MT07 weight reduction project

This post contains a list of weight reduction upgrades I have either changed or removed completely on my Yamaha MT07. Most are street legal mods depending on where you live.

The 2018 MT07 is already a light motorcycle coming in at 179–181 kg (395–399 lb) with a full fuel tank. I wanted to increase the power-to-weight ratio by making this motorcycle as light as possible. But I didn’t want to break the bank doing it.

Whether you are racing or just looking for more power these upgrades will do the job.

MT 07 Weight Reduction Parts

MT 07 Stock Part
Original Weight
MT07 Aftermarket PartWeight Savings (kg)
Exhaust (7.2kg)Akrapovic carbon (4.2kg)3kg
Battery YTZ-10S (3.2kg)ATZ-10 Lithium battery (0.8kg)2.4kg
Airbox (1.5kg)MT-07 Air box filter mod (0.7kg)0.8kg
Rearsets (2.1kg)Arashi Rearsets (1.1kg)1kg
Rear Vision MirrorsBar end mirrors0.6kg
Side metal covers, chain guard (1kg)CNC aluminum chain guards0.3kg
Clutch and Brake LeaversShorty Levers0.2kg
Passenger rear pegs (1kg)[Completely removed] (0kg)1kg
Rear fender (0.8kg)Fender eliminator (0.3kg)0.5kg
Turn Signal Lights (0.5kg)LED micro turn signals0.2kg
Total Weight Savings10.2kg
Street Legal MT07 Weight Reduction Parts

MT-07 Carbon Fiber Parts

Carbon fiber parts for the MT-07 are a great weight-saving idea. They are strong and light, but it costs a fortune. The benefits of carbon fiber are:

  • High-quality pre-impregnated carbon fiber 
  • Lightweight, strong and durable
  • Advanced state-of-art autoclave technology
  • Beautiful dimensional appearance, UV resistant
  • Easy installation (direct bolt-on)

Carbon Fiber Heel Guard Plates

2013-2016 Yamaha FZ07 MT07 Carbon Fiber Air Intake Covers

Carbon Fiber Side Frame Panels

GIAOGIAO Motorcycle Carbon Fiber Front Mudguard Fender

Other Weight Reduction Ideas

2018 MT07 Yamaha weight reduction ideas front

As well as making my motorcycle lighter I wanted to lose a few pounds myself. Jogging every second day for 20 minutes and watching what I eat made me lose a few pounds over the year.

I am now fitter and the motorcycle handles better as it is not as heavy.

When racing on a track I only fill my tank 1/2 way. This also shaves 6kg from the overall weight of the bike.

Changing over the stock battery to a lithium battery will save weight and thus give a better power-to-weight ratio. Here are my instructions on how to install a new battery on the Yamaha MT 07.

Yamaha MT-07 Power Mods

MT07 FZ07 air filter mod upgrade

There are three things you can do to increase the power of your Yamaha MT07.

  1. MT07 Air Box Mod. This will increase the airflow to your engine. Yamaha restricts the airflow to tune it to the budget exhaust.
  2. Aftermarket Exhaust. This increases the airflow from your engine. Most aftermarket exhaust will help your bike breathe. I can recommend the Akrapovic Ti Exhaust which has been specifically tuned for the MT07.
  3. ECU flash or Power Commander addition. This helps with the fuel delivery once you have done stages 1 and 2. Air and exhaust.

Heavy motorcycle vs light motorcycle

A heavy motorcycle can be difficult to handle for small light riders. You will need to know how to turn properly and how to use your own weight to help lean the motorcycle.

Be aware that you may have difficulty lifting up your motorcycle if it falls over. Also, can you reverse your motorcycle into a parking bay? Being able to manually move your motorcycle around is a must for any rider.

I like light motorcycles as they are nimble, fast, and great around corners. Some other people like heavy motorcycles as they are great for long-distance rides as they don’t get pushed around in the wind much.

Test ride as many motorcycles as you can and then do some weight reduction projects on them.


Yamaha MT07 with black helmet on seat Weight Reduction Project

If you can reduce the weight of your motorcycle you will increase its power-to-weight ratio. Every little bit helps. For even further weight reduction you could go to carbon fiber parts. But this will cost a whole heap.

I would rather spend my spare cash on better riding gear or another bike.

The above parts are simple and cheap weight-reduction accessories for your MT07 motorcycle. You can read more about what I have done on my Yamaha MT 07 mods bling page.

Let me know in the comments below what weight-saving accessories you have added to your FZ07 / MT07.

Ride Safe.

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