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Sea-Doo Projects

How to Patch a Vinyl Inflatable Towable Tube Fast

As a family, we love to spend quality time on the river with our Sea-doo jet ski and towable tubes. The kids love our...

DIY Home Projects

How to Fix Dyson V6 Brush Bar not Turning or Spinning...

Dyson has an amazing cordless vacuum cleaner called the Handheld V6. It's a very reliable machine that will only require some regular cleaning and charging...

Boating Accessories

16 Cool Gifts for the Fisherman who has Everything under the...

Are you looking for cool unique gifts for the fisherman who has everything? But you don't know what to buy them? Well as a hardcore...


Yamaha MT-07 LAMS Derestrict it for extra horsepower.

The Yamaha MT07 is a very popular motorcycle in all around the world including Australia. It comes in two main versions: The Lams Learner approved...

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