MT07 FZ07 air filter mod upgrade

If you want your MT 07 (FZ 07) to go faster and be more powerful it has to be able to breathe faster. Often a high-flow air filter upgrade is an afterthought once the exhaust is upgraded. But they should be done together.

Yamaha service manual recommends replacing the air filter every 40,000km or 24000 miles.

In this post, we will go over the steps involved to install a K&N or DNA high flow air filter and modifying your motorcycle filter snorkel box. You can do this yourself and it shouldn’t take more than 1/2 hour. So let’s get into it.

Tools Needed

MT 07 Air Filter Mod
  • Socket Set (1/2 inch socket)
  • Sharp Knife
  • Philips Screwdriver
  • Allen Keys (metric)
  • Something to prop the tank up like a towel or block of wood.
  • Nice cold beverage

Air Filter Change Out

MT 07 seat removed for access to air filter

Basically, we need to strip our motorcycles down a little to be able to get under the seat and the fuel tank. Start by taking off the seat, side panels, and bolts holding down the fuel tank.

MT07 airbox side panel removed

Now we don’t have to totally remove the fuel tank but prop it up with a towel or a block of wood. Now we will have access to the air box.

Remove the screws holding down the air filter cover as well as the long deep Philips head screw at the bottom of the air box.

FZ 07 service manual air filter
Location of the MT07 air filter.

The video below shows a complete strip-down of the MT-07 on how to replace the stock air filter.

FZ-07 Snorkel Mod High Performance

FZ 07 Air Filter box location tear down
FZ07 Airbox mod without the snorkel

While we have the MT 07 (FZ 07) apart it is a great time to do this airbox modification. Now bear in mind this may void your warranty so do it at your own risk.

Now in the video below they cut off the snorkel tube restrictor flush. I like to leave around 1/2 inch of plastic so that it fits into the filter and stops vibrating or moving around. The DNA air filter will have a slightly larger opening than the K&N filter so cutting it flush will be fine.

All you need is a sharp knife or hacksaw to cut off the plastic. Now your filter will be able to breathe more which means more power for your motorbike.

Some people also cut off the top snorkel as well I prefer to leave this on as it serves the function to restrict water from entering the air filter.

You can do the FZ07 air filter mod and still use the stock air filter. This won’t be a problem. It is a nice free upgrade.

Side Effects of Exhaust and High Flow Air Filter

Sometimes the problem with installing an aftermarket exhaust and a high airflow filter is that the MT 07 could run lean. More air and the same amount of fuel will cause the bike to run hotter and start to pop when you come off the throttle.

Now many people like the deceleration popping sound, I know I do, but it is not ideal for your engine or your neighbors. What we need to do is change the fuel mixture to suit the extra air.

We do this by adding in a Power Commander or EJK controller flash kit. This will set the air/fuel mixture to suit your exhaust and airbox mod. The EJK fuel controller is the cheaper option and is very user-friendly. You can make changes whenever you need to without the use of a computer to load up extra fuel maps. It is also a plug-and-play system.

I will look at doing a review of the Dobeck EJK fuel controller in the near future.

Check out the video below on some of the other upgrades I have done to my Mt 07


If you are looking to get a few extra horsepower out of your FZ 07 the exhaust with an airbox mod is the perfect solution. Coupled with the EJK you will have a machine that not only sounds great but will give you the power to be able to pop wheelies in most gears.

I recommend the Akrapovic Ti exhaust if you don’t want to add it to the fuel controller as it has been specially designed to suit the MT07 with minimal backfire detonation. It looks and sounds fantastic.

Now is a great time to do an MT07 oil change to complete the service on your motorcycle.

We here at accept no responsibility for any damage or warranty issues you may face doing these aftermarket mods. Remember to be safe and maybe I will see you on the road one day.

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