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guvera virgin mobile 1 gig data

guvera virgin mobile 1 gig dataGuvera, Virgin Free Data Anyone?

Current deal expired….

Having extra Data for your mobile phone is a must for anyone with a smartphone nowadays. With the very limited and small Data plans for mobile phones in Australia, it can be hard not to go over your quota every month. Virgin Mobile currently has a Bonus offer going on at the moment until 30th April 2106 which gives you 1Gb of bonus data to download and listen to some songs on your data connection using Guvera.

So How Do I make it work:

Simply connect your Postpaid mobile to the Android or iOS Guvera app and you’ll get ONE B1G GIG of bonus data every month you listen to Guvera until 30 April 2016. That’s up to 21 hours of good times, or around 407 tracks, data-free every month

Why Join Guvera ?

  • Join millions of people in finding the best playlists for others to enjoy.
  • Follow friends and artists to learn about the best new local and international music
  • Get 1GB of extra Mobile data to use on the Virgin Mobile network in Australia did I say: 1GB Free Data Virgin Mobile woot
  • Free to use add network supported or you can pay for the premium version
  • Available on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows and Amazon

Sign Up to Guvera

Guvera Virgin free data 1 gig

Download the Guvera App and Log into Guvera either on you mobile phone or on your desktop computer, and sign up if you are not already a member.

Registration will include name, email and phone number.

Connect and register on Virgin Network:

guvera virgin mobile free data 1 gig

Here is where It can get a bit tricky Disable or turn off your Mobile phone wifi connection and log into Guvera on your phone.

  • Go to App settings and then connect and look for Virgin Mobile logo.
  • My logo wasn’t under settings but next to it under the menu.
  • Double check that you are on virgin network data connection and not on wifi. Click and connect. It will check you connection and if successful will say “Thanks for connecting with Virgin Mobile on Guvera”

If you play at least 1 song every month on your data connection (Not wifi) you will be credited with 1GB of extra data to use.

How much music does 1GB get me?

1GB gives you about 400 tracks or around to 21 hours of music on Guvera. This is assuming an average track length of 3 minutes.

Your 1GB Free Data with Virgin Mobile will take about 48 hours to be credited to your account. Virgin will text you each time they credit your account so make sure to give them the correct mobile number when registering. I am hoping that the Guvera deal will continue after the 30th April 2016, we will have to wait and see.

Update: Looks Like the Deal has been extended until 2 November 2016 great news.


Disclaimer: All pictures registered to Guvera and Virgin Mobile
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