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I made this site to help the average homeowner do their own home repairs, car service/mods, motorcycle repairs, DIY projects, and some product reviews. We talk about how to deal with problems and give you a simple solution.

Many of my projects are developed for the home handyman but anyone with a few basic tools can follow along.

At NotSealed we open the lid and let the contents flow

How many times do you wake up and go “How am I going to get through today?” I need more than 24 hours to do everything.

It’s like there are not enough hours in the day so one day I thought how can I get some spare time and save some money?

With a table full of bills and a family wanting toys, what do you do?


Most of my DIY handyman jobs involve a fair bit of research either online or through my network of acquaintances. My kids often come to me and say “Can you fix this?” To which I just hold out my hand and say “Sure”. I try and fix or design as much as I can myself for a few reasons.

  • Save money
  • Learn something new for myself
  • Teach my children a skill
  • Save time
  • Fix a faulty item rather than throw it away
  • Upgrade my toys.

This became such an occurrence that I’m known as the Fixer Man.

For example here is a post on how to repair a steam iron that was not working.

Even though I am a qualified Electrician for the past 20 years, anyone can tackle most of the projects here with a bit of thought, research, and patience. If you like to tinker and expand your brain you have come to the right place.

Save Time and Money

Now with the high cost of Plumbers, Electricians, Mechanics, and Builders, it is time to start doing some jobs for ourselves and teach our kids in the process. My children always love to help me service the car, review a product, or put in some new taps so I have started documenting the procedures so you can do it too.

Feel Free to contact us Here if you have any questions.

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