How to remove waverunner visibility spout rooster tail

I have a 2021 Yamaha Waverunner FX Cruiser SVHO that is a fantastic Jet-ski. The only problem is the massive water rooster tail that wets all the wakeboard and towable tube riders. Not only that when people are getting on the rear platform I have to turn off the Waverunner so they don’t get a face full of water.

Getting into fishing with my PWC sealed the deal as an esky would need to be strapped down over the visibility spout.

I decided to install a water pout eliminator valve so that I could turn off the water jet spout when in need. This project turned out to be an easy fix. I don’t know why Yamaha doesn’t have it as an on-off option.

Why does the Yamaha Waverunner Jet-ski have a Rooster tail?

Why does the Yamaha Waverunner Jet-ski have a Rooster tail?

The Yamaha Waverunner Rooster tail water spout is a trademark signature that tells every other PWC that you are on a Waverunner. It is mainly used as a visibility safety mechanism so that other boats and Jet-ski riders can see you further away. A side effect is that it will wet any person who is behind the personal watercraft.

This water rooster tail comes directly from the jet pump and will increase in size and pressure depending on the Waverunner speed and power. Some Waverrunner Jet-skis have a rooster tail over 4m high.

Many people think it’s part of the cooling circuit but it is just a hose that comes from the internal pressure of the jet pump. Pressurized water flows out the top outlet, through the short hose, and up through the rear deck fitting.

Waverunner visibility spout removal plug or valve?

I was tired of having the Waverunner water spout constantly drenching the kids on the water tube and wakeboards. The decision to plug the visibility spout or add a control valve was an easy decision.

I decided to add a small valve to control the water flow rooster tail length. I purchased the WaveEater water spout eliminator valve from Amazon which was a perfect fit. The benefit of the valve was that I could shut it off completely and it would cause no damage to the engine.

My 2021 Yamaha FX Cruiser SVHO now has a variable flow water spout rooster tail. Happy Days.

Waverunner visibility spout removal plug or valve?
Yamaha Waverunner FX Cruiser SVHO with a rooster tail kit.
  • Allows you to shut off the water spout on Yamaha Waverunners completely.
  • It Will fit a 3/8 or 1/2 inch hose.
  • Use while towing skiers, wakeboarders, and tube riders, so they don’t get sprayed with the water spout.
  • Easy installation, easy on and off a selection of turning the water spout off and back on again.
  • Especially useful when running slow on windy days that cause the spout water to rain down on you and your passenger.
  • Yamaha Waverunner Visibility Spout Removal does not affect the cooling or any operation of the Jet-ski.
  • It will fit any old or new Yamaha Waverunner. Just be careful when you install it that it does not interfere with the gate travel when it moves from forward, neutral, and reverse.

How to remove the Waverunner rooster tail?

Easy Yamaha Waverunner Visibility Spout Removal Instructions rooster tail
Yamaha Waverunner rooster tail diverter valve.

As mentioned above you have two options to either install a rooster tail diverter valve or plug the visibility spout.

The easy fix to remove the Waverunner rooster tail is to disconnect the hose that goes from the jet pump to the visibility spout hole in the rear swim platform deck. Leaving this pipe open won’t cause any damage but most people just plug the jet pump fitting with a small length of hose, clamps, and a plug.

The second option is to install a small valve that lets you open and close the visibility water spout at will. Or limit the flow of water to a trickle. Now many Waverunners are different in size. shape and how they route the rooster tail hose. Each model can be modified with the stop plug or valve you just have to look for the pipe work.

Cut the original pipe 2 inches from the top outlet clamp. Install the new water visibility valve and test that the rear bucket diverter is clear when it retracts to the up-forward position. Clamp the rest of the original water spout hose and test again.

Congratulations you have just completed the Yamaha Waverunner visibility spout removal process.

The below video is a great example of how to install a rooster tail kit on your Waverunner.

Yamaha Waverunner water spout not working

If your Yamaha Waverunner water spout is not working you will have to check if there is a blockage in the inlet, outlet, or water pipe. Often the blockage will be in the jet pump area. As long as you properly flush out your Waverunner after every trip you should not get a blockage in your water spout.

If there is a blockage in the water pipe you will need to disconnect the two hose clamps on either end and poke a wire either through the inlet-outlet hole or through the water pipe. Every time I have seen a blockage it has been in the Jet-pump area.

Waverunner rooster tail other names.

  • Visibility Spout
  • Water spout
  • Rooster tail
  • Waverunner Pisser
  • Water fountain.


Restricting or plugging your visibility spout is an easy mod for your jet ski. It is well worth doing and I recommend installing the control valve. If you use your Waverunner to pull a wakeboarder, or a 3-person towable tube the riders will thank you as they will get less wet with a plugged water spout.

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