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Hey everyone just a few tips on how to increase your grass io rewards earnings. Let’s mine together and be prepared for the airdrop on the Solana network.

If you don’t already have you can get it here. You will need referral code 49k6jiMmAPNDi3d to sign up.

What is Grass.IO

The basic version is that is an AI learning platform. You will get paid for your unused internet.

This small bandwidth is used to train, test, and simulate, AI machines about user behavior. It is safe secure and anonymous.

Grass is a mesh network of people running individual nodes. Different companies and AI labs can use pay to use this data to scrape the public web and reward users.

The official word is that Grass is the world’s first Layer 2 Data Rollup. It exists as a source for AI training data, which it obtains from public websites using a vast network of web scraping nodes. These nodes are operated voluntarily by residential internet users, and users are rewarded for their participation. Data procured on the network is then cleaned and processed into structured datasets before being added to Grass’s growing data repository for use in AI training.


How to increase your rewards

  1. Keep your PC on 24 hours a day. This is essential.
  2. Keep your Chrome browser open. The Chrome extension is your gateway to the web servers.
  3. Disable screen savers and sleep functions on your PC.
  4. Install on all of your home, school, and work computers. (mobile phone apps coming soon for Android and Apple IOS)
  5. Invite your friends – you get extra reward points and 20% commission every hour that can later be traded. All new referrals will get a 5000-point bonus after they have 100 hours of uptime.
  6. Use a working Referral Code 49k6jiMmAPNDi3d
  7. Don’t use a VPN. This will cause grass servers to show a 0 network connection quality. I have tried using with private internet access VPN and it fails.
  8. Use a mobile hotspot when working on two computers on the same network.

Is the grass extension safe? says that it prioritizes user privacy and security. Grass never accesses personal data. In my opinion, it is safe and they must follow the privacy rules. You can right-click the grass chrome extension and click manage extensions to check its permissions. Most are set to ASK so you will get a warning if tries to access parts of your PC that you don’t want it to.

Other Crypto mining projects that I am involved with.

  1. Helium Mining – GPS location tracking using a dedicated miner. Pet trackers, parcel tracking, weather data etc.
  2. Uprock – Sharing the internet to earn rewards. Referral Code a4384a76

More and more crypto projects are being developed on the Solana network. It is an exciting time to live in. Most of these projects are set and forget so you can get on in your life and earn some passive income.

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