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I had the opportunity over the weekend to test out a new jumpstarter from Topdon called the JS3000. They should have named it the beast because this is one of the biggest and most powerful jump starters I have ever tested here at Notsealed.

If you are after a jump starter that will start anything then look no further. You can buy the Topdon JS3000 jump starter over at Amazon. So let’s get into the review.

Topdon JS3000 review

topdon js3000 case
Nice carry case

Did I mention that this jump starter is huge? Well, that is a good thing. Not only is it still small enough to fit under the car seat or put into the glove box but it has handy hooks and stands.

Often when I have to jump-start a car out on the road or in the workshop the jump starter packs need to lay on the engine or on top of the battery where they can fall.

The Top don jump pack has a handy pull-out hook and a metal stand that can be used to position the jump starter in the correct place.

topdon js3000 hook and stand
Hooksm handles, and a stand make this a very versatile jump starter

The massive 24000mah internal lithium-ion battery is large enough to charge multiple phones and tablets. My family now uses this jump pack for emergency power when on a road trip to keep their hand held devices charged.

The rubber flaps cover all the plug ports from moisture and dust damage which is a cool feature.

JS3000a USB out ports protected by rubber flap
Fast charge USD out and the USB C IN/Out port

The 12v out port can run appliances such as an air compressor or GPS so I find this is a useful feature.

The PD45w is a UDB type C that can be used as an input or an output to other devices. It is how the jump starter can be charged up or used as an output to change phones or my Oculus Meta Quest 2 when out on the road.

The large LED light provides around 400 lumens and is rated at 30 hours with a fully charged battery. Now that is amazing.

Topdon JS3000a jumpstarter LED light
Bright LED light can do SOS and will last for 30 hours.

Now if you are worried that your kids may damage the jump starter, don’t be. The Topdon JS3000 has every single protection known to man, such as reverse polarity protection, surge protection, overload, spark, low and high-temperature protection, over-discharge, and over-voltage protection.

TOPDON’s JumpSurge 3000 has an innovative Stop Spark Sensor that suspends its use after too many jumps in a 10 minutes period. This prevents overheating and damage to the battery or jump starter. This prevents sparks and protects you and your vehicle.

TOPdon js3000 clamp leads in storage case
Large battery lamps, a wall charger, and a USB C cable are also included.

The jump starter leads are pure copper and some of the largest I have ever come across. The 7 AWG cables (10.6 mm squared cross section) are large and flexible and are rated for the jump starter. Sometimes other manufacturers will cheap out on the cables and will burn out under high loads. These cables are great with a Positive cable length of 250mm​ and a Negative of 200mm long.

Other Topdon JumpStarters

Topdon also makes a 1200A and a 2000A jump starter. As we have already tested a lot of jump packs in this range I was extremely excited to test of the 3000A jump starter.

What’s great is they just didn’t slap a larger internal lithium battery but also upgraded the clamps, cables, and integrated circuits to suit. This is one mega-powerful jump starter.

Topdon JS3000 specifications

topdon js3000 specifications
Topdon JS3000 Jumpstarter box specification.
  • 3000A peak amps (750A for 2 seconds)
  • It can jump vehicles up to 9.0L Gas petrol and 7.0L Diesel engines.
  • Large 100% copper clamps, heavy-duty cables, and IP54 fireproof enclosure.
  • Intergrated hook and stand.
  • 24000mAh power bank with 2 USB QC 3.0 ports, a 16.8V DC port, and a Type-C PD45W bi-directional charging port.
  • Bright 400 lumens LED light, an SOS signal light in an emergency or outdoor adventure. When fully charged, the flashlight can be powered on for up to 30 hours.
  • PD45W wall Adapter, USB-C Cable, User Manual, and an EVA Carrying Case. 
  • 1-year warranty
topdon js3000a 24000mah power bank
This jump starter can be used as a power bank

How to use the Topdon Jumpstarter

Jump starting a MG hs vibe

I was lucky enough to help a customer that had a flat car battery on a Toyota Highlander V6 the other day. It was the perfect chance to test out the Topdon JS3000.

First, make sure that the jumpstarter is charged to at least 75%. Connect the just starter leads to the flat car battery. Red goes on positive and the black clamp goes on the negative terminal.

how to use the topdon jump starter

Press the power button to turn on the unit if it doesn’t self-start.

If the jump starter indicator light goes solid green then you can start the car. If the light stays off or is flashing green then you will need to press and hold the boost button until it lights up. This forces a charge current into the battery to be able to be used by the starter motor.

This is a cool feature that I haven’t seen on other brands.

Once your vehicle is started you can turn off the jumpstarter and remove the clamps. Look at replacing the car battery if it is over 3 years old.

Are Topdon products reliable?

Hanging a jump starter from the bonnet
Topdon JS3000 starting a MGHS vibe

Yes, we have been using Topdon OBD2 diagnostic scanners, TB6000 pro smart chargers, and jump starters in the workshop now for a while. They are built tough and rugged with quality parts.

The thousands of Amazon positive ratings are a testament to the quality of their products at a great price. It’s nice to see quality products at a great price point.

They build their products for professional car mechanics and home handymen.


Jump starting a toyota highlander v6 3.3l
Toyota Highlander V6 3.3L being jump started

The Topdon JS3000 3000 peak Amp jump starter is one of the most powerful we have ever tested. I like that the jump-start clamps and leads are made tough and large enough to suit 3000A DC for a few seconds. Plus it is so much smaller than the TruckPac jumpstarter that takes up so much room.

The boost function is great to add an extra electrical charge to a car battery.

I like that added carry handle hooks and included stand make this a very versatile jump starter.

Sure it is large but it’s built to jump-start cars, tractors, trucks, boats, forklifts, and other large 12v machinery. It won’t let you down. You can find great deals over at Amazon for this Topdon JS3000 jumpstarter.

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