloaded here

#3 DBPOWER 600A Peak 18000mAh Portable Car lithium-Ion Jump Starter review

dbpower best rated lithium ion jump starter

#3 This DBpower 1600A lithium jump starter 3 in 1 has one of the largest internal batteries to get you on the road again fast. At 18000mAh it can provide up to 30 crank start attempts. It’s rated at 66Wh and can start-up to up to 7L petrol/gas or 5.5L diesel engines.

I like DB power as a brand it was one of the first jump starters I purchased and it is still going strong. This is the newer model.

Included features on the DBPower 600A are:

  • The new version has an LCD screen and a small compass when you get stranded
  • Can charge the DBpower 1600A with the included wall and cigarette car chargers
  • It comes with a semi-hard mesh carry case that protects the micro-jump starter.
  • Top safety features like overcurrent protection, short-circuit protection, overload protection, over-voltage protection, and over-charge protection.
  • It equipped with a 2.4A USB Output and smart USB port
  • The laptop output voltage can be switched between 12V/16V/19V, indicated on the LCD screen one of the very few that can do this.
  • Choice of 2 colors Red and Yellow. The red goes faster (Just Kidding)

This DBpower jump start portable power system started a Toyota Kluger 3.3l V6 with ease 3 times in a row.

The DBpower DJS user manual is basic. But lets you know how to use the jump starter and change voltages for the laptop output ports.

We totally recommend the DBpower 1600A. Many features were above the competition, and the lithium booster pack included many extra accessories.

At a price that will suit many customers, DBPower sure does have a winner on its hands. With over 2000 Five star reviews, considering this is the newer version they are off to a great start. (no pun intended).

It has dropped to our Number 3 pick for multi-function jump starters due to more advanced and higher power ratings from other brands. But due to its popularity, it often sells out fast. Especially with the supply chain issues lately.

#4 GOOLOO 1200A Peak Portable Car Jump Starter Phone Power Bank review

This little lithium battery jump starter from Gooloo is a very well made compact unit.  With a built-in Multiple safety circuit design, its features include

How to use a Lithium ion portable jump starter.
  • Short circuit protection, Overload protection, Over voltage protection, and Overcharge protection,
  • Auto power off after 30 seconds, Nice
  • LED battery level indicator
  • Emergency Led torch. The LED work light has 3 modes: Flash Light, Strobe Light, and SOS Light.
  • Charge your Gooloo 1200A via the included wall charger or the cigarette port in your car. 5 hours From flat to 100%
  • USB x 2 ports One is rated at 2.4A the other at 2.1A which is standard.
  • Up to 7.0L gas or 5.5L diesel engines
  • 1 x Wall Charger, 1 x Car Charger, 1 x USB to Type-C Cable, 1 x Carry Bag, 1 x User Manual

This Gooloo 1200A comes with a large mesh fold-able case. It is quite large so plenty of room for all the accessories.

There are many happy customers with this lithium-ion jump starter due to its low price and reliability.

We tested this Gooloo portable emergency car battery jump starter on a Toyota Rav4 2.0L engine and it turned over with great power. No Issues.

With an emphasis on safety, this Jump pack is strongly recommended.

The user manual for the Gooloo can be downloaded here

#5 NOCO Genius Boost Sport GB40 1000 Amp 12V Ultra Safe Lithium Jump Starter reviewed

noco top rated jump starter boost

This Noco gb40 mini jump starter is an interesting product. It rates the power in Joules. Why be different? It’s rated at 1000A now that’s a lot of amps for a little unit.

The quality is top-notch and it looks like it will last forever. Noco makes great products especially the Genius G3500 smart charger for car and motorcycle batteries. Which won our best battery tender for Harley Davidson motorcycles.  Check it out it’s great value.

In the meantime, I have done some research about the claimed 1000A and there are mixed claims online. I have no way to test for 1000A at 12v so I’m not going to comment on something I cannot test for myself.

