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As an electrician, I often work on many different brands of evaporative air conditioners. In Australia, the most popular brands are Seeley Breezair and Braemar.

I tend to service and repair a lot of Breezair units. For reference, here is a Breezair parts list showing you what tools and parts you need to service and fix your evaporative aircon.

Seeley Breezair Cooler Parts That Often Fail

These are the main parts of a Seeley Breezair and Braemar swamp cooler that often fail.
Breezair/Braemar/Coolair 3/4 Solenoid 24VAC valve
Breezair Drain Valve
Seeley Tornado Pump
Automatic Water Leveller

You can replace all of the parts yourself cheaply and easily with only a few tools. Make sure to isolate the water and electricity before working on your Breezair aircon. Check out our video on how to troubleshoot your evaporate air conditioner.

Breezair Braemar Coolair 3/4″ Inlet x 3/4″ Outlet Solenoid 24VAC

Breezair Braemar Coolair 3/4" Inlet x 3/4" Outlet Solenoid 24VAC
Push on electrical connection for Breezair cooler 24v AC

As you can see in this picture above it is common for older 24v water solenoid valves to leak and fail internally. Sometimes the push on wire connection can come apart.

  • Solenoid to Suit Breezair, Braemar, Coolair, and other models
  • To suit part number #B015727
  • To suit part number #834320
  • To suit part number #834313

These solenoid valves often have a quick push electrical fitting. The water connection pipe fittings can be unscrewed with your hand. If the water connection fittings are stuck you may need some pliers.

They are very reliable and should be replaced after 10 years. The new plastic solenoid valves should be protected from the sun.

Breezair/Braemar Seeley Drain Valve and Shutoff 24VAC

Breezair/Braemar Seeley Drain Valve and Shutoff 24VAC
  • Seeley Evaporative Cooler Drain Valve and Shutoff 24VAC
  • Suit Icon, EM series part numbers 107684, 105345, and many others
  • Seeley brand – Breezair, Braemar

You can remove these with just a screwdriver as the top will pop right off. Just replace the internals as a whole unit.

The internal motor and rubber plunger often fail after 5 years. Excess dirt in the water can cause blockages and trouble opening and closing.

Seeley Tornado Pump Breezair Braemar Coolair Evap Cooler # 095806

Seeley Tornado Pump Breezair Braemar Coolair Evap Cooler # 095806

The Seeley Tornado water pump is reliable. Over time the brushes will wear out and the bearing will seize and rust. Depending on use I find that they will last between 5-10 years.

Keep the filter clean and do a Breezair service every ear to keep the water pump running in peak condition.

Ball Float Water Automatic Leveller

Water Witch Automatic Leveller ball float seeley breezair

Over time I find that scale will build up on the float making it heavy and not operate properly. Descale it and make fine adjustments to prevent a leaking overflow sump.

After 10 years you may have to replace the rubber stop seal inside the valve. For a quick fix, you can flip it upside down. You will need some pliers and a screwdriver to repair a leaking swamp cooler float.

Be sure to isolate the inlet water before working on the float valve.

flip the ball float washer around

Water not draining or filling

If your Breezair air conditioner is not draining, you could have a blocked water drain line. Another reason is a stuck dump valve.

Often if the evaporative airconditioner is not filling with water, the water inlet solenoid valve is stuck closed or electrically failed. Sometimes the dump valve is not closing so water will be draining out.

Breezair blowing hot air

This problem is often associated with the water cooling system. Usually, the Tornado water dump has failed or there is no water in the sump. Cooling hoses can also come apart or the internal ceiling airflow ductwork can have holes in it.

Evaporative air-conditioner dry sump

A dry sump or no water in the air conditioner is caused by a bad solenoid valve or a problem with the dump valve.

On rare occasions, the water salinity probe can fail causing the dump valve to stay open. You should get a Breezair service fault code with this problem.

Tornado pump not running

I find that these Tornado water pumps can last around 5 years with 24/7 use. The bearings fail and the brushes wear out. It is best to replace the whole unit.

Excess brush wear can cause interference and noise that will cause wireless remotes to fail and the air conditioner to stop at random times.

Evaporite airconditioner leaking

If the ball float is not set correctly the sump water can spill over the edge and cause a leak. This is an easy fix that just needs an adjustment of the float level ball or disk.

If you have any questions about to fix or service your Breezair or Braemar air conditioner let me know in the comments below.

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