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Setting up the Turnigy 9x Transmitter for a QuadCopter can be a daunting task but it is very straight forward. Below are the settings I use for a 450 sized Quad copter. This transmitter has the ability to store multiple configurations for different aircraft or helicopters but we will just work on the settings for a Quadcopter.

Here is the Transmitter and optional parts list.

 turnigy 9x mode 2 transmitter turnigy charger accucel 10 amp turnigy back light kit lipo rhino transmitter pack 2620

A couple of modifications you would like to think about doing first are the backlight mod and the Lipo battery mod. These are very simple and will only take about ½ hour for the backlight and around 10 mins for the Lipo Battery. 

All the parts above are needed for your DIY Quad Copter for a better flying experience.

Setting Up Turnigy 9x:

turnigy 9x setup

The First thing you should do is give your model a name. As I have a few Planes and Helicopters I have just called the new model (Quadcopter)

TGY 9x Name:

turnigy name 9x
  • Turn on your transmitter and Press and Hold MENU
  • Press the UP and DOWN buttons till you select System.
  • Press Menu 2x to select System and then select mode Name using the Up Down buttons,
  • Press Menu to select it and then type in your model name and press mode name.

Quadcopter Mode 1 or 2:

mode1 turnigy 9x mode 2

You will have either a mode 1 or mode 2 transmitter depending on what you have purchased but its a good time to check that’s its set up. (I use Mode 2)

  • Turn on your transmitter and Press and Hold MENU
  • Press the UP and DOWN buttons till you select System.
  • Select Stick Set and check it is set to Mode 1 or 2.
  • Mode 1 (Throttle  Right Stick)
  • Mode 2 (Throttle  Left Stick)

Turnigy Reverse Controls:

reverse turnigy 9x

You will have to reverse some controls, here are my controls for the 450 build quad copter. 



Turnigy Transmitter Type:

Select Acro type of Aircraft as a Quadcopter controls more like an airplane than a helicopter. Plus no mixing is required



I left the endpoints as they were.

To save all your work just hit exit until you get back to the main screen. Test out your transmitter without any propellers on your quad just to make sure everything works as it should. Attach props and then try again slowly with ¼ throttle inching left and right.

There is now a newer updated Turnigy 9xr transmitter. The older one is still available at the moment at a cheaper price if you are on a budget.

Turnigy 9xr PRO Radio Transmitter Mode 2

Specifications for the 9xr

  • ARM version of er9x radio firmware so will work with EESKYE simulator full GUI support
  • 24 channel support
  • 48 available mixes
  • Atmel SAM3S ARM Cortex M3, 32-bit Micro-controller, 512K flash, 64Kb of SRAM
  • 4Mb EEPROM for Storing 30 Models
  • Channel: Up to 24
  • Supported Display:128×64 LCD (dimmable Backlit)
  • Support Type: Heli/Acro/Glid/Custom
  • Model Memory: 30+ planes etc
  • Stick modes: 1, 2, 3, 4 changeable
  • Encoder type: ppm or PCM
  • Simulator Interface: Yes (JR & Futaba)
  • Buzzer/Speaker: Yes
  • Battery Compartment: Size112 x 44 x 27mm Weight (less battery & Rf Module): 723g

Our instructions on Building a 450 sized quadcopter that works well with this transmitter.

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