The 7000 Joules 3s represents the actual amount of power delivered in 3 seconds.

  • Features spark-proof technology and reverse polarity protection. This means the clamps can be touched together and not spark.
  • Designed for use with petrol engines up to 6 liters and diesel engines up to 3 liters
  • 7000 Joules for 3 seconds.
  • The Noco boost jump-starter can be recharged from the 2.1 Amp USB in port. That’s a nice feature. There is also a 2.1 amp USB out to charge smartphones.
  • Dual LED lights with 7 light modes like Flash, SOS, and strobe light.

It may provide the most amperage but the Noco GB40 is also the most expensive in our jump-start round-up. If it was a little cheaper it would have come close to the top.

Started a corolla 1997 with a drained battery with ease.

The Noco jump starter is a great pick for anyone that wants a famous brand with quality components.

The Noco GB40 owners manual can be found here

#6 RAVPower 14000mAh Car lithium Jump Starter Pack

The 3 in 1 Ravpower 14000mah jump pack was a stand-out performer. The blue LCD screen clearly showed the power left after a few jump starts.

A very new kid on the block, compact power bank, car mini jump starter, and a LED flashlight, all fit into a portable design.

  • Its Jump cable had a smart chip to prevent short-circuit, overcharge, over current, over-discharge, and reversed connection. Safety first.
  • It comes with a 1 Amp wall charger and a car cigarette charger.
  • Dual 2.1A smart USB outputs to charge your phones really fast.
  • Rated at 51W power 14000mAh at 3.7volts
  • Portable carry tote pouch is nice and soft mesh plenty of room for all the accessories.
  • Bright LED light with 3 flash modes fast blinking, SOS and Always on
  • Diesel engines up to 3L and petrol engines up to 5L

It has one of the largest cable clamp protection circuits around. I guess this is to accommodate the fantastic safety features which are a huge plus.

The RAVPower 14000mAh is a very new jump starter in 2017 and one we will be taking to the workshop for a detailed workout. Read our detailed review here for this fantastic little jump starter.

The owner’s manual came be downloaded here

#7 Antigravity Batteries AG-XP-3 Multi-Function Power Supply and Jump Starter

micro jump starter antigravety

The Antigravity Micro-Start Xp3 is one of the smallest micro-jump starters reviewed here. If space is your problem then this is the mini jump starter for you.

We love the fact that it comes with a nice soft mesh protection case that holds all your jumper cables and phone charger cables.

Antigravity XP-3 Specs 3-in-1

  • 110-Lumen LED Flashlight 3 patterns
  • Petrol engines up to 5.7L
  • Light capacity indicator. Press a button to see the level of battery remaining in the Micro-Start.
  • Auto power off when not in use.
  • In build safety protection for overcharge, over-discharge, short-circuit, back-charge, and reverse polarity protection.
  • Built small so it fits in your pocket yet so powerful it starts Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, Snowmobiles, Watercraft like Sea-doos
  • Nylon Carry Case, contains 1 universal 4-into-1 USB Cable (Tips are: Mini USB, Micro USB, Apple 8-pin, Apple 30-pin); 1 mobile Charger (plugs into vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket); 1 home/wall Charger.
  • The XP-3 can also be recharged by any Micro-USB connection.

We had no issues with this starter starting a 3.3 L Toyota engine and also tested it out on a Yamaha MT-07 motorcycle and the Antigravity xp3 started it fine.

#8 Thor-1000 Cheap Portable Jump Starter

  • It’s equipped with two 5V/2.1A USB ports to charge multiple phones super fast at the same time. Slightly slower than the others reviewed here.
  • The super bright LED flashlight has 3 illumination modes and will last 120 hours, LED Lumens: 86 Lm
  • Thor-1000 features overcurrent protection, short-circuit protection, overload protection, Over-voltage protection, and over-charge protection to auto shut off.
  • 20+ jump-starts cranks before going flat.
  • Petrol vehicles up to 4L and diesel vehicles up to 2L
  • Works in extreme temperatures from -4℉ to 149℉ no matter it’s snow or high temperature.
  • Whats in the box: A battery jump pack, Intelligent clamps, Jumper cable, USB charging cable, User manual

All up this Thor 600A is a fantastic little lithium jump starter. The reviews online are very positive and no major issues to report. One of the cheapest here.

An added feature that the Thor has, is the use of MOSFETs rectifier. This a piece of serious hardware which I guess is being used for the protection circuits. Especially in the voltage feedback into the jump starter. So quality is here.

We had no issues with this starter starting a 3.3 L Toyota engine and also tested it out on a Yamaha MT07 with great results. Started the first pop.

Which Portable jump starter lithium for Boats, and Jet Skis?

Owning a modified Sea-doo GTI 130 jet ski I often worry about being stranded out in the ocean with a flat battery. Unlike cars or motorcycles that can get jump-started with a passer-by vehicle, or get push started if it’s a bike or manual car. Boats and jet skis are often all by themselves in the deep blue sea.

Most boat owners don’t even carry jumper leads so carrying a portable battery jump starter lithium is extremely rare.

My Jetski, on the other hand, has very limited space. So carrying a larger lead-acid jump pack was out of the question. It would just bounce around in the rough waves and maybe cause some damage internally to either the jet ski or the booster pack.

A portable lithium jump starter is the holy grail for jet ski owners. Any quality jump starter will do for Sea-doo, Yamaha, and Kawasaki jet skis. But maybe get one without an LCD screen.

These LCD screens could be a point of failure. The Nexpow jump starter will work well for boats and jet skis as it has no LCD screen just led indicator so a great pocket jump starter.


There is just one precaution I would want you to do to protect your lithium starter. Either put it in a waterproof bag or wrap it in a few meters of glad wrap. Don’t forget to strap it down fast.

Water will kill a jump power pack faster than Mr. Krabs who saw someone touching his money. Sponge Bob anyone?

What Portable jump starter for V8 engines?

As V8 engines require very high starting cold-cranking amps due to high-compression, look for the highest peak amps portable auto jump starter you can find. When it’s cold you will require even more cranking amps due to the thicker oil viscosity. Most lithium jump starters around the 500 to 600 amps and above will do the job fine.

We recommend the DBPOWER 600A Peak 18000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter for any V8 or V6 Engine, due to the high peak amps and massive 18000mAh internal lithium-ion battery.

Be aware of some claims that are over 1000 peak amps as they may only do that for a second or three. Some cars may need more time than this for the successful start of a car engine.

Update: After many of you fans emailed us to do a review of these bigger high capacity booster packs, you can read our review here on the top 1000 amp jump starters.

Best Portable battery jump starter for motorcycles

Motorcycles have batteries just like cars but have a smaller 12-volt battery some also have 6 volts so be careful of this. The storage space on a motorcycle is very limited so a smaller lithium-ion portable jump starter is best. The Amp rating can also be smaller due to motorcycles have smaller engines compared to cars.

The best portable jump starter for motorcycles is the Antigravity Xp3. Its small compact design and many safety features really make this a standout product.

Antigravity also gave great customer service, with reading some of the reviews online anyone who had a complaint got it sorted out fast.

I included this smaller Antigravity XP-3 Jumpstarter in the review as I use it for my Yamaha mt-07 motorcycle. So actual real-world testing over 6 months. Fits in the tool compartment. Even though it has lower peak amps at 400A it still has plenty of juice to start larger cars and 4×4.

Let me know in the comments below what Lithium-ion Jump Starter you have and how it performs.

Update: As mentioned in the comments to do a review on the Anker Ultra Compact Jump Starter we got our hands on one. Check out our Anker review here.

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  1. I have the Anker Compact Car Jump Starter has saved me once when the light in the boot didn’t turn off.
    Anker is a well known brand you should add them to the list.


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